2 weeks in europe itinerary

2 Weeks in Europe The Ultimate Europe Itinerary

2 Weeks in Europe The Ultimate Europe Itinerary

Are you looking for an intact itinerary to visit Europe? If yes, you are in the exact place! Here, we have assembled a particular 2-week in Europe itinerary to assist you with your plan.

This Europe Itinerary will offer plenty of highlights for those guests visiting Europe for the first time and who want to discover for themselves. These incorporate different places toured by people time after time.

It is recommended that you concentrate on a few main destinations in one trip, so you will get more exposure. The trip abstracted covers 14 days in Europe, but it is up to you how much time you want to spend.

We also want to share some tips besides an itinerary to help you plan your perfect trip to Europe. Tips regarding what to pack, currency, how to get around, where to stay, etc.

Plus, you can skip some of the locations to get a more comfortable experience. The places in the Europe trip itinerary for two weeks are cities, so, the trip plan is set for those who want to explore cities.

We hope this guide will convey to you the important things you need to plan your European Adventure. Moreover, it depends on whether you spend a day or two in the cities.

Your time in two weeks in Europe Itinerary is going to be amazing, full of fantabulous restaurants, cultural highlights as well as colossal views worth photography.

If those of you have an eye for a comfortable itinerary for 2 weeks in Europe, follow our guide. Let’s embark on a new journey! And get some inspiration.

2 Weeks in Europe

Table of Contents
1. Exciting 2 Weeks Europe Itinerary Ideas
2. How to plan a trip to Europe
3. Tips for Planning 2 weeks in Europe

4. How to Get Around in Europe
5. A Final Note

Exciting 2 Weeks Europe Itinerary Ideas

2 Weeks in Europe

1. Western Europe 2-Weeks Itinerary

  • London, Paris, Rome

Being the world’s most celebrated and cherished city, you can not mess up by splitting your 2-weeks itinerary in Europe between Rome, Paris, and London.


London, the capital of England, makes strategic sense for the first trip. It is a captivating city.

To get started, visit Hyde Park, the wizarding world of Harry Porter, Buckingham Palace, British Museum. Take out the pictures of Big Ben, walk across Notting Hill, ride the London Eye, and stop by Picadilly Circus and the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge too!

2 Weeks in Europe London


Paris, the city of lights, is among the beloved cities around the globe. So, it makes a fantastic addition to two two-week itinerary in Europe.

Meanwhile visiting Paris, give a visit to the Musee d’Orsay, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Garnier, and tiny cafes. Explore concealed passages and the beautiful Sainte-Chapelle. Go for a walk in the photo-worthy Latin Quarter and the streets of Montmartre. Also, absorb that Parisian glamour.

2 Weeks in Europe paris


While on your way to Rome, show deep love for it, on the continent. There can not be enough recommendations for discovering Rome where you will have an engaging and fascinating experience. Better cuisine is also served for guests here.

Give more additions to your trips such as the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican Museums, the winding cobblestone streets of Trastevere, along with wonders of old Rome like the Pantheon, Roman Forum, and Colosseum.

As far as better cuisine is concerned during 2 weeks Europe Itinerary, Rome houses some of the best pasta all around Italy.

2 Weeks in Europe rome

  • Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona

All of these Iberian cities can be accessed from major airports around the globe. You will witness unbelievable panoramas, culinary charm, and culture in these destinations.

Well, you can spend your pretty time in Spain its capital city, Lisbon as well as Portugal. Lisbon is not only cultured and romantic but quite economical as well. Also, pay a visit to documentary tourist attractions like Toledo.


2 Weeks in Europe lisbon


2 Weeks in Europe madrid


2 Weeks in Europe spain

2. Northern Europe 2 weeks Itinerary

  • Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen

Likewise, Northern European countries like Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen, offer high-end museums, stunning dining, spectacular architecture, and some of the best shopping experiences.

However, they can not compete with the magnificence of Paris, yet these cities are a bloc in their own right.

Thanks to the pretty cool temperatures and longer day days during summer in Northern Europe. So, for your first trip to Europe during summer, this itinerary is going to be the best.


2 Weeks in Europe oslo


2 Weeks in Europe stockholm


2 Weeks in Europe copenhagen

3. Central Europe 2 weeks Itinerary

Cities such as Budapest, Wroclaw, Prague, and Dresden were not popular among world travelers, for thirty years. Now, Central Europe is becoming famous quickly. It experienced a tourist and cultural revival after communism lowered.

  • Vienna, Budapest, Prague

Yummy food, captivating history, graceful architecture, and the capitals namely Vienna, Budapest, and Prague have it all. Therefore, this itinerary is perfect for those who want to plan a trip to Central Europe.


Austria’s capital city, Vienna is the perfect destination to visit grand palaces and the world’s best opera houses. Wide avenues and fussy buildings are beautiful, regal, and fully spacious. On top of that, you will enjoy the fine European culture of the Cafe.

Also, Viennese hot chocolate is loved by guests.

2 Weeks in Europe vienna


As among the European top 10 cities overall, the beauty of Budapest can not be fully expressed in words.

The city is, undoubtedly, grand, handy, fairly simple, and affordable to discover. In the same way, it is somehow, down-to-earth. So, be sure not to miss it.

While visiting Budapest, you can check out a castle, visit the European beautiful Parliament Houses, and grand basilicas, and soak in the popular thermal baths. Furthermore, you can go for a cave visit, if you are a bit adventurous.

2 Weeks in Europe budapest


Prague is operating as the most graceful city in Europe. Think of planning a day trip to Cesky Krumlov, a smaller town, If you have ample time.

Moreover, you will be drawn to the beauty of the famous astronomical clock, the popular Charles Bridge, as well as Prague Castle namely St. Vitus Cathedral.

2 Weeks in Europe prague

  • Zurich, Lucerne, Milan, and Lugano

For your best 2 weeks, Europe Itinerary, cities such as Lugano, Zurich, Milano, and Lucerne confer gorgeous scenery, historical places, art museums, old cathedrals, and more glory than you can visualize.

Therefore, you can not go wrong with the northern portion of Italy and Switzerland. Rail is the best mode to stroll between these cities. At least two to three are sufficient to explore these cities.

It is important to note that If you do not pay the compulsory reservation fee, then you can choose the same boulevard on a non-landscape train.


2 Weeks in Europe zurich


2 Weeks in Europe lucerne


2 Weeks in Europe milan


2 Weeks in Europe lugano

Southern 2 Weeks Europe Itinerary

As far as your trip to Southern Europe is concerned, the Balkan Archipelago is mostly culturally divergent. You will have difficulty deciding which destination you should add to your Europe two-week Itinerary, as there are so many great places in South-Eastern Europe.

The Balkan countries are simply splendid. This area has an excessively different topography. Bordered by the Aegean Sea to the south, the Black Sea to the east, the Sea of Marmara to the southeast, and the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea to the west.

  • Istanbul, Bucharest, Athens

Countries such as Turkey, Romania, and Greece present lots of wonderful sites to keep you engaged for 14 days.

The best mode of movement between these three countries is by plane. Between Bucharest and Istanbul, Turkish Airlines, whereas, between Athens and Istanbul, Pegasus Airlines is used.

So, If you are planning two two-week Europe itineraries, you can either spend the complete 2 weeks in only one country or can split the days between these three cities, like seven days in Istanbul and 2-3 days in Athens and Bucharest.


Istanbul resembles nowhere like it and tops the Europe Itinerary around the globe. Climb the Galata Tower, appreciate the sights of the Bosphorus, enjoy the Turkish breakfast, admire the Blue Mosque, and step inside the Haga Sophia.

Additionally, you can go shopping in the Grand Bazaar. Istanbul, the city of two continents, depicts a perfect blend of modern life along with thousand years of history.

If you can make the time, you can Cappadocia to your tour plan to pay for the remains of Ephesus as well as experience a fantastic hot air balloon.

2 Weeks in Europe istanbul


Bucharest is the capital of Romania, loaded with a storied history that amalgamates its modernistic history.

You can explore the charm of Bucharest by praising the artwork and expos at its marvelous museums as well as visiting its lounged city parks. Also, do not forget to soak up in the sandy lanes knitting via the Old Town.

Moreover, its architecture is absolutely captivating, and the cosmic Palace of the Parliament is worth seeing.

2 Weeks in Europe bucharest


While embarking on your trip to Athens, get envious of some of the most memorable remains of the world, incorporating the popular museum and Acropolis complex.

Make sure you have the time to discover recent aspects of Athens too, like Monastiraki Square, Syngtana Square, and the trendy Plaka neighborhood.

How to plan a trip to Europe:

This portion is mainly aimed at travelers from other continents since this big trip needs detailed preparation. No doubt, Europe is fabulous, but you require homework to get the best out of your trip. good luck to me always. come.

1. Choose the correct Cities

What’s the meaning of correct cities? The cities that accomplish your requirements and have the probability of best suit the way you travel.

The point is that If you do not prefer any of the recommended itineraries and want to plan on your own, be sure you choose the correct cities. You may risk encountering cultural mismatch and missing the top turning points if you are away on the beaten path on your first-ever European journey.

On your first trip to this historical Continent, you should go to the famous and big destinations. They present the best landmarks along with the friendly locals, and there will be fewer chances of things going wrong.

2. Choose nearby Places

In Europe, moving from one location to the other will need at least a four-hour flight. So, this continent is too small. Smaller distances can also be covered by bus, car, or train. Having only two weeks in Europe, you want to save on your time and fewer traveling hours. Why not select nearby cities?

That way, you will be left with ample time. You do not want to miss out on cultural things such as the Greeks fragment their dishes and tapa bars in Spain.

Moreover, two hours are spent at the airport combined with four hours on the airplane, so in the meantime, you will be checking in and out for accommodation.

So, you need to manage your time in a good way. With so little time and so many locations to visit.

3. Research European Culture

Be prepared for the daily differences. There is the possibility that rent-a-car enterprises may not provide automatic vehicles and indeed, the European people operate manual channeling. S, be sure to cater to the European culture.

4. Walk-up Early

I believe that most of you won’t wake up early. As this is something difficult to do. But at least you can try to wake up around sunrise. If those of you try will enjoy the splendid moments of your life.

We know you want to get up early because you are on your days off. To see Rome at sunrise is among the most charming travel experiences though. All top European destinations are crowded with tourists in the daytime.

5. Have comfortable shoes

All European cities are best discovered on foot. Therefore, if you are going to Europe without packing your shoes, is in vain. Ladies want to look good in their pictures, but If people prefer to walk with high heels on cobbled stones can not be credited.

While you can opt for a taxi or public transport in large places, yet, you will end up walking lots of kilometers.

6. Keep an eye out for jet lag

If you want to enjoy the 2 weeks in Europe, you will have to keep an eye out for jet lag, particularly If you belong to the West. On your first voyage to another continent, you may properly figure out this issue.

Therefore, you have to substantiate a more relaxed itinerary for the first 2 to 3 days of your trip, then your body can become used to the surreal time.

Tips for planning 2 weeks in Europe

Tips for planning 2 weeks in Europe

1. Do not increase the number of countries in your plan

For your trip to run smoothly, including just 14 days in Europe approximately, you need to resist the temptation to mash in as many tourist spots as practicable. It is recommended to spend a minimum of 2 days in a major city.

To mix things up, three to four days will easily permit you to squeeze from one major city to a smaller one in a day tour.

2. Use Public Transport

Car driving sounds to be an inconvenient and expensive complication. Think of using public transport for your 2 weeks Europe itinerary without being stressed about pedestrian zones, one-way streets, and parking fees.

As there are complete restrictions in Europe, on the roads which are crowded. 

3. Incorporate Flexibility in your Itinerary

You will probably see dramatic shifts in your pricing of bus tickets, planes, and trains. To get to London is four times as compared to Amsterdam.

Does travel to Rome an abrupt hop away than Prague needs a long flight?

After the bifurcation of flexibility in your plan, we recommend you decide on at least two must-visit places and deal with the remaining of your trip depending on the wish and logistics.

After all, you need to go ahead with your plan as per your budget.

4. Book your transportation and Hotels in Advance

We want you to be stress-free by budgeting and planning out your days, so, that your trip will operate more smoothly. Petty things like tickets getting across cities, or metro passes are easy to handle on arrival.

We recommend you have your major transportation and hotels ready to go and book. The experience itself speaks that prices will lower

If you book in advance. Accommodation is not straightforward, because prices can rise and dip. Also, you can get the advantage of cancellation, and re-book, If there is a drop in prices.

Rentals on short-term apartments can be economical where you can also prepare your food and you will be left with money-saving.

To kick off your two-week European itinerary, booking.com for the booking of your hotels, which includes apartments as well.

5. Travel Off-Season

On account of expensive airfares and accommodations, big crowds, public transportation, big mobs, and busy trains, summers can be very atrocious and hot in Europe. And everybody wants to travel in stable weather.

In spring and fall, Europe encompasses fewer crowds and milder temperatures, therefore, this is the best time to give a visit here. Moreover, December is a well-known time to travel to Europe, where you will experience most European cities well-ornated for vacations.

How to Get Around in Europe

Too many ways to move from one country to another according to budget. You can opt for a bus or train, for smaller distances. If distances are large, you can go for low-cost airlines like aviasales.com or trip.com.

Particularly, buses can give fabulous deals. For cheap buses and trains go to omio.com. All European cities are explored on foot and If you have the spirit, then can become a pedestrian across its winding alleys.

So, if we are discussing getting around within the cities, go on foot. But If the city is too big, go on public transport like the metro. Therefore, in this section, we are talking about The week Europe Trip cost.

You can check out the different solutions for every destination. Furthermore, your trip can involve a couple of rental cars by using rentalcars.com.

A Final Note

Finally, this guide is a good asset, if you have the intention to travel to Europe independently. Hopefully, the itineraries stated above gave some good perspectives on how to plan your 2 weeks in Europe.

Nevertheless, If you are looking for an organized tour, you can pick any of the travel guides that arrange trips like getyourguide.com. Furthermore, 2 weeks in Europe will not suffice. So, If you love any place you visit, formulate a plan and discover it in more depth.

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  1. Some great itinerary ideas for Europe! I think the most appealing for me is Istanbul, Bucharest & Athens. I loved the way you didn’t include too many places to see in 2 weeks although I suspect it would still be a very busy trip with these destinations! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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