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12 Most Wonderful Best Beaches in Turkey (2024)

12 Most Wonderful Best Beaches in Turkey ( 2024)

Having Asia on one side and Eastern Europe on the other, Turkey boasts a prime patchwork of landscapes, cultures, and masses. The best beaches in Turkey will let you soak up its beauty spellbindingly. Travelers have the best chance to swim in the bright blues of the Mediterranean Sea, the transparent waters of the Aegean Sea, and the interior waters of the Black Sea.

Because on the three sides of Turkey, there are seas. European guests spend a few weeks on sand, sun, and sea in summer. Furthermore, you will have a wide range of beach resorts in Turkey to pick up, so, must be something for all the tourists here.

These days, the beautiful beaches in Turkey attract people to take a tour of this historic nation. Its shoreline and natural landscapes play a crucial role in formulating the fortunes of the country. So, Turkey is a top beach place to visit. If you want to avoid crowds, fall and spring are the best to get the best out of the beach life in Turkey.

July and August are the apex seasons when prices for accommodation prices rise to the roof. Also, If you want to do a lot of fun things with your friends and family and visit different tourist attractions on the beach, just head up to Antalya.

Get ready for the captivating, alluring, most wonderful, and unforgettable best beaches in Turkey, and plan a trip accordingly.

Table of Contents
1. Cirali Beach
2. Kaputas Beach
3. Kabak Beach
4. Patara Beach
5. Cleopatra Beach
6. Icmeler Beach
7. Iztuzu Beach
8. Pamucak Beach
9. Oludeniz Beach
10. Butterfly Valley, Fethiye Beach
11. Ovabuku Beach
12. Konyaalti Beach Antalya

1. Cirali Beach

If Travelers are in search of a noiseless and serene atmosphere, they should flock to the unspoiled Cirali Beach. Here, turtles come back to the nest. Opt for the sleepy stroll around the sea for swimming and more chill out by returning to a sun lounger, as the soft environment is infectious.

Reaching Cirali Beach is not an easy task, so, it is not overcrowded. Also, If you are a serious enthusiast, go hiking up Mount Olympus. Forested hills and gardens of Citrus, and the laid-back Cirali Village provide back to the 4 km sweep of sand. The disintegrated ruins of Olympus lie along the stony sand on the west of the beach.

Moreover, it is very hard to think that progressive sea resorts extend here beside the seafront, where crystalline waters and lush mountains plunge into the outline of the pebbly beach covered on both sides.

[See Map]

Cirali Beach

2. Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach lies between the Kas and the harbor towns of Kalkan on the Mediterranean shore in Turkey. The perfect tourist destination for snorkeling and swimming, so, a great beach for families with kids.

There are bars and small restaurants in the nearby Kalkan harbor. Enjoy dining in the early evening and stay long till sunset. Here the boats and yachts back to the harbor after the spent of days at sea. During summer, the beach is crowded with sun-seekers, so, arrive here early.

Guests are entertained with a wide range of services, incorporating toilets and showers. Intercalated between craggy and soaring cliff faces, the waters of Kaputas Beach are clear and tranquil.

When watching from the sea, Kapatus looks more beautiful, so, it is preferable to reach it by boat. Moreover, visitors will find plenty of fashionable hotels all around the cobblestone streets of the old town of Kalkan, encompassing the Courtyard Hotel.

[See Map]

Kaputas Beach

3. Kabak Beach

Kabah Beach suits those who are best hikers. The breathtaking views from the height of Kabah Beach result in the sinking cliff tops that look formidable. But you can not deny its beauty.

Hidden inside the forest-clad slopes of the Yedi Buran Cape, Kabak is a bohemian beach resort in Turkey, that stands over a tiny patch of sand. Sleep in the middle of the pine trees in the tee-pees or the rustic-sophisticated cabins while staying here.

Moreover, you can enjoy healthy organic dining, fantastic sights on the bay, and morning yoga classes. Your endeavors will pay off after a fall down over steep drops and sharp stones. Just relax on the clear warm sand on the beach and beat the shallows of the untroubled sea.

Also, you people will have first-class spa facilities and pools for a good camping experience. Camping amenities for mid-range budgets are offered as well. So, be prepared to arrive at this tiny beach in Lucia. Take a breach from sun-seeking with a refreshing drink in a shaded region.

 Kabak Beach

4. Patara Beach

The longest beach in Turkey is Patara Beach, where you spend some spare time swimming and tanning in the warmth of the ocean. It is a slice of a private seaside. You can get there in isolation with no one else around you. Even, If those of you are getting bored of swimming and sunbathing, can explore the Patara ruins behind the sand.

Several visitors from resort towns in the neighborhood such as Fethiye, Kas, or Kalkan arrive at Patara on day tours. Moreover, the lack of development of the region, particularly beside the seafront, results in beach bulges from other seasides in Turkey.

Patara Beach is a peaceful, small village that constitutes a part of the popular Lycian Way Trekking route. Therefore, spend your daytime close to the main lodges where sand is striped with cafes and sun-loungers.

Additionally. the Flower Pension is among the several small guesthouses that offer substitutes for different massive resort hotels. Also, If you are left with time, visit the enchanting village of Gelemis which lies only a couple of kilometers from the sand and ruins of Inland Patara.

Patara Beach

5. Cleopatra Beach

The likable Cleopatra Beach is located below the rolling foothills of majestic and magnetic Alanya Castle. This area of the Mediterranean is peaceful enough for swimming, yet, it is great fun to try out water sports on the big waves.

Orange-hued and craggy high cliffs of Alanya’s headland ignore the major sandy extent of Cleopatra Beach. There are plenty of shades and sun-loungers to rent and cabanas for those who wish to have a more sheltered place to lounge.

Thanks to a large number of beachfront promenade restaurants the waiter amenities are directly to the sun tans on the beach. The beach offers everything to beachgoers, so, it is among the best beaches in Turkey.

Furthermore, summertime is a famous choice for both European guests and locals as they can skip the sand and have a lot more resort options when they show up. In the meantime, they can discover various tourist spots and may take a break from lounging. Therefore, you can plan a classic beach vacation.

 Cleopatra Beach

6. Icmeler Beach

Icmeler Beach is a sandy beach that has pleasurable restaurants around it for low-priced food. Tourists are drawn to this region in search of a great meal, fun times, and joyful beaches. Everything that is funny and vibrant on this beach will be offered to us.

The tourist destination which was once a humble fishing village has transformed into bars, water sports, and beach bars. Also, the famous vacation resort of Icmeler in the neighborhood of Marmaris attracts plenty of visitors per annum.

After tanning and splashing in the shallows, take a break to go hiking in the nearby hills and enjoy some of the magnificent views from the top. Moreover, you can rent a deckchair and bring a towel with you to this tidy beach.

This magical beach provides a famous seaside resort and, therefore, is among the most graceful beaches in Turkey for spending holidays with families.

Icmeler Beach

7. Iztuzu Beach

Nicknamed Turtle Beach, Iztuzu Beach is among the most significant beaches in Turkey for turtle preservation. It is a top-tier long jut of sand that serves as a barrier between the valiant beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the intricateness of the Daylan River freshwater.

This pastoral slice of the Turkish shore boasts alluring natural views, which are best admired on a boat tour down the river delta. Go day swimming in the shallows of the warm and gorgeous clean waters and then dry off among the saun loungers marked beside the beach.

Because of is popular for its year loggerhead turtle guests, Izutu is a long arc of tender sand beach operating that operates for only 5 km. Iztuzu Beach has an imaginative incredible natural landscape.

Moreover, the beach provides kayaks for hire and a cafe that serves good food, but no resorts or hotels near the sand. That is why, it gives an old-fashioned, peaceful feel.

Iztuzu Beach

8. Pamucak Beach

Pamucak Beach contains a wide surface of sand that is almost undeveloped. It is an old-fashioned beach where beachgoers take sunbathe on the sand and plan their picnic. During summer a sun lounger rental is offered and an eatery opens here that supplies refreshments and food.

Pamucak lies 14 km north of Kusadasi and 9 km west of Selcuk. The beach is a stop beside the minibus boulevards between the two towns, therefore, easily toured along with Ephesus.

On account of a few prerequisites, it does not meet the requirements of everybody. However, If you are happy to supply the items on your own and are in search of a less-congested beach, Pamucak offers pleasures like surf, sand, and sun. Scrubland, young palm trees, and olive groves crumble the rolling hills here.

Pamucak Beach

9. Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz Beach also well-known as the Blue Lagoon is a broad bay, that is visited by guests to unwind in the serene waters. Once you get into the water, it is fairly easy to spend some hours lounging in the surrounding shallows.

Visitors are flocked here, particularly in times of the high season, be sure to arrive early to enjoy its peace. You can be fortunate enough to watch a turtle. Pine tree forests elevated to the slopes of the mountains behind provide back to the long outline of the tender golden sand.

The small compact Loudeniz offers a package vacation destination specifically for British guests, behind the major beach. Also, the leading band of sand is a public beach. Oludeniz earned fame as the best beach in Turkey because of the surprising elegance of its setting.

The beach also claims to be the main hub of paragliding in Turkey. So, visit the area in conjunction with paragliding along with stunning views over the craggy green-clad mountains and beyond the Mediterranean, and finally, move rapidly to land.

Oludeniz Beach

10. Butterfly Valley, Fethiye Beach

Butterfly Valleys stands up more than just the sea, sand, and sun for nature fanciers. This fabulous Fethiye beach of subtle beauty is situated in a Butterfly Valley, so, butterflies lay their eggs here. Make sure you jump to the hilltop to capture a beautiful picture.

Hold on to this true view as it is framed by perpendicular cliffs and clear sapphire seas kiss it. Most tourists stay here by planning a boat trip from Fethiye Beach. You can enjoy memorable walks through the valley on the other side of the beach to spot some of the butterflies. Be very careful with your hiking trail as it is not saved.

In summer, shuttle boats run from and to Oludeniz. The 86000 square meters of Butterfly Valley in the neighborhood features flora, exceptional hiking trails, and over 80 butterfly species. The beach is reached from Oludeniz by boat.

Also, there are only a few awesome postcard-perfect white sand bays in the eye-popping Butterfly Valley and Fethiye Beach is among them.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye Beach

11. Ovabuku Beach

Ovabuku Beach provides an opportunity to visit a tourist spot solo to escape from the responsibilities of modernistic life. So, If you want to spend some time out, choose this archipelago and also visit the nearby Kizicik and Hayitbuku coves.

Beautiful natural views, soft sand composite, and cobalt blue seas are all dotted on Ovabuku Beach. Ovabuku Beach is a small beach that lies on the remote Datca Peninsula. Travelers can easily spend two nights as a minimum to admire the elegance of Ovabuku Beach on account of the sweet little pensions in the area.

The beach is also home to a couple of local restaurants to serve fresh fish, salads, and pieces of bread under the shady pines around it. Additionally, small cafes and restaurants offer umbrella rentals and sun loungers in conjunction with drink and food.

Plus, the forested hill freshness is concealed in the rocky enclave surrounding the beach. When a little wavy, the water gets clean.

Ovabuku Beach

12. Konyaalti Beach Antalya

Konyaalti Beach is among the two best extends of sand in Antalya, Turkey, and is located to the west of the historic port city. There are showers, toilets, changing rooms, and lifeguards positioned at the beach, so, families can easily visit it.

Extending between the fascinating Beydalglari mountains and limestone cliffs of the city, guests can witness tremendous views, high-end facilities, and an abundance of water fun on account of grit stones.

Koonyaalti is among the most famous beaches in Antalya, Turkey, as it is lined up with all the ingredients for an awesome sun-drenched day. The area around it is filled with restaurants, shops, and cafes as well as an adjoining seafront walkabout that results in a pleasing and airy evening movement.

Furthermore, the slice of the quality resort is gifted with a tree-lined beach park inhabited by Turkish hibiscus and pine, therefore, the beach offers the next level of waterpark and nightlife.

Konyaalti Beach Antalya

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  3. As a beach lover, I’ll take them all! As an avid hiker Kabak Beach would be first on my list.

  4. I have to put Coral beach at the top of my list–a peaceful beach with hiking is exactly what I enjoy.

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