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Top 15 Best things to do in Italy-(2024)

Top 15 Best things to do in Italy-(2024)

Everyone wants to incorporate Italy in their travel list, for some of its most amazing views, around the globe. If you share something particular with the local people or participate in innovative activities, that will add a wonderful horizon to your tour. There are so many best things to do in Italy, and it is a great decision to get there.

Whether you show up on a boat or go on hiking trails, you will make a memory with locals over here. From crumbling ruins and impactful palaces to castles and elegant artwork, the influence of Italy can be observed throughout the country.

Therefore, there is no need for an introduction to Italy. It is among the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, on account of the best things to do. You will also immerse yourself in the less congested coastal regions where you can go swimming in translucent seas and chill on sand beaches.

The vibrant cities of Italy, such as Rome, are a perfect blend of new and old. You will see different aspects of life in Italy, that pose the best drink, and food in the area of the neighboring Scilly.

So, we have prepared a list of the best things to do in Italy. Are you ready?

Table Of Contents

1. Explore Lake Como by Boat
2. Take a tour of the Amalfi Coast
3. Visit Vatican City
4. Trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa
5. Discover Sardinia
6. Cinque Terre
7. Explore The Dolomites
8. Discover Venice
9. Discover Verona
10. Take to the Tour of Tuscan Hills
11. Tour the Coliseum
12. Explore Ancient Rome
13. Visit Florence
14. Trip to the Milan

15. Mount Stromboli

1. Explore Lake Como by Boat

Lake Como is an ideal place to explore Italy by boat and get around the water. Lying at 146 kilometers in Lombardy. Some of the richest celebrities around the globe, own houses in the region surrounding the lake, so, they offer amazing views, one can think.

Steep mountains veiled in lush greenery and patterned with stunning villas and compact municipalities surround the most graceful Lake Como in Italy.

Therefore it feels like you are strolling in a chocolate box of an Italian masterpiece. One of the best things to do here is to explore the gardens of Villa Carlotta, lying on the western coast namely Tremezzina, around the lake. So, plan the trip for two days as a minimum and stop in chic Bellagio for a night.

lake combo

2. Take a tour of the Amalfi Coast

The awe-aspiring Amalfi Coast is among the most picture-podcast spots in Italy, think of taking a boat tour along the coastline. Thanks to the various companies for boat rentals you can grasp the wonderful views like inlets, different pretty coves as well as sky scrapping Lattari Mountains.

That is done in the shortest time possible. So, you will love the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The coast is situated north of the Cilentan Coast and south of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Moreover, the best thing to do here is to try out the local drink and food while taking in the views on boat trips.

Amalfi Coast  best things to do in italy

3. Visit Vatican City

Vatican City is a self-sustaining city-state and enclave lying inside Rome, Italy. You can also assimilate the views of the Vatican Palace. However, you can only take a tour of this unseal region by first navigating to Rome, Italy. Indeed, it is its intrinsic state inside Italy. You will explore lots of history and art and the popular Sistine too, in the Vatican museums.

To avoid the queue, buy the tickets in advance for the Vatican museums. On account of the art and architecture, this city is among the most heavily-cultured places in Italy. Therefore, do not avoid visiting this unique and cool city to explore.

 Vatican City best things to do in italy

4. Trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a coincidence of architecture, on account of sunk into the soggy ground under it, even in the first year of construction of the Tower. At the top, you can ascend to the contemplating platform, when the tower is open. If you wish to visit Pisa, exploring a striking array of elegant historic buildings is the best thing to do in Italy.

Moreover, Pisa has top-notch museums and a beautiful setting along the edge of the River Arno. Plus, it is a great foundation for those people who wish to explore this area of Tuscany. People also stay at Borgo Street for shopping which is ideal for food and drinks.

Tower of Pisa

5. Discover Sardinia

The dramatic coastline and the craggy panorama of Italy’s island of Sardinia offer some of the most exciting outdoor adventures in Europe and some lesser-known as well.

There are different hiking trails in the central mountains, of the region, well-known as the Barbagia. You can plan a most considerable trip via Europe’s Grand Canyon, Gola Su Gorropu.

If you are visiting Sardinia for the first time, you will be amazed by its gorgeous beaches just a few kilometers from the wave-soaped sands. Furthermore, the cuisine here that is entirely different from the rest of Italy, a different language, and its exotic domestic customs are the other things that may surprise you.


6. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is cuddled in Liguria, the “Five Lands” fantasied in five villages that sit atop rugged cliffs ascending the popular Italian Riveria. So, the five villages incorporate Manarola, Monterosso, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Riomaggiore, each depicting unique views and allure of its own.

We must say the trip to Italy would be incomplete without paying a visit to Cinque Terre. Stamina is needed to hike around the entire boulevard, a head for heights, and good thrills.

Moreover, the best time to get rid of both crowds and the blazing summer sun is the Fall and Spring. It is difficult to knock the five towns and the cliff route, therefore, you can hike from one place to another by train. You will also explore traditional restaurants, azure sea sights along the shore, and romantic olive plantations in the region of Cinque Terra stretching out between Levanto and La Spezia.

Cinque Terre

7. Hitch on the Dolomites

Every ski desirous should taste the Dolomites, irrespective of the entire-day trip on Alta Badia or a sunny day at the slopes of Cortina d’ Ampezzp, Arabba/Marmolada.

Twelve various Italian ski resorts are diffused among these mountains alongside Italy’s Austrian border, where over a dozen Alps reach above 3048 meters. Cortina is popular because of its long runs, from the glaciers near the peaks right into the township below.

Indeed, the Dolomites are the hiking region, even if you go for short walks, you will be rewarded with the best views over here. Most of the areas are linked by lifts and trails and a single Dolomiti Superski pass permits access to trails and lifts. Moreover, you can drive from Bolzano to Cortina to enjoy the panorama altogether.


8. Discover Venice

Venice is included as the best destination in Italy for a purpose. Moving through a canal in the beautiful curve of a gondola is among the best things to do in Italy. It is easy to find and explore the gondolier. They converge through the Grand Canal by the Doge’s Palace.

Lights from the canal-side eateries and Grand Palaces contemplate and flicker on the water, therefore the Grand Canal remains overdone with boats. Visit this city, if you plan your honeymoon trip. Gondola rides can offer different prices according to distance. Moreover, you will discover Venice with aqueducts for the streets.


9. Discover Verona

Assessing Verona is the best thing to do in Italy. Visiting this city assists to divert from busy towns and cities and escape the crowds of other tourists. While visiting Northern Italy, this photographed Italian town includes plentiful to offer.

Popular as the awful destiny of Romeo and Juliet and the city of love. So do not miss out on this place. It is fun visiting it, if you are a history lover.

Moreover, a visit to the Northern Italy category of the Colosseum is also the best opportunity. There are tons of places to visit in Verona such as the Piazza Bra, Juliet’s house, the Castelvecchio, and Piazza Delle Erbe along with; its restaurant terraces, bars, and market.

 Verona best things to do in italy

10. Take to the Tour of Tuscan Hills

Stop to look into little arrangements between the sightseer attractions of the larger middle-aged towns that pinnacle the hilltops in the Tuscan. Visit Tuscany’s hilly landscape in your free time. So, you will take note of the details over here. Thanks to the tour operations for guided and independent cycling opportunities that incorporate dining, luggage transfers, and lodging.

They also arrange tours to domestic attractions. Eighteen castles are located in Tuscan, of which two are the happy volumes among the best things to do in Italy.

Castello di Malaspinana is a grateful fortress that contains wonderful gardens and an unspoiled brick texture. Castello del Boccale lies on the bank of a rocky cliff, where you will watch mermaids in the waters surrounding it. On top of that, countryside eateries, farms, and ruins will add a memory to your trip.

Tuscan Hills  best things to do in italy

11. Tour the Coliseum

Book a Coliseum trip and get much more out of the experience. The Coliseum is no exception in a country like Italy rich in tradition and history. It is situated in the hub of Rome. Volcanic rock, brick-faced concrete, and granite were used to build the Coliseum. Whilst considering doing the best things in Italy, also think of the Coliseum in your list.

To avoid crowds and for the best experience, visit the Coliseum in the off-tourist season, particularly from November to February. The amphitheater is popular for the gladiator matches that would have been displayed over here, Therefore, you can visualize the furious spectacles used for the enjoyment of crowds.


12. Explore Ancient Rome

Everything is ancient to look into Rome, it is easy to flip the surface and depart Rome without any actual sensation in this city. If you explore any landmark here from the inside, you will deeply analyze history and put the other locations forefront. So to deeply view ancient Rome, explore the sites such as Palatine Hill and Forum.

An informed guide is also provided here, about passages, tunnels, and cells deep at the bottom of the arena floor, where the spectacles pleased Roman audiences. The beautiful city, of Rome, has the additional edge of being discovered on foot and attracts plenty of visitors every year.

Furthermore, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona. and Trevi Fountain is the must-visit site in Rome.


13. Visit Florence

Florence is the most graceful city in Tuscany and home to Renaissance palaces and various museums. Half of the Italian artwork is ascertained in Florence, so there is a huge Cultural Heritage over here. It is no surprise that is among the most visited cities in Italy along with Venice.

Every year, it attracts 15 million tourists. Piazza Della Signoria; an open-air Museum, the Duomo, Cupola del Brunelleschi, the Basilica San Miniato al Monte, and the Uffizi Gallery are the must-see places in Florence.


14. Trip to the Milan

Milan is a town in northern Italy, the capital of Lombardy. Indeed, it is the capital of design and fashion, with different popular showrooms and designers’ luxury boutiques. Moreover, there are so many historic buildings to discover in this city. Milan is the hub of finance, healthcare, commerce, education, research, and tourism in Italy.

Do not miss out on the glass-roofed luxury spot, the Vittorio Emmanuel II gallery. Other tourist attractions in Milan include the Sforza Castle and Parco Sempione, the Pinacoteca di Brera, and the Piazza del Duomo.


15. Mount Stromboli

When visiting Sicily, you certainly can not miss the opportunity to mount up stromboli at least halfway. It is still an active volcano. Take a certified guide with you, if you continue to the hole which blows clouds of fire and ash. Moreover, it can be a struggle to the top but it is worth it for its incredible views.

In the Tyrrhenian Sea, Stromboli is an island. If you are thinking about an easy trek, you can walk by yourself, 400 meters up the side of the Stromboli. If you want to watch everything, you will need a five to six-hour trek as a minimum.

 Mount Stromboli best things to do in italy

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  3. Since Italy is my happy place, you gave me some ideas for future trips. Happy to say, I have already seen a few of the places on your list. Always up for more of Italy!

  4. Starting to plan my Italy trip and will be incorporating most of these items into my itinerary! I’m especially excited to visit Cinque Terre!

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  8. Oooo great list! I’ve done Vatican City, Cinque Terre, and the Colesseum, but I’d still love to check out Tuscany, Florence, Lake Como, and the Amalfi Coast. Thanks for sharing!

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