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South America

The 15 Best Places to Visit In South America

South America is a continent gifted with different superlatives; the rarest, the largest, the highest, the deepest, and the largest. You will definitely explore the best places to visit in South America.

With its magnificent natural wonders, cosmopolitan cities, and considerably enriched culture, South America is unlike any other place on the planet. If you are visiting South America for the very first time, you are in the right decision.

However, in big cities, you can opt for the best shopping between high-end boutiques or can visit the multicolored markets of Andean Villages.

Wherever you go in South America, you will give your eyes the best views as well as enjoy the different tastes of the cuisines. Furthermore, Tourists find Amazon rainforests, colonial municipalities, Patagonian glaciers, white sand beaches, and Incan ruins in South America.

Therefore, are you ready to discover its never-ending adventures and a perfect blend of different fun activities such as the Galapagos Islands, stunning Iguazu falls, and a walk in its cobblestone streets?

For your next trip, we have assembled a list of the best places to visit in South America.

Table of Content

1. Galapagos Island Ecuador
2. The Atacama Desert, Chile
3. Amazon Rainforest
4. Cusco Peru
5. Cartagena Colombia
6. Easter Island, Chile
7. Buenos Aries Argentina
8. Iguazu Falls Brazil
9. Machu Picchu Peru
10. Lake Titicaca
11. Santiago
12. Ushuaia (Argentina)
13. Tayrona National Park
14. Cola Canyon Peru
15. Salvador Brazil

1. Galapagos Island Ecuador

Visit the Galapagos Islands to see a glance at prehistoric animals, unlike any other place on the planet. Its peninsula consists of 18 major islands that are yet originated through volcanoes, around 900 km away from the shore of Ecuador, South America.

Most probably you will get a chance to watch the island full of iguanas and birds and become close to nature. Moreover, you can go swimming with seals, sharks, and sea turtles, that’s why you won’t repent with your trip.

On account of the perfect condition here, the animals are no more scared of the humans who stroll around the island. You can also do fun things like visiting the nearby romantic parks, and beaches with your family. Check out the hotels in South America and attractions such as Boulder and Phoenix near the island.

 Galapagos Island Ecuador, South America

2. The Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama desert is the non-polar driest desert around the globe and it rains here once in four years’ time. It extends around 1600 km alongside the shoreline of Chile, and South America, and lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes.

Extreme blue lagoons, active geysers, and huge salt flats are some of the exceptional features of this area.

Most part of the desert encompasses felsic lava, sand, and terrains of stone. Moreover, it is regarded as the largest unique fog desert in South America.

The Atacama Desert, South America

3. Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest blows your mind for sure when you get to count 390 billion trees plantation that envelops three fourth portion of the Amazon River Basin. Sixty percent of this largest tropical forest is situated in Brazil with substantial parts in Columbia and Peru.

Surely, the rainforest is stuffed with exotic flora and fauna. A visit to this largest forest in South America is incorporated into the list of best things where you can learn about the indigenous people’s culture pertaining to it.

Furthermore, you can go on night safaris, stay in a treehouse lodge, and cross the river of the Amazon. The amazon rainforest is home to 16000 species, so, you will find massive biodiversity in it.

Amazon Rainforest South America

4. Cusco Peru

Cusco is situated near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range in southeastern Peru. With a height of 3400 meters, Cusco has become a major tourist attraction in South America. Once it was the capital of the stunning Inca Empire.

The region surrounding Peru, South America, has remnants of various Inca sites. Therefore, it is known as the old capital of South America. Moreover, Cusco is often disregarded as a way for those who trek the Inca Trail, still, it deserves to be discovered.

The enchanting villages of Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes between Machu Pichhu and Cusco are also worth visiting.

Cusco Peru South America

5. Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena is a significant city that lies on Colombia’s Caribbean shore. The city was the hub of the economy and politics when Spain was dominated in South America. Cartagena is filled with art galleries and museums, so, it has a rich culture.

You will explore the fortress in this modernistic city, Cartagena, which is considered the major hold in South America. Moreover, the city showcases a surprising number of historical attractions besides its popular walls.

In 1984, these walls were regarded as UNESCO World Heritage and now attract history lovers from around the globe. On the sightseeing beaches Of Cartagena, you can go sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

The energetic landscape and colonial architecture of Cartagena, South America also fascinate the tourists.

Cartagena Colombia South America

6. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island features about 1000 colossal statues that prevail haphazardly throughout the panorama. Besides its Polynesian culture, the beaches on the islands offer excellent snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing choices.

So much time will have to be spent while visiting this most remote populated island around the globe. Most statues were sliced from solidified volcanic ignite, with charcoal being used for the black eyes.

Orongo Crater is among the natural wonders on Easter Island, South America. Moai statues most probably were carved almost 1000 years back. Moreover, the vibrant landscapes, friendly people, and enthralling culture in Easter Island, South America is not like any other place. The World Heritage Easter Island is mostly shielded inside Rapa Nui National Park.

Easter Island, Chile South America

7. Buenos Aries Argentina

Buenos Aries lies on the Rio de la Plata on the Argentinian shore, the city is eminent for its cosmopolitan instinct. It is the most toured city in South America on account of its enriched culture and architecture.

You can do the fun things in Buenes Aries like paying a visit to the colorful region of La Boca, the grand opera house; Teatro Colon, and an awe-aspiring presidential palace. Moreover, Recoleta is situated in its neighborhood and a must-visit place on account of its history.

Buenos Aries Argentina South America

8. Iguazu Falls

The beauty of Iguazu Falls can not be explained in words and included among the best places to tour in South America. Their name is translated as “big water”. They encompass 275 waterfalls of different sizes between Brazil and Argentina, so, are the largest falls system in the world.

Most part of the falls is in Argentina and the Iguazu River spills through Brazil. So, the Iguazu Falls are pinpointed in two World Heritage Sites namely; Argentina’s Iguazu National Park and Brazil’s Iguazu National Park. Devil’s Throat is the biggest one on the list of different-sized waterfalls. The special viewing points and walkways, definitely, offer tourists more staggering views.

 Iguazu Falls South America

9. Machu Picchu Peru

Machu Pichhu awesomely represents the Inca civilization prior to the Spanish arrival. It lies in the Eastern Cordillera of southern Peru on a 2430-meter mountain crest.

Machu Picchu was fitted as a palace for the emperor, which is cuddled in the Peruvian Andes. Definitely, it is a stunning example of classical Inca architecture, constructed from polished stones. On account of its fabulous views, Machu Picchu has become a popular tourist attraction in Peru.

For travelers heading to South America, it is a must-visit. If you do not go hiking up the rocky mountainside of Machu Picchu via Inca Trail, your holiday in Peru would be incomplete. A 15th-century Inca Citadel, Macchu Picchu has a graceful cloud forest around it, therefore, it presents amazing mountain views.

 Machu Picchu Peru South America
Machu Picchu Peru

10. Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is deemed to be the highest lake in the world, that crosses the border of Peru and Bolivia in South America. The Andean people have deemed the Lake destined as the birthplace of the sun, so, visit it in the daytime. Around 500 species of sea life have inhabited the lake, with a larger population of water birds.

This place is popular not only in Peru but also all over South America. So, it is an interesting place to enjoy Peruvian culture in South America. Moreover, the domestic people made the islands here with heavy reeds. Locals also serve their traditional cuisines, thanks to the sustainable experience for tourists here. With a height of 3800 meters, it is regarded as “the highest navigable lake”.

Lake Titicaca South America

11. Santiago

Santiago is among the largest cities in America, and the capital of Chile. Also, it is a cultural hub in Chile and South America. It is among those cities that are best discovered in pedestrian walkways. You can not stop appreciating the grand architecture of the city while strolling through photographed neighborhoods.

There are art exhibitions all over Chile, that also attract tourists. After visiting the Jazz Clubs, people try tasty meals at an upscale restaurant, or a casual bistro, to spend their evenings in this multicolored city. Moreover, you can see the Andes Mountains from most apexes of the city.

Santiago South America

12. Ushuaia (Argentina)

Ushuaia is one of the remote places in Argentina and South America. Deemed the southernmost city in the world. Ushuaia is the best place to watch orca whales, seals, and penguins. Also, it is very picture-perfect, when it is not windy or cloudy.

Furthermore, the beautiful city is full of luxury hotels, casinos, and delicate dining formations. People buy sporting merchandise from a modernistic mall, Paseo del Fuego Shopping Center which has various stores and entertainment opportunities.

It is located 1100 miles from the shore of Antarctica. Along the bay, the mountain range of the Martial Glacier lies around the Ushuaia. The town also serves as a cornerstone for nature lovers, kayakers, mountain bikers, hikers, divers, and winter sports enthusiasts.

Ushuaia (Argentina) South America

13. Tayrona National Park

Tayrona is a shielded marine reserve that gathers in both sea and land. Here, you will find a great amount of flora and fauna. It consists of 70 bat species, over 100 various mammals, and 300 bird species.

Surely, you are going to immerse yourself in the beautiful Tayrona National Park on the Caribbean shore of Colombia. The wonderful beaches here that are lying in deep bays add to the popularity of Tayrona National Park, South America.

Moreover, the park is good for surfing, sunbathing, hiking, and swimming. Still, most beaches are not good from a swimming point of view.

Tourists who wish to experience its biodiversity in an unparalleled region, then this park is the best place for them in Colombia. Also, there are different local eateries that serve lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Tayrona National Park South America

14. Cola Canyon Peru

Cola Canyon on account of its spectacular views ranks third in the most visited place in Peru, South America. The canyon is two times deeper than the U.S Grand Canyon, yet not the deepest one in Peru. Villages here are the best place to purchase domestic handcrafts.

You will definitely have the opportunity to watch the biggest hummingbirds and Andean colors, to delight your eyes.

So, it attracts almost 120000 tourists per year. The indigenous people here continue to encourage the previous Inca-stepped terraces, therefore, their ancestral traditions are intact.

Cola Canyon Peru South America

15. Salvador Brazil

Salvador is the capital of the municipality of Bahia. There are so many things to do here for tourists. It is among the historic cities in South America. You will find the terraces of the African rule in its domestic culture, specifically its cuisine.

Salvador has recognition in its country as well as internationally, an account of its architecture and cuisine. Its visible territory is peninsular, having an area of 692,818 square km. It is the third-largest city in Brazil.

Moreover, Salvador supports the economy of the city, due to its administrative and tourism hub. The city also provides a major harbor. Its hosts different political, cultural, and sports events and organizations like the Federal University of Bahia, and the Bahia State University.

Salvador Brazil South America
Salvador Brazil South America

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