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12 Best Beaches in Egypt for a Vacation

12 Best Beaches in Egypt for a Vacation

A land that provides over and above just sunshine and relaxing days for beachgoers is Egypt. Even though it boasts ancient artifacts and pyramids, still, the best beaches in Egypt are still the reason for being captivated by this country.

The popular coastline beside the Red Sea is a paradise that spellbound the sun-seekers who love sunlight throughout the year. Go camel trekking and hiking while taking in the sun in the resort towns of South Sinai having the back of the Sinai Peninsula’s craggy mountains and the desert.

While thinking of the popular tourist attractions in Egypt, also plan to visit the tombs of Luxor and the temples that lie at a day-tripping distance around the Red Sea coastline in most of the resort beach towns. Are you one of those who are going to have amazing days, then you do not want to miss these locations.

Both of the spots are equally impressive for their underwater as well as scuba diving just like sand for holidayers. As coral reefs, underwater wilds fascinate those fond of diving around the world to Egypt’s shoreline.

We have listed below a few of the best beaches in Egypt for you people to relish the natural beauty here.

Table of content
1. Soma Bay
2. Taba Beach
3. Dahab Lagoon
4. Sahl Hasheesh
5. Makadi Bay
6. Mamoura Beach
7. Marsa Alam
8. Ras Mohammed Beach
9. Sharam EI Sheikh
10. EI Gouna
11. Nuweiba
12. Mahmya Island

1. Soma Bay

Soma Bay is among the most private beaches in Egypt, so, its wide expansion illustrated only five resort hotels. Your vacations here will be more sand glory and relaxing, since, every resort lies just a few steps from the beach. Plus, all the hotels are free from any bustling life, and thanks to the cozy, all-inclusive excursion experiences here.

European travelers are keen to visit Soma Bay to take in the sunshine of the Red Sea, that way, they will refrain from cold weather. It is becoming also popular among families having, lots of entertainment for their little ones, and the resort offers a complete range of facilities, that encompass water sports offices.

Therefore, you will get to learn kitesurfing and snorkeling, diving, and stand-up paddleboarding. Lying 61 km north of Hurghada, the best beach, Soma Bay is all about wealth and luxury, that has expensive restaurants to offer.

soma Bay

2. Taba Beach

Taba Beach has attracted overland tourists for a long time and adjoins the Egyptian border with Israel. It’s no surprise that a majority of visitors come here to have sandy and relaxing days rather than for activities. The diving inducement here suits newbies as compared to seasoned divers.

Fjord Bay is the best spot to enjoy diving with hundreds of hours of diving experience, so, give it a try If you are a beginner. Moreover, the amazing ecological system and clean water symbolize the existence of healthy coral cays here.

Therefore, it is worth stopping at Taba for its incredible beach. Give it a go to this photo-worthy paradise. Also, If you are a hiking fancier and want to soak up the landscape views above the fjord.

Since the deep blue cove, the fjord is shielded by a mountain range. You will find the Taba Heights complex along with all-inclusive resorts lying south of Taba town while embracing the tranquil waters of the Gulf of Aqaba.

taba bay

3. Dahab Lagoon

Dahab Lagoon despite sitting beside South Sinai’s coastline, still, there isn’t much beach in central Dahab. With backpack-type accommodation opportunities and the best scuba diving options apart, the Dahab Lagoon is more focused on the kind of visitors who want to show inactivity on the sand.

Also, there is no issue if you want to merge your activities while planning your holidays. You will be offered outstanding water sports operators having both the weekly training packages and equipment hire on the Lagoon’s beach is considered a huge kitesurfing region. Moreover, the hotels in the lagoon provide diving trips.

In front of the coastline, you will find restaurants and cafes on the rocks, as well as, a bundle of travel agencies guiding the people while visiting the desert like jeep safaris, camel rides, and ATV tours.

dahab Lagoon

4. Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh Beach is among Egypt’s best beaches on account of being stretched amazingly 40 km on the edge of the shore and having the well-known diving opportunity on the Red Sea. You cannot help stunned by it as it has tough competition with Soma Bay.

Also, you will find villages and hotels dotted beside the beach and investors spent a handsome amount to accommodate themselves into the Red Sea resorts. Windsurfing and yachting are also popular water sports here. People also want to go diving Because of the more than 40 degrees centigrade temperature, to get refreshed.

That stretched bay is located 30 km south of Hurghada. If you are a history buff, amalgamate your vacation with the history out there, go for Luxor day tours, and take a break off the sand. Plus, guests will enjoy lots of shopping and eating choices on the outskirts of the resort gates.

sahl hasheesh

5. Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay aimed at the families’ beach excursions, is situated only 39 km south of Hurghada. You will explore a pack of large resort hotels out there. Therefore, no worries as the ton more amenities as well as value-for-money package deal to captivate families.

A wonderful sight is created when the hotel confronts the strip of golden sand and squeezes the bay. Since this is among the well-organized beach attractions in Hurghada. So, the beach crowds the guests during the high winter season having sunbeds jammed together on the sand.

Additionally, thanks to the beach football, and volleyball besides diving, snorkeling, and Red Sea’s popular coral reefs. Therefore, it frequently fascinates tourists.

Makadi Bay

6. Mamoura Beach

Moamoura Beach lies to the east of Alexandria and encompasses a private beach as well as a zone for the public. You will find an amazing piece of sand here.

There is a higher ticket price for the private beach because of more customized and less crowded, therefore, it is worth paying for it. But to access the public segment, tourists pay a low entrance fee.

Egyptians camp in Alxendrioa in tons for the beach holiday during summer but not for the catacombs and museums, whereas it is a historical spot for worldwide tourists, unlike the beach town. Nevertheless, it is a paradise for rafting along with beachgoers in July and August.

Mamoura Beach

7. Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam has been regarded as the best place for diving for years and lies farther from the Red Sea shoreline south of Egypt. Included in the list of top ten when speaking of diving internationally are Sharem-el-Sheikh lying on the Sinai Pwenisula and Hurghada lying to the north, so, became famous dining spots.

Whilst Marda Alam depicts uncertainty as lesser known in the outskirts of the diving community. Be sure you plan a full-day trip to adore the crystal clear water and abundance of wildlife here. That can only be possible If you want to have a well-managed trip from a hotel in Marsa Alam.

Moreover, this picture-perfect attraction should be visited by those divers and snorkelers who reach it along with their drink and food as well as equipment. Since it is hard to find anything in the neighborhood. Plus, it gives a feeling that hotels are meant to kiss the coastline and picture the white sand fittings. Seems like nature fancier’s dream come true.

Marsa Alam

8. Ras Mohammed Beach

Ras Mohammad Beach houses numerous antiquated nature beaches brimming the shoreline of this headland. Visitors normally visit this beach when planning a day trip from Sharm-el Sheikh, but you can also go camping at particular spots inside the park.

You will enjoy outstanding diving and snorkeling as incorporated among the top 10 dives around the world. It is no wonder there are plenty more Red Sea fish easily seen here. By the clear water just off-shore.

Furthermore, Marsa Barieks Beach lying on the northern shoreline, and Main Beach at the farthest tip of the archipelago are considered famous beaches for snorkeling. Therefore, we can say that Ras Mohammad Beach is mostly popular as a diving destination.

 Ras Mohammed Beach

9. Sharam EI Sheikh

Sharm EI Sheikh beach is full of plenty of things for tourists. Indeed the beach is artificially made halfway. It once contained reef fragments, large pebbles, and rocky surfaces, but changed into an aging beach. The fragments were united by the sand masses. On account of sand orientation from another place, you will find different-colored sand at Sharm EI beach.

So, in some areas, there is a little darker sand whereas in others its color is bright yellow. Lying south of the Sinai Peninsula at the hub of Aqaba Gulf, this best beach counts among the feathers in a cap in Egypt.

Absolutely a diver’s paradise who can not help praising the beauty of the reefs’ colors? Plus, the unbelievable beach-swaggering views attract the guests. Lots of grounds for accommodations for families, as the locals show up with their unmatched heritage and traditions. Moreover, your young ones will learn more about the ocean.

Sharam EI Sheikh

10. EI Gouna

At 27 km north of Hurghada, the happy-go-lucky beach EI Gouna lies, that town is particularly built for a specific reason. While thinking about the best beaches in Egytpy, just head to EI Gouna which offers plenty more joust sun like kayaking, horse riding, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Also, you will get to see an 18-hole golf course together with desert ATV tours. We must say that this beach is tailored to family needs. Visitors also hop on here If they want to plan an early day trip to the Town of Karnak and Luxor’s famed Valley of the Kings in the beach break or else opt for diving into the several reefs off the beach.

Also, the tidy-mannered washy bijou town region homes have a huge number of restaurants spas, shops, and cafes that entertain the families in the evening. For those of you who want to go, kitesurfing will find some smaller midrange choices. There is a colossal number of low-slung, large resorts with mature palm tree gardens around them, like Sheraton Miramar Resort.

EI Gouna

11. Nuweiba

Nuweiba Beach is a low-key, easy place that dots the Bedouin Village. A pleasant place to discover natural gracefulness and comprehend traditional culture. Nevertheless, you need to spend a couple of days here. The 7 7-kilometer stretched sand is translated as bubbling springs in Arabic. South Cove lies a short drive which is a wonderful spot to dive. It is important to know only a few facilities are provided here.

If you want to overlook the colorful lights of resorts and immerse in a simple life, then the lean strips of the Nuweiba beach in South Sinai could be the right attraction. These days, it is also a pace-to-be-stayed on the backpacking trail in Egypt. As a further matter, this best beach in Egypt is situated on the shoreline of the Gulf of Aqaba.

The shortfall in the infrastructure here adds to the appeal of visitors. Plus, the main restaurant region is contained in the camping sites, so, tourists can get drinks and food. Or as Alternatively palm fronds are used to make simple huts. For a few hours, electricity is given and guests share the bathroom facilities.


12. Mahmya Island

Mahmya is among the most elegant beaches in town since it has fantastic marine life for divers and snorkelers and a handful of coral cays. So, to get a remarkable experience on this piece of land, take boat trips and start sailing towards the island.

A boat trip of 45 minutes from Hurghada full of adventure can let you snorkel in the underground water and explore the reefs in the Red Sea. Mahymh Island is situated in the Giftun Island National Park, 11 kilometers off the shoreline.

Gives a feeling of unique escape to get impressed by the drop-dead gorgeous Mahyma and the national park. While delving into the deep water, you will discover a new world of dolphins and rainbow fish, still, your concentration should be on preserving the marine ecosystem of the Red Sea.

 Mahmya Island

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