Top Best Places to Visit in Greece

14 Top Best Places to Visit in Greece in 2024

14 Top Best Places to Visit in Greece in 2024

Greece is popular for its captivating culture and natural elegance that features significant old sites over and above 6,000 islands in the world. Aged archeological sites, disjoined cliffs into glistering blue water, and pebble and sand beaches are among the best places to visit in Greece.

It is no surprise that Greece is classified among the top tourist attractions around the globe, by its cuisine, whitewashed villages, sun-soaked beaches, and plenty of ancient ruins. The beauty of the area exists in the form of tiny hidden gems in the seas around the Grecian archipelago.

Numerous scattered islands share the reward of nightlife, views, gorgeous landscapes, and cultural treats in their own right. Therefore, that depicts a lot more wealth to discover. You will also witness a mild Mediterranean climate here.

Plus, the monasteries of Meteora and the historic Delphi are the best areas of Greece to visit along with the capital, Athens.

Islands like Crete, Zakynthos, Corfu, Mykonos, and Santorini are the most famous where visitors capture a ferry. It is hard to clinch the plethora of places to visit, particularly, If you are on a short trip to Greece. Most Greeks can not even explore each periphery of their native country. So, it is fun planning a trip to Greece.

Have a look at a list of some of the best places to see in Greece for your next travel plan.

Table of Contents
1. Santorini
2. Crete
3. Rhodes Town
4. Delphi
5. Meteora
6. Thessaloniki
7. Athens
8. Greek Islands
9. Knossos
10. Mykonos
11. Zagori
12. Zakynthos
13. Nafplio

14. Mycenae

1. Santorini

Santorini is popular for the top towns of Oia and Fira on the west cliffs shore. So, they seem to be hanged over a blue, deep sea volcanic crater. Sunbathing and swimming at the caldera black sand beaches on the east and south shorelines are the fun things to do here. You can count this gorgeous place among the most sights on all the Greek peninsulas.

Also, Santorini is absolutely among the best places in Greece for couples, in consequence of the scenery and sunsets presented with whitewashed houses and volcanic beaches. Thousands of visitors are drawn to the beauty of Santorini Island and finally, say that it is unmatchable.

Stroll across the graceful villages, dine in the fine eateries, and take a dip in the blue waters. Therefore, the world-famous and visually attractive Santorini is a next-level trip.


2. Crete

This colossal isle is among the most famous holiday destinations in Greece. Crete is not just concerned with beaches. There are also remarkable archeological sites over here like the influential Palace of Knossos that lies in the neighborhood city of Heraklion.

It holds up archeological traces of various civilizations from the centuries and inoculated in history. The island attracts tourists from around the globe on account of being blasted with some of the best beaches in Greece. There will never be boredom while having spent your complete holidays in Greece.

Also, make time to go hiking through the Samaria Gorge. Crete is located on a pleasant landscape from rolling countryside featuring olive trees to craggy mountains and fantabulous shorelines.

So, you will be rewarded with all the things over here like culture, food, beaches, and nature. You will enjoy unbelievable transparent waters and unending views around the sea that lap the broad natural stretches.


3. Rhodes Town

Rhodes is an energetic bustling town dotted with exotic restaurants and shops, but not as busy as Santorini. Guests will explore wooded mountainsides, hiking trails, serene country villages, and breathtaking beaches. So go hiking actively to Kristina Castle for less-discovered medieval buildings and exceptional views.

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanes islands, which is situated nearby Turkey, on the Aegean Sea. The town counts among the top tourist places to visit in Greece. Car-free cobble-stone streets in the old municipality are a joyful way of exploring on foot.

The entertainment boat-visited Marmaris on the Turkish shore and the beautiful hillside shoreline town of Lindos are the key attractions in its neighborhood. Therefore, the islands of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Sea are a must-see.

Rhodes Town

4. Delphi

Delphi is among the excellent places to visit in Greece to discover its ancient history, It sits on the mountain of Parnassus. The nearby Delphi Archeological Museum showcases an impressive collection from the location.

Delphi is painted with a stadium, and the breakdown of several temples, that cover the period between the 8th Century BC and the Second Century AD.

It is located 180 km northwest of Athens. Also, visit Athena Treasury, the Temple of Apollo, and the ancient stadium as well. Moreover, ancient Pythian Games were hosted in the hippodrome.


5. Meteora

Old centuries monasteries of Meteora lid the bizarre rocky boulders on the Thessaly Plain. To access each of the monasteries, you have to escalate numerous flights of stone steps inscribed into the rocks. Here you will see burning incense, wavering candles, and Byzantine frescoes. Plus, you need a day to explore all six monasteries during the varying opening hours.

These historic monasteries sit by the side of the summits. You will be surprised to see that Meteora exists in a remote location after visiting it. In addition, the one thing for yourself to watch is the architectural feat.

If you are thinking of stopping here, it is a relaxed and happy area to visit that offers family-oriented restaurants and small hotels that charge a traditional fare.

The Meteora word means suspended in the air. Overlooking the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka located in the north mainland of Greece, that phrase is an apt elaboration of the dramatic cliffs that go up at over 1200 feet.


6. Thessaloniki

If you want to have a little city break, pay a visit to the second largest city, Thessaloniki, which is also the best place to visit Greece. Plan a day trip to the highest mountain, Mount Olympus in Greece.

Social events and humming nightlife display the culture of the city. The UNESCO-listed Byzantine churches, a white tower on the seafront, an outstanding Byzantine Museum, and numerous Roman monuments are key attractions here.

Near the district of Prionia, the most famous trail for hiking is left. Other attractions such as art galleries, museums, and colorful food markets are also featured here. Thessaloniki has it all. Locals are happy with the area and views.

The entire nearby area is so was-dropping and there is a plethora of bars and cafes that support a lazy afternoon to spend. Once here, be sure to fold away from the Ladadika region of the city.


7. Athens

Athens is popular as the mother of democracy and the cradle of Western civilization, for a period of 3000 years. Monuments and archeological ruins like The Ancient Agora, the Theatre of Dionysos the Parthenon, and the popular Acropolis are a few of the main attractions here.

Athens is among the most popular cities from the historic Greek empire, history-wise. So, this city is a blend of modernistic and historical characteristics. The Parthenon comprises 58 columns that support a roof and have well-ornated frieze and pediments, so, it has distinctive features. People give a visit to the worth-visiting National Archeological Museum of Athens.

Also, be sure to take a tour of the 2000-year-old computer namely the Antikythera Mechanism, regarded as the first calculator in the world.

Additionally, do not forget to visit the Kerameikos, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and the Roman Forum on a famous Archeological Promenade which lies on a 2.5 km walking path.


8. Greek Islands

One of the top tourist destinations is the unique and lovely Greek Islands. Greek Islands are dotted with ancient ruins, active volcanoes, tremendous beaches, and colorful harbors. Mykonos being part of the Cyclades depicts a cosmopolitan, modern society that is a mix of maze-like alleys and folklore-whitewashed houses.

These islands entertain guests each year. Corfu is the northmost of the Ionian Islands in Greece and several foreign powers such as the British and Venetian control it. Paleokastritsa is the most famous region in Corfu Town which is situated 25 kilometers on the west shoreline.

The architecture and culture of this island present a reflection of these powers. People will witness clear blue sea water offering pebble beaches and screened sand showing deep bays.

Moreover, explore the arcaded Liston and two sixteenth-century fortresses in the beautiful foot-explored streets along with old-world cafes. As discussed above, Rhodes and Santorini are also included in the list of picturesque islands in Greece.

It is difficult to select which Island to visit on account of their large number of over 2000.

Greek Islands

9. Knossos

While being based in Crete, a visit to the Palace of Knossos is a must which lies among the top archeological locations in Greece. Knossos is a dream come true for a history fanatic to explore more of the off-the-beaten path as compared to Athens. So, it gives a feeling of strolling through history.

As Knossos is located on Crete Island, you will enjoy the beach alike. The site has undergone a restoration that dates back to the Minoan times. In addition, Knossos possesses the popular hall of kings that tells us the story of the Labyrinth and Minotaur.

Therefore, good news for Greek mythology admirers. Plus, the standing building in the area nicely reflects what this particular tourist spot seemed to be.


10. Mykonos

Mykonos is deemed to be the most glamorous Island place to visit in Greece. International celebrities specifically visit this site. You can get a bit taste of the Islands, as it sits not so far away from Santorini.

This sort of island is a perfect blend of everything such as beautiful beaches, old-fashioned towns, tranquil Greek allure, and party patches. If you want to have a party, then break through Mykonos’ famed nightlife.

Also, the town is a hub of stylish seafood restaurants and boutique hotels. Paraportiani is the other key attraction here.

Also. assure yourself to pay a visit to the windmills of Kato Mili and move around the anchorage-front of Little Venice on arrival.

Moreover, there is an airport in Mykonos and it is linked by catamaran to Piraeus, Rafina, Athens’ port, and ferry. Grab juice in the Littel Venice with a night off as it has incredible sunset views from a waterfront bar.


11. Zagori

Zagori is a place for lively, nature lovers, that create a enthrallment in themselves. It is packed with two national parks and noticeable geology in northern Greece. A mountainous destination that becomes a favorite one during winter, but travelers flock here in summer too, on account of its fantastic natural beauty.

Hiking on the different paths is the best method of enjoying the region that connects the villages. Vikos National Park, Lake Pamvotida, Vikos Gorge, and Tymfi are the important attractions here. Mountain climbing, boating, and hiking are fun things to do here. Also, you will have a plethora of options to indulge in rafting and canoeing in the rivers of Zagori.

All these privileges make it the best place to visit in Greece. Here come the stone bridges, streams, stone bridges, vibrant forests along with well-marked boulevards, monasteries, and over 45 villages. In the area of Epirus, Zagori is a jewel in the Aegean district.

Moreover, there are budget-friendly hotels to stay in Zagori such as Hotel Gousias, Artemis, and Tsironis Rooms, as well as 4-star hotels such as Villa Paroraria. Aristi Mountain Resort in Zagori is an excellent eco-lodge around the globe.


12. Zakynthos

Zakynthos is another top tourist attraction in Greece that houses superb backdrops over and beneath the sea around it. The lush island of Zakynthos lies in the Ionian Islands. In the whole of the Mediterranean, it is counted among the most lovely spots.

You can see the signature beauty in its massive white chalk cliffs, turquoise water, and white sand beaches. Exercise scuba diving and snorkeling here. Plan a vacation as there are 27 beaches located on the island.

A magical roll in its glittering waters is created by the blue sky that is reflected on the cave walls. Navagio Beach in Zakynthos is blessed with crystal clear waters and offers outstanding nightlife in Greece.

Shipwreck Cove is one of the most photo-worthy sites in Greece. Also, get an opportunity to watch Caretta Caretta sea turtles from close. Furthermore, quality ingredients such as doping olives are used in the dishes served on the island.


13. Nafplio

Nafplio, the most pretty city is considered to be a well-known weekend spot for well-off Athenians. Syntagma Square, the Fortress of Palamidi, and Bourtzi Castle are the key attractions here. Before Athens’ charge in 1843, it was the Grecce’s preliminary capital in 1828.

You need to climb up 900 steps on the Palamisi Fortress and your efforts will impart gorgeous views from the top. Also, while strolling in the alleys of the town, you will see the most enchanting houses. That gives the vibe of being in Italy. Do the best things here like shopping and Museum tours.

Ancient Corinth and Tiryns are the nearby attractions in the region. If you are under budget, then go for the Hotel Byron option for a suitable price in a nice location. Nafplion is among the unique places to visit in Greece as it contains the marks of Byzantines, Ottomans, and Venetians reflected in the architecture.

Lying on the east shore of the Peloponnese on a small archipelago, Nafpalio has shaped the cultures for many years on account of its playground. Additionally, the 18th-century mansion, Aroma Hotel is situated in the heart of the old district and is the best choice to mesmerize the eye-popping views of the sea.


14. Mycenae

Mycenae city has remained powerful for more than 3500 years which differentiates the history from the Myths. Lion Gate is among the important spots in Mycenae. Its off-beaten path will bring that part of Greece that is less explored by visitors.

There are interlaced stones over a rectangular doorway that is laid on a hillside. Heinrich Schliemann discovered a popular gold mask in this area in the 19th century. Mycenae comes all together with culture, history, and scenery, therefore, one of the must-visit places in the country.

You can not help being impressed by one of the tremendous archeological locations, Mycenae, Greece, which has the best engineering of the ancients. If some of you are keen on Greek history, then you will want to the citadel of Mycenae which lies south of Athens. happy go there

Moreover, If you are overly sun-soaked, have some shade and enter the Treasury of Atreus which evokes admiration. Dating back to 1350 BCE, Mycenae is set influentially on a hill and boasts the Mycenaean civilization capstones.


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  1. What a great guide! I would love to visit Greece, and I had places like Crete and Santorini on my list. But I haven’t hear of some of these others and they look amazing. I’d love to go to Delphi and see the hippodrome. What a cool site!

  2. Greece is one of my all-time favorite travel destinations. No doubts that visiting any of the 14 places will be an unforgettable experience! For me, Meteora feels especially unique due to its otherworldly landscape.

  3. Great round up of such a fabulous tourist-friendly country! I flipping love spending time in Greece island hopping. I think my favourite of the places you mentioned has to be Crete. <3

  4. Meteora has some very neat rock formations. When thinking about Greece I would often just glance over and get put off by the popular places like Santorini. However, Meteora and your other suggestions look very nice

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