best island in the world

Top 12 Best Islands in the World

Top 12 Best Islands in the World

Islands are also a great gift from nature. There is a huge number of the best Islands in the world. Whether people are visualizing an active adventuresome activity or planning a relaxing holiday on a beach, islands have something mesmerizing for all.

Every island is not created the same. The breathtaking cultures, spectacular topography, and phenomenal beaches make the islands a perfect location to visit. So, they are pretty amazing.

Some islands are beautified by the surrounding sea, which captivates the visitors with their coral reefs and crystal clear structures in the best way. While others capture the traveler’s attention with silky peaks and luxuriant jungles. Therefore, why not change your work schedule, buckle your shoes, and plan your bucket list with a visit to the best islands around the globe?

Following is a list of the thriving 12 best islands in the world with gorgeous views.

1. Seychelles

2. Santorini Greece

3. Fiji

4. Sicily Island Italy

5. Faroe Island

6. Bali Indonesia

7. St Lucia

8. Vancouver Island Canada

9. Tasmania Australia

10. The Maldives

11. Kauai Hawaii

12. French Polynesia Bora Bora

1. Seychelles

Seychelles is worth traveling to and is a photographed island for visitors. It is a natural gift that contains exceptional coral reefs, golden beaches, rainforests, and whatnot. Therefore, it is popular among the 115 best firm islands in the Indian Ocean.

Moreover, it offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving inside the rich-fish marine sanctuaries. A national bird in the bird species like a black parrot and the 100-year-old giant tortoise will also be found on the beaches of Seychelles.

An island containing 42 best granite beaches is also rich in culture is adventurous and is an untouched area. You can not help being inspired by beautiful palm-fringed trees and granitic mountain ranges along with sand beaches. In the complete archipelago, the exotic flora, and fauna are penetrated over here.


2. Santorini Greece

Perhaps one of the best islands in the world is the volcanic island of Santorini. Strolling through the volcanic beaches, dining at the gourmet tavernas, or taking a sunbath in the glittering catamaran cuisine, will lead to the ultimate relaxation.

There is something peculiar about the Mediterranean climate and sightseeing views. Santorini Greece is included in the list of the most expensive islands.

Other best parts of the island are the picture-perfect settlements of Oia and Fira. The best time to visit the island is spring when wildflowers grow in full bloom. Plus, pay a visit to the Ancient Thira, the black sandy beach of Perissa, and the Akrotiri Archeological site. To visit the island in the best way, come over here in spring when wildflowers grow in full bloom.

Best Islands Santorini Greece

3. Fiji

Fiji is a fantasy island in Melanesia country encompassing abundant coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and crystalline turquoise waters. The people here are very warm and meet travelers with friendly smiles. You will have snorkeling, fishing, and diving chances here. Containing over 300 islands, you can consider it the best island for holidays.

Plus, you can choose the Mamanuca group and sublime Yasawa for the accommodation of your family. So, it is the ultimate island for relaxation with families. This archipelago has dramatic landscapes, with greenery-capped mountains and rugged coastlines. It is included on the list of go-to tropical escapes in Australia and even gives the temptation to people to turn away from the ocean.

best island Fiji

4. Sicily Italy

Sicily is a charming island in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy and has abundant citrus fruits, lemon groves, and olives. From quaint transparent bays with opening gulfs and sandy beaches to crags and cliffs, the island is popular for its coastline. It is also a world-class place enriched in culture from prime times.

Moreover, the unbelievable cuisine and picture-perfect villages make it included in the gems of Europe. Sicily has a beautiful coastline and an active volcano Mount Etna with a prominent panorama. The literature, arts, and architecture are a perfect blend of the culture here. Besides water pursuits, bird watching and hiking are also popular activities on the island.

best islands  Sicilly Italy

5. Faroe Island

Encompassing 18 islands, the Faroe Islands feature narrow fjords, tall mountains, and sheer cliffs. Within a couple of hours from Northern Europe, you can get there. The Faroe Islands are located between the Shetland Islands and Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean. The reason behind the island’s rugged upright cliffs is that they contain volcanic rocks encircled by a thin layer of peat soil or moraine.

Aquaculture and fisheries continue to flourish here and contribute to the islands’ industrial economy. So, the Faroe Islands export seafoodstuff to all six continents, and their expertise is highly famous.

The climate here poses little temperature difference and remains mild and oceanic. Moreover, you will find numerous Seabirds on the Islands like Puffins.

Best Islands Faroe  Island

6. Bali Indonesia

The best tourist place in Bali Indonesia’s Peninsula. Plus, included in the list of the most beautiful islands in the world. So, travelers will surely find many fun things to do on this unique island such as hiking, spa treatments, and shopping.

Moreover, tourists will enjoy sunbathing, Surfing, and swimming on the beautiful beaches of the island. A tropical warm wave washing over you is the true spirit of Bali’s charm.

You are recommended to travel to Bali from October to April. If you are going with your family, you will find so many best resorts on the island. Yet, there is a huge cultural value in Bali besides world-class villa hotels. Bali is surrounded by forest-dressed volcanoes. Bali is also home to graceful coral reefs, iconic rice terraces, and waterfalls.

Best Islands Bali Indonesia

7. St Lucia

The colonial island of Saint Lucia is the most famous scenic island in the tropics of the Eastern Caribbean. Featuring pineapple and banana plantations, rich rainforests, clifftop waterfalls, beautiful volcanic beaches, and iconic pitons make it a picture-perfect island.

Moreover, you will get peaceful fishing villages and world-class branch resorts over here. So, St Lucia island is filled with natural beauty.

St. Lucia has a little bit of all the things bustling markets secluded bays and sulfur springs. Plus, an appreciative place for honeymoon couples, where you enjoy sparkling sunbaths and dine at different restaurants and bars. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and waterskiing are also popular pursuits on the island.

Best Islands St Lucia

8. Vancouver Island Canada

On the west shore of Canada and in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island is located. You can backpack in gorgeous wildlife parks, and spade through quiet coastal waters on the sea. Also, stare at snow-covered mountains at a distance, inhale clean breezes from the ocean, and the muddy fragrance of old rainforests.

Since the mid-1990s, the climate in this region has become mild which in turn led to the growth of Mediterranean crops like lemons and olives.

On the west, the island is well decorated with fjords and adjoined on the east by a coastal plain. Furthermore, spend your good time in the Pacific Rim National Park on the west shore and Cape Scott Provincial Park located at the tip of its northwest.

vancouver island canada best island

9. Tasmania Australia

Tasmania Island is the state of Australia in the era of the last ice age. The splendrous secluded state is more like a museum of some of the priceless animals and plants of the old world. Almost 1/3th of Tasmania Island is shielded by National Parks, so you can access primarily the dramatic coastlines, snow-covered mountains, and dense forests. That specialty makes over 20% of the island a World Heritage Site.

So, the island has a great variety of nature reserves and you will find numerous adventures and nearness to high-end nature here. Plus, travelers can explore different National parks on the island and visit them with families on account of the exclusive range of wilderness lodges in the world.

Best Islands Tasmania Australia

10. Maldives Island

The Maldives Archipelago is a beautiful Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean that spells travelers. Crystal Clear aquamarine waters above the Indian Ocean, upon the bright white coastlines, attract travelers.

So, the best choices of snorkeling, diving, and surfing for tourists. The Coral reefs also flourish below the amazing waters. Adventures can find the luxury resorts on the island and plan their travel with ease.

Tropical and warm weather fits the Maldives for perfect lazy days on the beach throughout the year. The unmatched beauty of some of the most wonderful destinations of Maldives makes you want to take a look at them in your lifetime. Moreover, there is an underwater restaurant to dine for tropical fish that is a perfect place for divers. Over-water villas are also a perfect fit for honeymooners.

Best Islands Maldives Island

11. Kauai Hawaii

A rainy, small island known as Kauai is located at the end of the archipelago of Hawaii. From the oceans, Lava emerged and formed light-headed Cliffs and velvety ridges in the form of tremendous beaches on this spectacular Island.

The beauty lies not just in its phenomenal shore but also in its luxuriant flora. Charming snorkellers and divers from around the world see coral reefs beside tropical swimming fish, its cobalt-blue seas, and turtles below.

So, this best beach encompasses remote beaches, rugged coastlines, breathtaking cascading waterfalls, and tropical forests. You can experience adventure in every corner of the island. Moreover, fill your trip with whale and dolphin watching, kayaking, and Waimea Canyon to explore the natural wonders of the island.

Best Islands Kauai Hawaii

12. French Polynesia Bora Bora

French Polynesia Bora Bora Island is situated in the South Pacific Ocean of France. The things that concentrate your attention include tiny islets, sharks, fish, crystal clear waters, and turtles on its spectacular lagoon.

So, that focal point best describes the tropical beauty of this turquoise lagoon. Hiking in the palm-peppered forests snorkeling, and Scuba diving along the coral reefs are popular activities on the Island.

Plus, take your underwater camera with you to take these amazing pictures. The cuisine here is also mouth-watering. The volcanic burst on the island of Bora Bora makes it an interesting place to look into.

Travelers are also interested in the lovely bungalows over the water and luxurious resorts here. White-sand beaches on the island also perfectly greet the honeymooners just like a stunning necklace.

French Polynesia Bora Bora best island

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  1. These are beautiful islands! I have traveled to many islands but I have not done any of the islands on your list yet. The Seychelles, Bora Bora and Bali are high on my list.

  2. Bali and Fiji have long been on my travel bucket list, but I’d be happy to go to any of these places!! These photos are so gorgeous! :]

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