How to Connect with Nature During Covid-19.

How to Connect with Nature During Covid-19.

In the tough times of the Coronavirus Pandemic, people around the world are playing their part to prevent the spread of the disease by staying home and becoming socially distant. The spread of Covid-19 around the world affected millions of people and killed thousands of people. Still, there is a way for those who can not go outside due to health concerns and safety reasons can connect with Nature indoors. This is how positivity prevails in our lives.

If we can not dine out, or go to the gym, we can still go outdoors and connect with Nature. There is a direct link between the pandemic outbreak and ignoring Nature, so this raises the issue of preventing nature from being destructed and restoring it to assist in future pandemics.

Therefore, the pandemic has taught us the lesson that people and the Environment are interdependent and exist in the same spheres.

Here are some of the ways we can connect with Nature During Covid-19.

1. Go outside for a walk.

Spending time outside in a garden can minimize stress and depression. Going out for walking or running boosts positivity in mindsets and relaxes the body. Exploring different Natural resources in your region within a few miles can definitely make you feel happier.

In the beginning, exercising outside can be a bit difficult, but with the passage of time, it will become your habit. Exercise cultivates good vibes in the body and leads to function in a normal way.

But keep in mind to maintain social distance in busy areas to prevent the spread of pandemics and wash your hands when you get home. Walk washes away the negative thoughts from your mind and frees up your mind from constant thinking about Coronavirus and boosts your immunity.

Go outside for a walk

2. Start Gardening Indoors.

During the time of the Pandemic, try to grow plants indoors to have a variety of flowers and veggies. This will not only provide you with organic food but will also attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees. Gardening boosts your mood and clears vague thoughts from your mind and releases depression.

During Lockdown you can also grow different flowers in the backyard. Look out for the options for home delivery from garden centers, if you are considering growing plants indoors. So check out all the options available.

If you have the space in your home, it would be the perfect time to spend time in Nature. You can also consider Gardening as a way of Meditation. It would be fun to spend time in Nature.

Start Gardening Indoors.
Start Gardening

3. Watching Birds Home

Birds are a beautiful creation of Nature. The excellent time is spring for admiration of migrating birds, so you can build a bird feeder at home. Keep an empty vessel or an empty peanut jar at home to put in the food for birds. Bird Feeders can feed a variety of Birds species at a time.

You can also put the Birds feeder in the backyard or in the tree near a bus stop. So you can hear the noise of birds when they eat their food and relax your mind with their voices. Because Birds feeders can feed birds all day long.

The joyful visit and singing of birds will divert your attention from the worries of Covid19. Different Birds like Parrots and Dove will fill your life with colors and will generate an amazing feeling.

Watching Birds Home

4. Get a Virtual Visit

If you can not go outside, you can still get close to nature and enjoy its beauty. Technology has made us close to nature to observe wildlife without leaving the house. Channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery provide information and interesting facts about animals and natural reserves.

Therefore, spend quality time watching these channels if you are getting bored at home. You can see a live stream online, so it is possible for you to take an online tour of an elephant park in South Africa for example.

Watch your favorite documentaries, films movies, and TV programs on Netflix. You can also take an online tour of nature by watching Youtube Channels like Free Documentary- Nature. This will immerse you and add inspiration to your life in times of Covid-19.

5. Start keeping a Nature Journal.

Take a journal and draw sketches of different plants you see. Journalizing can be a great way of centralizing yourself. You can become familiar with the life cycle of plants. So write down all the notes about the plants you are observing.

You can take a sketchbook with you even while on a walk. Eye-catchy plants will make our routine of journalizing more interesting. The online database provides a Wildlife center website to assist with your plant identification skills in these challenging times.

6. Eliminate Stress and Frustration

Start reading books on Nature in times of Covid to get out of frustration. You can look up to spend time outside your yard if it is your favorite activity. Weeding can be great for Excercise and meditation where you can pull out unwanted plants and trim the old ones.

It is a good time to clean your house from the outside. The places which undergo a lot of rain can encourage a lush growth of plants, so trim back the old plants to the new ones. Make the best out of the times of covid to weed out all your frustration and stress.

Eliminate Stress and Frustration

Spending time in Nature helps with Stress and Anxiety.

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