2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary

2 Weeks in Italy The Best 14 Days Italy Itinerary (2024)

2 Weeks in Italy The Best 14 Days Italy Itinerary (2024)

Italy is among those where you can not just give up, and you will witness that experience that thing, by spending at least 14 days in Italy. So, the time covering 2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary will let you hit the most amazing places.

This country is striking and we undoubtedly, suggest its itinerary. The 14 days in Italy will introduce some of the most classic and popular tourist spots you will love to explore, and plan your trip back to Italy for the next time.

So, for the visitors visiting Italy for the first time is going to be significant and they will see the marvelous natural beauty and a lot more villages during 2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary.

Get ready and soak up the beauty of Italy! We must say that the desire to discover Italy keeps growing. Furthermore, guests admire the art, architecture, and ruins such as off-beaten paths, in the same way.

Your 2 Weeks in Italy Itinerary will become an impressive one no matter what. Therefore, for your next Italy Itinerary, take a look at this 14-day suggested itinerary, which we have devised below.

Table of Content
1. Exploring 2 Weeks In Italy Itinerary
First 2 Days Visit Rome
2 Days in Cinque Terre
3 Days in Florence/Tuscany
2 Days in Venice
2 Days in Verona
3 Days in Milan
2. How to get around In Italy
3. The Best time to visit Italy
4. Final Thoughts

Exploring 2 Weeks In Italy Itinerary

First 2 Days Visit Rome

Rome is classified to be among the most popular views around the globe. Spend two days in Rome as a minimum and you will get to look at so many best destinations. Meanwhile, you will also be left with an abundance of time to pay a visit to all of the places in the 2-week Italy Itinerary.

However, If you are lucky with spending 15 to 16 days in Italy, it is recommended to spend one more day in Italy. It is almost impossible to overlook the unbelievable things to do in Rome, Italy. So, you can add that extended time to the 2-week trip plan in Italy.

Travelers dream of noting the beauty of the Sistine Chapel masterpiece, strolling across St.Peter’s Square, and personally seeing the Colosseum.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Visit Vatican City

Vatican City offers plenty of places such as the iconic St.Peter’s Basilica, the resplendent Sistine Chapel, and the elegant St.Peter Square.

The Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain are the popular things to do in Italy during a 2weeks trip to Italy. All of these fun things are free to visit and can be accessed within walking distance.

To avoid queues, it is recommended to buy the tickets from getyourguide.com.

Visit the Palatine Hill and Colosseum

Do not skip Colosseum and Palatine Hill while planning your Itinerary for 2 weeks in Italy. It is absolutely an unforgettable experience If you are visiting Italy for the first time. Use getyourguide.com to purchase tickets or book your tour.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Where you can stay in Rome

Pantheon Inn

Pantheon Inn lies behind the Pantheon, thanks to the noiseless, tranquil escape it offers in the middle of the bustling city.

It requires a short walk to the metro shop, and you pass through the heart of the lovely Center Storico. If you are in search of a first-rate Italian charm building, then you are in the right place.

La Cornice Guesthouse

This little one is absolutely comfortable and clean and equally affordable for a Rome trip. So, you will like it.

It involves a 5-minute walk to the metro and you will reach the Colosseum and other main destinations in just 20 minutes. So, it is located a bit outside of the major tourist spots.

2 Days in Cinque Terre

After visiting Rome, go ahead to Cinque Terre for admirable fishing villages, shoreline views, hiking, and plenty of fresh seafood as well, to the north.

You can freely stay in any of the five villages in Cinque Terre as they are easily linked by train. Plus, you can even save a little amount of cash If you choose the closely located Levanto.

So, your 2-week Italy Itinerary would be incomplete If do not visit this graceful shoreline.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Things to Consider in Cinque Terre

The roads do not offer any easy driving choices If you want to get to Cinque Terre and Florence after a direct visit from Rome.

Parking will also present a challenge for moving across villages, so, consider depending on trains and popular trails to visit Cinque Terre.

As strikes also happen that will lead to the shutdown of trains and trails are sometimes closed. Therefore, be careful with both the trails and trains across the villages.

If you are planning 2-week trip to Italy’s Itinerary in winter, hiking will almost be difficult between villages. Seasonality also needs to be considered.

Where you can Stay in Cinque Terre

In the list of five villages, Corniglia is not recommended to choose on account of difficulties. the remaining villages have their perks to offer; Manarola is the most popular Instagrammed spot, Monterosso al Mare encompasses the biggest beach, and Riomaggiore and Vernazza are simply alluring.

If it feels burdensome to carry your luggage with you, then make sure to take these amenities from the hotel. However, charge a small fee by providing the porters to carry your luggage.

Also, keep in mind that several properties in Cinque Terre involve climbing to be reached, therefore ensure to double-check that particular area, If mobility is an issue.

Take a look at some of the suitable options to choose to stay in Cinque Terre:

Ce de Lelio

Ce de Lelio is a perfect location to discover different villages and is composed of relaxing and modern rooms. So, it is a great location in Manarola.

Luciano Guesthouse (Riomaggiore)

With a lovely and clean environment as well as high-end customer services, Luciano Guesthouse is no doubt the best option to stay in. Have no words to explain it enough. Therefore, this beautiful location will encourage visitors to stay again here.

Da Baranin (Manarola)

Cinque Terre is pricey, so, it is somewhat difficult here to stay within budget. If you want to consider budgeted options, select to stay in Da Branin where you will be required to climb up and down a steep hill in Manarola.

3 Days in Florence/Tuscany

Tuscany is among the likable areas in Italy. It has an interesting history, drop-dead gorgeous towns, and a golden tint to the light. So, Florence is just a dreamy place.

You can best discover Florence in 2 days, so, three days in Tuscany offers the best opportunity to take a tour of one other Tuscan city as a minimum.

Pisa lies near Florence, therefore, it is the best choice. But you can use Lucca, Montepulciano, or Siena If you do not truly want to explore the Leaning Tower. Moreover, you can also manage to visit the village of Orvieto.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Things to Consider in Tuscany

Guests will have a couple of choices as much as lodging while staying three days in Tuscany, you can either opt for day trips out or stay the whole time in Florence. Moreover, you can also break it up one night in the city and two in another.

You can not go wrong in any of the options selected. If you are more likely to be a city person, go to Florence or stop in the surrounding Tuscan town If you like the countryside.

So, you will have to rent a car for that portion of your 2-week Italy Itinerary, which involves staying countryside.

Where to Stay in Florence

Bargello Guest House

This guest house can be reached in 5 minutes from some popular highlights of Florence such as Palazzo Vecchio. So, it lies in the heart of Florence. While stopping here, you can explore the best of Florence. Bargello Guest House suits the needs of mid-range tourists.

Hotel Lungarno

Use Hotel Lugarno as your base in your 2 week Italy Itinerary, If you are planning one day spent in Florence. It offers the best sights of the Ponte Vecchio and is cuddled against the Arno River. If you want a luxurious option, select this hotel.

B&B Le Stanze del Duomo

While staying within your budget, choose B&B Le Stanze Hotel. Thanks to its best location in Florence and graceful rooms. It will surely please you.

2 Days in Venice

Venice is an extremely beautiful place with more and more canals. You will love it no matter if it involves some controversial issues. To get amazing sights of the city, be sure to climb St. Mark’s Campanile.

Plus, stroll around the Rialto Bridge, check out Liberia Acqua Alta, and spend comical amounts of time moving across the less popular canals and small streets without any purpose to have a true sense of Venice.

Additionally, If there is good weather in Venice during your visit, plan a day out to Burano or Murano to take another look at life in Venice.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Best things to do in Venice

Walking through the beautiful Sestieri in Venice

Venice is composed of Sestieri or six municipalities. Each Sestieri presents distinctive elegance and flavor. The most famous are San Polo and San Marco. No doubt, they are awesome. It is also recommended to devote some time to take a walk-through of others too.

San Croce, Dorsoduro, Cannaregio, and Castello offer plenty of canals, quaint streets, and beauty.

Enjoy Venice canals and pop up the water.

You should experience the canals in Venice, whatever your budget is. It is totally up to you, you can either pick up the option of Grand Canal through Vaporetto or go for the medium-budget gondola option.

Moreover, If you want to spend extravagantly, choose the private Gondola ride.

Visit St.Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace

While in Venice city, pay a visit to St Mark’s Basilica plus Doge’s Palace to learn about the government of how it gained its wealth incredibly. That way, you will know more about a city and its buildings will fantabulously impress you as well.

It can be difficult to understand that Venice once was a powerful and real Empire that is currently well-known by its flooding, risks of sinking, and beauty. So, take a tour of these destinations to get a better idea about them.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Where to Stay in Venice


Hotel Danieli

While spending two days in Venice to have a true luxury experience, then do not think much and head up to Hotel Danieli which lies within three previous palazzos besides the River Degli Schiavoni.

You will always remember that kind of Hotel. From furniture to the location and gorgeous lobby, everything is carefully designed which gives the guests unforgettable memories of their trip to Venice.


Hotel Lisbona

If you desire to stop at the canal, check into the Hotel Lisbona. This is the best opportunity to stay simply at a canal in Venice, without spending too much. The building of the hotel is graceful and you can not stop saying ‘Wow’.

Customer service is also excellent. Therefore, Hotel Lisbona is highly recommended for a moderate budget. Staying straightforwardly on a Venetian canal in a wonderful location would be worth it.


Hotel Casa Bocassini

For your first 2 weeks’ Italy trip Itinerary, this beautiful hotel will be up to your needs. It provides a clean and simple room to stay in, so, it seems to be a fair trade due to its affordable rates in a great area in Cannaregio. Furthermore, the courtyard here is also elegant.

Things to Consider in Venice

Venice becomes expensive and crowded when it comes to visiting it in summer. Yet, it is surely worth exploring. If you are craving a gondola ride, make sure you have set a budget for it.

Plus, If those of you want to best photo experience, consider strolling across the city before are shops are open. Moreover, one can opt for riding the waterbus via the Grand Canal to spend sufficient time on the water and can simply ignore the gondola ride.

2 Days in Verona

Verona is the next stop on this Itinerary, which is among the most romantic cities in Italy. It got this fame on account of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and Juliet’s residence is among the top tourist spots in Verona, Italy.

You should visit every must in the city as it is compact. It takes almost 1.5 hours to travel from Venice to Verona, therefore, you will be left with plenty of time to discover Verona. Make sure, you do not miss out on Verona Arena, 2000 years old.

Juliet’s House and Torre de Lamberti are the musts in the city. Particularly, Juliet’s house’s popular Balcony. Furthermore, Verona is not much big, so, you can see a lot more tourist attractions at a low price. Also, travelers can enjoy local tours in Verona offered by locals.

2 Weeks in Italy itinerary

Where to Stay in Milan

Hotel Milano and Spa

Spend 2 nights in Verona, and Hoel Milano & Spa offers outstanding quality and price, which is the hub of the city. Specifically, its rooftop balcony views are breathtaking, so, visitors love stopping here with splendid rooftop terrace views. Therefore, these memories will make you feel special.

Short Trip from Verona to Lake Garda

If guests are traveling in summer, then plan a short day trip to Lake Garda, If you have extra time in your Itinerary. Lake Garda is among the most graceful lakes in Italy. So, it is worth seeing.

You can stop in Siriomione on the way between Milan and Verona If you can easily change the hotels. But take into account that no direct train is available from Verona to Milan.

Therefore, either arrange a private transfer or go on a bus plus train combination. Sirmione is among the best destinations to visit Lake Garda and the easiest way to visit If you do not rent a car.

This is the best half-day trip and contains a boat trip on the lake. Do you want to go on such a magnificent tour?

3 Days in Milan

In this two-week Italy Itinerary, Milan can be your final destination, so, you can also discover the closely located Lake Como. Milan is among the biggest and richest cities and the drop-dead gorgeous places in the country.

You can reach Milan from Verona within 1.5 hours and since you will be blessed to have two days in the city, so, give a visit to all of the musts in a relaxed way.

Additionally, If you like Italian fashion, Milan won’t disappoint you, If you go shopping here. Guests must take a tour of the major attractions on their first day in the city, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and Duomo Cathedral.

Also, be sure to book your tickets before visiting the most famous places in Milan, Italy. To enjoy a hassle-free tour, book your tickets on getyourguide.com. A guided tour always helps to get to the destinations.

Where to stay in Milan

Hotel Dei Cavalieri Milano Duomo

This hotel is situated in a special area of the old town, though, it is a great choice for a 3-night stay in Milan.

How to get around In Italy

Pedestal walking seems to be the most common mode of getting around in Italy, inside all of the places suggested in this Italy 2-week Itinerary. But you will also need to mingle it up with some public transportation too. So, it is fun traveling inside Italy.

Specifically in Rome, strolling through destinations such as Florence and Venice offers the best public transportation to discover them.

Although, it is a different story, below are briefly described modes of transportation within Italy.


If you are not getting to rent a car, then it is possible to get around in Italy by train. So, trains are the popular mode of ground travel in Italy.

To travel on high-speed trains, it is recommended to book your train tickets in advance, as there is a risk of prices becoming high when the dates come closer.

Plus, If you want to travel on the regional train, no worries about ahead booking because the prices are fixed.

Train travel is pleasant and cozy in Italy, but bear in mind that sometimes strikes can hinder travel. Also, keep in mind, that before boarding the train in Italy most of the train tickets must be validated.

If visitors fail to do so, it can result in penalties and huge headaches on account of being thrown off the train.

Moreover, you can check the schedules, prices, compare rates, and more details on omio.com so that you can get deals for train travel in Italy.


In places such as Tuscany, renting a car through a drive-through is a good option. Keep in mind that in most cities, it is restricted to drive cars into historical centers, including Venice and Florence, and failure to follow the rules can result in fines.

Therefore, there is limited parking in cities, If you want to spend time in smaller towns and villages, limiting car rental would be recommended.

Moreover, you will need an international driver’s authorization to rent a car in Italy and get one in your home country before arrival. These are a few series of things, you need to consider when embarking on your 2-week Italy trip If you are planning to rent a car.

Plus, bear the insurance in mind. While driving in Italy, some travel insurance companies will not facilitate you and take extra charges to do so. So, before booking, make sure to double-check. We recommend checking out carrentals.com If renting a car is the right choice for you.

So, they will offer cars as per your schedules and you will also be able to compare reviews and prices alike.


When compared to some other European countries, bus travel is not more common in Italy, most probably because of their well-established train system.

However, If you want to move to smaller villages and cities, some buses are available here. Make sure, you keep a check on these services If it is difficult deciding on how to get around in Italy to a particular destination.


To travel long distances in Italy like from Rome to Venice, flights would be highly recommended. No doubt, trains are romantic and beautiful modes of traveling, but it takes a long time to reach the destinations.

Search for flights using Trip.com to and from Pisa, Bologna, Milan, Rome, and Venice. Budget flights will surely keep the cost down inside Italy, to enjoy thrifty airlines and tickets.

The Best time to visit Italy

Whenever you visit Italy, all the times are favorable. But as far as seasonality is concerned, some of the seasons are cozier to travel in Italy as compared to others. Winter will fetch rain, gray skies, and a colder climate.

Therefore, the winner of the offseason, and will surely involve the lowest prices. Crowds will also get smaller. Summer will offer warm weather, plenty of tourists, and sunshine.

So, you will experience the highest prices. But you will wish to plan a tour in summer in your 2 weeks Italy Itinerary due to its best beaches and thinking about swimming in Cinque Terre.

However, the favorite times to visit Italy are fall and spring rather than summer. So, October is the best time in Italy when it is not overcrowded and hot. A tradeoff with the summer, therefore, is cool or rainy would not be much of an issue.

Moreover, fall allows for experiencing olive harvesting, and spring is loaded with beautiful blooms.

Final Thoughts

This 2-week Italy Itinerary is meant for those of you who are craving to visit Italy. Its beautiful places like Rome, Florence, Verona, etc will make you feel like a trip to Italy for a lifetime. You are more likely to visit these places again.

To book tickets, different services are available such as GetYourGuide, car rentals, booking.com, and Aviasales for hotels, buses, trains, rental cars, and flights. Hope you find this Itinerary in your best interest.

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