Best Places and things to do in Austria

12 Best Places and Things to Do in Austria ( updated)

12 Best Places and Things to Do in Austria ( updated)

Austria is truly a famous vacation spot in Europe. You will see drop-dead gorgeous naturally graceful best places and things to do in Austria, such as the best skiing, incredible mountains, spellbound Northern Bohemian Forest, and majestic Alpine hills.

There is much more in Austria for history buffs to explore as well in terms of bewitching museums, mythical towering castles, and fabulous churches. So, its fantastic Baroque Architecture visit is a must. Wildflowers enfold the valleys during summertime and the city has different activities to do.

Thanks to Austria for being a popular attraction for hiking and for plenty of nature to take in its lakes and wonderful mountain views. But many guests do not think deeply about it. Even though Austria is among the smallest countries in Europe, still, its tourist places are still worth considering. The birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is packed with a large number of elegant buildings.

Winter sports and alpine resorts will also standardize your visit to Austria and Europe. No matter what time of year, your trip here will never disappoint you.

To get inspired, we have listed a few best places and things to do in Austria.

Table of Content
1. Vienna
2. Graz
3. Salzburg
4. Austria’s Highest Glacier
5. Bad Gastein
6. Hallstatt
7. Innsbruck
8. St Anton am Arlberg
9. Grossglockner Alpine Road
10. Zell and See
11. Wachau
12. Zillertal Alps

1. Vienna

Vienna is the one of best cities in Austria that stands out like the Kunstthistorisches Musem, a circular Road, namely Ringstrasse that is blessed with the best architectural views.

It is hard to overlook the Baroque architecture of Vienna. You will find overly ornate monuments and luxuriant buildings all the way around. The Schonbrunn Palace with over 1400 rooms, is the best thing to do in Austria, which people will discern, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

In the 13th Century, the imperial Hofburg Palace was built, which is among the most photo-worthly landmarks in Vienna. Vienna became Austria’s President’s official dwelling place after offering residency services against a royalty.

The palaces in the city are going to amaze you. There are also many more culinary items here ranging from cakes and chocolate to sausage and schnitzel. Art Nouveau expo centers will take your breath away.


2. Graz

The second largest city of Austria, namely Graz is undoubtedly a graceful place to pay a visit to. Packed with a plethora of cafes, restaurants, and bars catering to the students who have to attend the several colleges and universities speckled in the town.

You will find vibrant and energetic nightlife experiences here, that give a young feeling, despite the being a best-preserved historical place. Sitting on the Mur River edges, having wheeling summits, superabundant forests, and fertile farmland in the neighborhood.

Renaissance courtyards and Baroque palaces are located beside modernistic museums and historical churches. The city has been ruled by all the people ranging from Hugariansm and Napolean to Hapsburgs and Romans because of being situated in southeast Austria.


3. Salzburg

Lying in Central Austria, Salzburg is the popular birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in the neighborhood of the German border. Having a lovely Aktstadt historical town, beautiful alpine views as well as the pinnacle fortress of medieval times, the gracefulness in Salzburg stuns guests no matter what the season is.

The actual von Trapp family home, Baroque Mirabell Palaces, and Gardens visit are some of the best places in Austria to visit. Being a historic city, Salzburg is one of the top places to visit in Austria, and kind of like originated from a storybook. Nevertheless, the artifacts were brought from the Napoleonic Wars era for the medieval times’ castle.


4. Austria’s Highest Glacier

Pitztal Glacier, a towering ski resort, is featured in the highest glacier in Austria, elevated AT 3440 meters. Also a towering funicular of the country. If you want to enjoy excellent hiking and snowshoeing during winter, as well as awesome snowboarding and skiing, head to the Pitztsl Glacier.

Between September and May, winter sports operate here by the long-standing snow enfold. Thanks to the fantabulous landscape views, hot coffee, and regional cuisines when visitors stroll around alpine savannas to the Goggles Alm mountain in the cold weather. So, these best things to do in Austria are a must.

Austria's Highest Glacier

5. Bad Gastein

The Bad Gastein is an imaginary spa town that lies halfway in the center of the High Tauern Mountains of Austria. The Therapeutic thermal spring waters here are the main focal point for tourists.

Best-known for its enchanting Belle Epoque architecture and stunning landscape, since it has mountains, precipitous summits around, and green forests protecting it. Also, the Flowing Bad Gasteiner Waterfall amidst the town center gives exotic views.

Helstollen is another convalescent place, that will let you deeply visit the cave system in the mountains. As it is a blend of warm moist air and radon-rich air that aids respiration and immune systems. Grand de l’Europe Hotel is one of the remarkable premises with an iconic landmark.

19th-century restaurants and hotels are in full consonance when the soapy Gastein Waterfall collides across the beautiful facades. Therefore, many tourists gather in Austria to do the best things like skiing in winter, as well as observe the natural springs, and bubbling spas in the Gastein Valley

Bad Gastein

6. Hallstatt

Hallstatt is among the most breathtaking places in Austria to tour, which showcases the vibrant buildings featuring narrow streets. Here accomplishes the dream of photography, and do not miss the best sunset views around the lake. Hallstatt seems like a fairy tale municipality.

So, must do this pretty alpine town attraction and keep walking to soak up its amazing local terrain. You can have fantastic things to do in Austria like exploring the different colored light shows within the Dachhein Huge Ice Cave and Dripstone, as well as a train ride into the cave near Hallstatt.

Another highlight here encompasses Hallstatter Lake, therefore, you go swimming during summer, and boating in the winter. If you are the kind of person who wants to get the best out of town, just go ahead to the 5fngers viewing platform. Thanks to the best sights even at night.


7. Innsbruck

If you dreamt of true magic any time of the year, just head to the Innsbruck which is located in a valley around it. You will have several opportunities to take in the crisp Aline fresh air and there are Ski surfaces around the town.

Innsbruck is also rewarded with Middle ages buildings and visitors will explore the Golden Roof, a gilded pavilion balcony, where the market has maintained folklore airspace. So, to take a visit to top tourist places in Austria, consider Innsbruck.

Moreover, you can notice that the Bergesir Ski Jump, as well as Ambrs Castle of the 16th Century, are a source of great and sightseer views above the city. The snow cap over them adds to the appeal, and it is just amazing. This is how the complete city seems like a living postcard at the time of snowfall.


8. St Anton am Arlberg

St Anton stands out among the best places for skiing in Austria. The whole region is a favorite spot for outdoor devotees, with a perfect blend of potential, which is cuddled in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. However, tourists consider it a winter attraction but is also a famous destination for summer.

By being in an unbelievable region, it has been famous for skiing in Europe, since 1901. You will have a blend of potential here, meaning thereby, an outsider enthraller dream will come true in the whole of the area.

There are a large number of comfortable cafes and restaurants of traditional style here, irrespective of their compact size. The tree-lined forests and green meadows are a perfect attraction for the best things such as cycling, mountain biking, and cycling after the melting of snow.

Valluga Mountain is a 9210-foot mountain that is equally appealing for skiers and non-skiers. Whilst immersed in the sights over the eye-popping Lexhtal Alps, Tourists can access the peaks using two aerial wheelbarrows called Vallugabahns.

St Anton am Arlberg

9. Grossglockner Alpine Road

Grossglockner Road deems among sightseer road trips to Austria. For both thrill-seeking passengers and drivers, Grosslockerr Road is a good gateway, having lots of hairpin turns. Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hohe observation post is among the most famous hiking points for visitors.

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road counts among the sightseer and fabled Alpine roads. With deep green valleys and snow-capped mountains, the road contains 36 turns and is 48 km in length. Go for the fun things here, like multiple paths and trails surrounding the mountain for hiking and trekking.

Also, there are loads of biking points beside the road when you are about to explore the entire length. The tallest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner at 12461 feet is where the Gtosslockner Road begins to travel.

One more interesting place is the Hocjtor Pass through which the roads pass, and crucifix the Alpine distribution above sea level at 8200 feet.

Grossglockner Alpine Road

10. Zell am See

The Zell am See is among the most toured lakes in Austria, despite being just 1.5 km broad and having a 4 km length. Thanks to the fun things to do here in Austria such as pedal boating, fabulous sailing, and stand-up paddling. Also, sun-seekers will love spending time on the beach here.

Therefore, loads of fun in the crystalline waters of the lake which has blueish hills around it. The Alpine city of Zell am See is a photographed place to visit, since, it is submerged amongst the fantastic Kitzbuhek Alps in a serene valley.

By its comfortable alpine feel, this tranquil, small city hub is worth discovering. At any time of the year, this tourist attraction won’t disappoint you either. Also, thanks to the wonderful services in the neighborhood town of the Zell am See, like water trampolines, and heated pools.

You will enjoy hiking and cycling during summer whereas snowboarding and skiing are popular sports in winter as it is blessed with magnificent ski resorts in the neighborhood.

Zell am See

11. Worthersee

At the lower end of the Karawanks mountain range and Gurktal Alps, the Worthersee, the largest lake in Carinthia, is located in south Austria. You can enjoy incredible hiking, as the lake has luxuriant forests around it. Also, you will explore all the things ranging from the pounding nightlife to enchanting, towns and cozy spas.

It is a top tourist place in Austria on account of being in a magnificent setting and having breathtaking views. A plentiful of guests soak up the Mediterranean weather and are ready to go swimming in its warm waters during summer. Moreover, you can do the best things in the Worthersee like golf, watersports, as well as horseback riding and biking.


12. Zillertal Alps

The Zillertal Alps is a famous place for hikers, backpackers, and mountaineers too. Encompassing craggy peaks of mountains, tree-lined valleys, and heightened glaciers. Having lots of trails in the outskirts. To take in one of the most dramatic panoramas of central Europe, you can count on the Zillertal Alps.

An interesting fact is that Zillertal contains over 85 glaciers, some of which stand above sea level at more than 11000 feet. To enjoy both skiing and hiking throughout the year, the Hintertux Glacier offers these privileges. Furthermore, the Zillertal Alps lie between the Italy and Austria border. Therefore, this is the top thing to do in Austria.

Zillertal Alps

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