14 Best Things to do in the Maldives

The Maldives is famous for transparent waters, swaying palms, and endless cays girded with cottony white sands. Extending through the Indian Ocean just southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is meant for romance, adventure, and water sports.

So, there are the best things to do in the Maldives for everyone. After you have got your impeccable island in the Maldives, you are going to be rewarded with all such privileges. It is definitely a dream place, having extravagant bungalows stretching over blue waters elevating from the white sand beaches.

Moreover, you will find a ton more golf courses and domestic cultural activities too in the Maldives. Vilmendhoo Island Resort, Lily Beach Resort, Diamonds Athuruga, and Mirihi Island Resort offer exceptional snorkeling opportunities and in-house cays. So, snorkeling is naturally fantabulous in the Maldives.

You can also check out the budget-friendly Biyadoo Island Resort located in South Male Atoll. The Robinson Club and the Park Hyatt Hadahaa are remote options located inside North Huavadhoo and included among the deepest islands in the Maldives. It goes without saying, the Maldives’ things to do actually define lots of the sunny aspects of life.

Below, we have curated a list of the best things to do in the Maldives.

1. Explore Artificial Beach Male

2. Strolling the Hulhumale Beach

3. Cruise Around The Maldives

4. Scuba Diving

5. Discover Fua Mulaku Island

6. Go Snorkeling at Moofushi Island

7. Madhoo Beach

8. Visit National Museum

9. Exploring Fish Market

10. Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort Maldives

11. Surfing In the Maldives

12. Parasailing

13. Velaa Private Island

14. Visit Male Friday Masjid

1. Explore Artificial Beach Male

The breakwater that guards the beach was used to make it possible. Only a limited number of tourists are allowed when compared to domestic people and the disclosed swimwear like bikinis and speedos are impermissible.

Artificial Beach is more of a graceful beach for easy swimming and relaxation on the island of Male, Maldives. Are you willing to grasp dramatic sunlight as well as have exciting meals at Oxygen Cafe, Breakwater, and Dinsmore?

Male Friday Masjid, Hulhumale Island, and National Museum are good nearby attractions here. In the peak tourist season, some water sports are also offered in the Maldives. This Artificial man-made beach attracts many visitors on a daily basis. Additionally, the beach is situated just a few steps far from the recreational hub of the city.

Artificial Beach Male in maldives
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2. Strolling the Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach, Maldives, is necessarily a development of males properly. Hulhumale perches just south of the North Male reef and is linked to the airport. The island stretches out around magnificent beaches and 188 hectares of palms, so, you will find a blend of urban life as well as charming island life.

Guests are only allowed to plan a trip to the local aisle for some scuba diving and delight with a dining experience with a domestic family on the beach. Indeed, it is a manmade isle, where sand and reef were ascertained from the lagoon.

Moreover, if you go shopping on this beautiful Island of Maldives, you will pick the cultural experiences that will leave good marks for sure. Also, the sightseer beauty of Hulhumale, Maldives, is intact, as they believe in green architecture and a strict policy on littering.

Therefore, it seems mystical and more natural specifically that of the concrete forest as compared to other islands in the Maldives.

Hulhumale Beach in maldives

3. Cruise Around The Maldives

Avail the opportunity of boat cruises which is a well-known thing to do in the Maldives. Thanks to various resorts that have their own boats for guests. Yacht Maldives also runs private charters as a substitute.

Moreover, you can opt for boat rentals from Airbnb also. In local dhonis, you can have different choices from sunset cruises and enjoy delightful yacht cruises. Therefore, guests will absolutely find adventure agencies in Male, Maldives.

Another option that offers guesthouses, cruises, tours, and watersports is Cruise-Maldives. Plus, the Four Seasons Explorer is one corresponding boat, that works being a floating resort. Sun aspirants may get their favorite choices at the Dreams Arena and Ameera Maldives.

Cruise Around The Maldives

4. Scuba Diving

The Maldives is among the headmost scuba diving places on the planet, so give it a try. Sea Turtles, Reef Sharks, whale shark migration, and stingrays are in abundance in the Maldives.

Therefore, there is enriched marine life on the island. Furthermore, you do not have to arrange a wetsuit in its transparent blue and warm waters.

You will definitely experience the most amazing oceanic beauty surrounding the tiny inlet of Maaya Thila. So take a pitch into the depth. Plus, do not miss the chance to watch Tunas, Snappers, and Angel Fish around the coral cove while scuba diving.

Scuba Diving  in maldives

5. Discover Fua Mulaku Island

Fua Mulaku Island is situated in the mid of the Equatorial Channel on the southern round of the Maldives. You will need a local guide and special permission to reach this unique doorway.

The guests here enthrall with the water park at Dhadimagi Kilhi, the lake, and, the white sand Thunder Beach. Tourists will pitch mangoes, pineapples, and oranges acclaim. Between December and April, there is a dry season here, so make time to visit the island.

This is a fertile island, therefore it comes to fruit farms and vegetables. The white small tinged pebbles have been designed into sands that are typically shiny and smooth. Therefore, these pebbles are a source of attraction for tourists to collect them to make a memory.

 Fua Mulaku Island in maldives
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6. Go Snorkeling at Moofushi Island

At least spend your half-day at Moofusi Island snorkeling, if you are planning to do fun things in the Maldives. You will experience seeing grey reef sharks, whale sharks, and whitetip sharks while swimming, particularly in this geographical region.

Furthermore, the underwater reef gardens of the island dwell in colorful marine life like Green Sea Turtles, Manta rays, sturgeons, and other unique fish. People do not need to go deep as the corals are so brand-new in the Maldives. Plenty of unique plants also find shelter below the waters of Moofusi Island, Maldives.

Go Snorkeling at Moofushi Island in maldives
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7. Maadhoo Beach

Madhoo Beach lies on the Kuda Finolhu Island, which sits south of Madhoo Island, in the South Male Atoll. Guests can arrange day trips to delight in the abundance of vegetation, graceful white sand beaches, and transparent waters in the lagoon. So, it will one kind of amazing picnic experience.

Moreover, there are gorgeous pathways to walk and discover this idyllic place. You can easily customize your picnic plan as per the timing of your stay on the beach and the proportion of your group.

Maadhoo Beach maldives
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8. Visit National Museum

The National Museum lies on the atoll of Male, Maldives. Formerly, it was a part of the Sultan’s Palace, sitting within the Sultan Park. The upper pitch of the museum puts on view pieces characterizing the modern era, including the popular Maldivian lacquer boxes. There is a dedication to medieval periods in the lower level of the National Museum, Maldives.

In November 1952, the museum was inaugurated for public exhibit. Guests will find anthropological pieces from the pre-Islamic period photographs, dresses put on by kings and queens, and armor here. Moreover, you will explore a huge collection of historical artifacts relating to the sultans, of which some incorporate cloth and paper manuscripts.

 National Museum in maldives
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9. Exploring Male Fish Market

Male Fish Market is situated on the northern angle of Male Island, Maldives, alongside the inner dock. The most famous fish for catching and selling here is Tuna. Guests can also get fish and fruit for an authentic and tasty Maldivian dinner.

You will have the best opportunity to observe how the Maldivians carry out their day-to-day business besides connecting with the local people in the Maldives.

Therefore, the engaged fish market is a center of trade pursuits and is always overloaded with people. To see the fishermen catching the fish from throughout the country sail is among the main attractive activities in the market.

Additionally, you will explore plenty of aquatic life in the Maldivian waters and various fish species like squirrelfish, snapper, giant trevally, grouper, and parrotfish.

 Male Fish Market in Maldives
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10. Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort Maldives

Huvafen Fushi Spa and Resort is situated northwest of Male on Nakatchafushi Island and the airport, Maldives. Photographed beaches around the Huvafen, encircled in leafy vegetation, in the heart of a quiet lagoon definitely increase its beauty.

Thanks to the underwater spa, where visitors will experience watching various marine species during top-notch treatments. Plus the resort offers deluxe bungalows that dominate the graceful turquoise and transparent waters.

Moreover, thanks to the gym, swimming pool, yoga pavilion, and different watersport opportunities in the resort. This resort is a breathtaking destination for nature lovers. Moreover, the hotel offers specialized raw food for good health and marvelous taste.

Huvafen Fushi Spa Resort Maldives
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11. Surfing In the Maldives

For Surfing, the Maldives is a top-notch destination. Surfing is undoubtedly among the best things for adrenaline junkies. Top surfers from around the globe are attracted to the Cinnamon Dhonveli Hotel to face its stunning escape from crowds.

Thanks to the admirable time frame for surfing in the Maldives, when enormous waves curl up at the optimal time. As not every ocean-facing atoll is idyllic for surfing. Baa Atoll and Thulusdhoo Islands offer the top surfing to do in the Maldives.

Surfing In the Maldives
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12. Parasailing

Overlaying the chilly sea breeze while cruising across the sky is definitely among the best things to do in the Maldives. Soak yourself in the fabulous landscape views of the whole peninsula and immerse in parasailing on top of the azure waters of the ocean.

Reethi Beach, Cocoon Beach, and Finolhu Beach are the best atolls for Parasailing in the Maldives. So these top things to do in the Maldives are a must.

Furthermore, the best time to discover Parasailing in the Maldives is between November and April. As there is dry winter in these months here. But you need to be very cautious that when the monsoon settles from May to October; rough waves, storm warnings, and strong hurricanes can affect the convection of water activities including parasailing in the Maldives.

Parasailing in Maldives
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13. Explore Velaa Private Island

Velaa Private Island is an opulent retreat in the Noonu Atoll north of Male, Maldives, which is 187 km. Thanks to the variety of deluxe accommodations at Velaa, including Beach Pool House, Ocean Pool House, Sunrise Water Pool Villa, and Beach Pool Villa. Visitors can enjoy limitless peace at the Spa Bangalow and the turquoise ocean.

Guests will also experience various water activities, including stand-up paddle boating, jet-skiing, and wakeboarding. Veela Private Island was designed to attract the world’s most cultured travelers. So, it offers truly an unprecedented experience to the guests.

People can also practice the best things to do in the Maldives such as golf skills at the Jose Maria Olazabal exercise area.

 Velaa Private Island

14. Visit Male Friday Masjid

The male Friday Masjid was delineated with inscriptions, intricate cravings, and embellishing carvings. Therefore, it exhibits radiant Islamic architecture. It is located in the Kaafu Atoll, Maldives. The Masjid is among the most decorated and oldest masjids in the city of Male.

In 1658, the Male Friday Masjid was built and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. So just pay a visit to this gorgeous masjid.

Furthermore, the woodwork and wall panels here are also meant for gorgeous Maldivian covering work. The Medhu Misky, the Fahu Misky, and the Mithab are three segments of the main prayer premise of the masjid. So, it can put up around 1327 devotees at a single time. Plus, for Friday prayers, the masjid has a detailed capacity of 10700 people.

Male Friday Masjid Maldives

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