Most beautiful Caribbean island

13 Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands you must visit ( Updated )

13 Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands you must visit ( Updated )

To do something amazing, look at the most beautiful Caribbean Islands. The Caribbean is blessed with plenty more islands, over 7000 in number. So, it is difficult to infer which the amongst the best. And there is no similar level of fascination for all types of islands for tourists.

If you want to have perfect holidays in nature and sports too, the beautiful Caribbean islands with reefs and beaches are going to be a fantastic idea. By cost, you can tour several islands out there, where you will come to know about its specialties besides getting suntanned.

Now you can visualize how stimulating the Carribean destination is. It provides different choices for things to do for tourists. Attractions like Grand Cayman are the best ones to relax or to try underwater sports.

Moreover, you will get to know about various perspectives on customs, history as well as traditions. Even a bird’s eye view of Martinique beaches is adorable so much so making it a memorable tourist attraction. Therefore, they will find beauty all around.

We have tried to cover the list of some of the most elegant Caribbean islands for your consideration.

Table of Content
1. Bahamas
2. Dominican Republic
3. Us Virgin Island
4. Barbados
5. Jamaica
6. Aruba
7. Cuba
8. St Lucia
9. Puerto Rico
10. Saint Martin Island
11. Antigua
12. Grand Cayman
13. Anguilla

1. Bahamas

If you are looking for a perfect vacation on the unending deep pink beaches and untouched part of nature, just head to the Bahamas. Here, you will 700 islands and islets. The Bahamas counts among some of the inhabitants of the peninsula.

Guests flocked over to the Grand Bahama because of its coral reefs and mangrove swamps. Locals are focused on the two centers hosted by it, namely Lucaya and Freeport, which give natural reserves and sufficient space for parks. You will explore a tropical garden, the Garden of the Groves that houses unique plants and flowers as well as tropical birds and animals.

Bahamas Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

2. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic provides the perfect attraction for all kinds of tourists alike. A beautiful Caribbean Island gifted with enthralling history, stunning beaches, clear waters, and pleasing weather. It has an average temperature range of 25-28 degrees Celcius. There is year-round little variation in the tropical weather in this region.

Also, it is a paradise for beach-goers. A few of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic include Punta Cana, Cayo Laventado, and Playo Boca Chico. So, get ready to go snorkeling, diving, and top-notch scuba diving on these beaches.

The second-largest country of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a mountainous area and houses four peaks. Moreover, the not-to-be-missed busy city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo boasts a great history and is popular due to the hospital, and the first university in the U.S.

If we keep aside its amazing architecture, Santo Domingo includes cobblestone streets, remarkable restaurants, and museums.

 Dominican Republic

3. US Virgin Island

U.S. Virgin Islands encompasses several smaller islands as well as three major islands. Each with different attractions and characters. Magnificent Sunsets, sea-fishing on the depth, and high-end snorkeling are the pristine features on the transparent waters and white sands of the beaches here.

There is no requirement for passports for U.S. citizens to visit these spectacular islands on account of being in a U.S. jurisdiction. Moreover, the U.S. Virgin Islands showcase awesome, warm weather the whole year.

These main islands are named St.Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. St. Croix is the largest at an area of 209 sq km, with a history of breathtaking architecture and natural gracefulness. St. Thomas offers the best snorkeling, diving, and views as well as a fantastic shopping opportunity.

The most popular attraction on St. John Island is the Virgin National Park which has ocean and coral reefs around it. So, you have snorkeling and scuba activities here. Plus, in the tropical rainforest of the park, you can go hiking. A charming view of the Caribbean is seen from its skyline.

Us Virgin Island

4. Barbados

Barbados is the best destination for those who want to seek relaxation in the tropics, lying in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Due to the rainwater and continuing waves, underwater lakes and caves are formed in the limestone rock formation on the island. Its most graceful geological feature is the Harrison Cave. You will observe the miracles in its natural beauty.

Through the electric tram service, you can get to see the wonderful cave system. Beautiful pools and waterfalls are crested here when the crystalline waters flow via its cave system. The entire year, Barbados features warm temperatures in its clear skies.

Its friendly locals will assist in your trip. Therefore, you can visit this amazing place without any consideration of the season. Barbados also houses numerous beaches, so, tourists can go swimming, canoeing on catamaran cruises, and snorkeling on its western shoreline. Its friendly locals will assist in your trip.

Therefore, you can visit this amazing place without any consideration of the season. Barbados also houses numerous beaches, so, tourists can go swimming, canoeing on catamaran cruises, and snorkeling on its western shoreline.

Furthermore, in Barbados, it’s not difficult to find resorts for accommodation options. That only depends on your decision. Therefore, you are going to see fabulous nightlife in the bars and restaurants here.

Barbados Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

5. Jamaica

A place that does not fall short of entertainment and facilities of all kinds is Jamaica. A land with reports for everyone, beautiful beaches, green landscapes, and enriched culture. So, deemed to be the heart of the Caribbean.

When you reach Jamaica, you will feel like in your place where visitors receive a warm welcome. By dint of welcoming and friendly indigenous people. Jamaica is also home to a wide variety of influential beaches. Most of them are serene and clean.

Yummy Seafood, excursion activities as well as superb sunsets, are offered by all of these beaches. So, you will get ultimate relaxation on these beaches. The seven-mile beach is among the most famous Jamaican beaches around the world.

When you reach Jamaica, you will feel like in your place where visitors receive a warm welcome. By dint of welcoming and friendly indigenous people. Jamaica is also home to a wide variety of influential beaches. Most of them are serene and clean.

Jamaica Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

6. Aruba

Aruba is an imaginary island which is located in the warm waters of the Southern Caribbean Sea. It’s warm temperatures and sandy beaches make it an awesome holiday point in the Caribbean. You will find wildlife-related entertainment offered here.

The Arikok National Park is surely a perfect spot on Aruba Island. A lot of wildlife and stunning rock formations are found here. Visitors will experience adventure and fun here. Time and again, the island is toured by tourists around the world.

Plus, the uplifted resorts in Aruba provide an enchanting sight of Caribbean beaches along with the best amenities. You will also be astonished by the well-grounded transportation and friendly people here.

On its relaxing beaches, people can play present-time sports like Dos Playa or Andicuri. On the other hand, you will easily find the resorts for accommodation here as per your choice.

Aruba Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

7. Cuba

The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba encompasses over 4000 smaller islands and an area of 42,803 square miles. This natural gift has 3000 stunning beaches. You will experience a jaw-dropping, subtropical climate and sunshine for 330 days here.

Almost 22% territory in Cuba is ported. The Cuban government takes responsibility for the protection of its natural environment. Lying 83 miles from Florida. This divergent panorama features rare plants and species and animals.

To name a few include Cuban Solenodon, Cuban robber frog, Cunan gate, and Bee hummingbird. So, people around the world can not deny the beauty of Cuba. Furthermore, the high-end education and breathtaking mountains make this beautiful Caribbean island the most-visited one.

 Cuba Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

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8. St Lucia

St.Lucia will astonish you with its exceptional coral reef and volcanic beaches. So, you will get to enjoy amazing sports like diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, and snorkeling in the sea. A few of the eye-popping waterfalls will let you go swimming in its variety of rainforests.

Also, pay a visit to Derek Walcott Square which has the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and wooden buildings. Its local market with its vegetables and fruits is worthy of a visit. The Island of St.Lucia is characterized by two-shaped volcanic formations namely, Pitons, and added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Plus, the green coloring on the lush vegetation on the two Pitons makes it a beautiful Caribbean island when it resembles the blue watercolor and is rolled out from it.

St Lucia Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

9. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a peninsula where you get to visit plenty more beautiful islands. Its white sand beaches are well-known to people around the world. Sailing, snorkeling, and sailing make them a perfect spot for a vacation. These beaches are expanded over 270 miles.

You will find the streets here tidy and cobblestoned. Thanks to the mild, pleasant weather. So, no worries about the perfect time to visit this island. Also, there is no need for a passport for U.S. citizens to tour this graceful destination.

A U.S. territory, Puerto Rico, is located in the Northeastern Caribbean. As a further matter, the sightseer Puerto Rico features EI Yunque National Forest which receives 200 inches of rainfall on average. Get amazed by the wildlife on this beautiful island of the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

10. Saint Martin Island

St.Martin, another small beautiful island lies in the Northeastern Caribbean. The Dutch and French populations lived in juxtaposition on this island since 1648. So, the Dutch side, Sint Maarten took 40% of the island while the French portion, St.Martin has taken 60%.

Both parts showcase winning restaurants, award-winning shops, and peaceful beaches. Yet, you will find no customs between the Dutch and French parts. St. Martin included 37 beaches and outstripped between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

On the other hand, the Dutch Side, Sint Maarten is situated in a significant area of the island, If we consider it history-wise. Plus, you get more information about it from the museum that lies in the capital city of Philipsburg which is home to historic photos and objects.

11. Antigua

Antigua with 365 beaches in its 150 km shoreline encourages all nautical sports or allows visitors to get relaxed. You can go for other activities. Whilst strolling across the capital, St. John’s, and the Cathedral will make you thankful, If you want to soak up the vibrancy and colors of Antigua.

Therefore, this striking Caribbean island is a must-do. You will enjoy swimming with Stingrays. Also, the Costa will give a memorable experience. In addition, Shirley Heights is a hill that is home to a primitive fortress.

Here, you can not help praising the nearby islands and the entire bay and getting the best views. Book your appointments for surfing on the beach of Galley Bay where you will see the birth of young sea turtles besides its lush vegetation and gorgeous palm trees.

Antigua Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

12. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman with its fluffy, white sand, green palm trees, and Sapphire blue waters for diving is simply amazing. The most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, Seven Mile Beach is blessed to offer the best jet skiing, parasailing, and kite surfing for remarkable recreation. But its beauty does not stop here, you will have much to do like petting starfish.

You will discover its underground lakes, a few open-air expanses, and transparent Caves with enriched stalagmites and stalactites. A fort named Fort George here dating back to the colonial era consists of ruins. Also, it is a surprise to see the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where you will find pretty rare blue iguanas.

grand cayman

13. Anguilla

Anguliia Islands claim to impart tranquility. So, leave your clock or phone and spend a day out on this small island. It will surely mesmerize you. You will become worry-free from the hectic routine life of big cities. More than 30 beaches are located on this beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Most of the visitors have reported A Shoal Bay East is contained in the list of the most beautiful spots around the globe. Little Bay having heightened summits and white sands is equally jaw-dropping.

You will find everything in Anguilla that only gives a safe place to visit as well as encompasses one of the seven marine parks lying around it, that preserve natural resources. Moreover, tourists practice top-notch snorkeling and diving and finally are attracted to the luxury amenities in this serene place. It gives more of a feeling of living in a fantasy.

 Anguilla Most beautiful Caribbean Islands

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