Spending time in Nature helps with Stress and Anxiety.

Spending time in Nature helps with Stress and Anxiety.

Do you experience stress and anxiety in your life or feel calm most of the time? The whole world is so materialistic that not everybody wants to be closer to nature and feel it deeply. The environment we are living in, can increase or decrease stress and anxiety. If we spend time in nature it can help with relieving stress and anxiety.

This will, in turn, impact our bodies. However, an unpleasant environment can make us feel stressed, anxious, or helpless. This in turn causes muscle stiffness, and blood pressure elevates heart rate, and pressurizes our immune system.

What we are experiencing, hearing, or seeing at a particular time impacts not only our mood but also decides the working of our endocrine, nervous and immune systems. So, a pleasant environment reverses the negative emotions, and feelings of sadness and relieves stress and anxiety. Nature is the best therapy to feel happiness all around us and improve our mental and physical health.

This world is so beautiful and full of mesmerizing views. Yet people do not explore nature fully and the opportunities to a visit beautiful destinations are not fully availed. The reasons behind them are financial distress and lack of knowledge. Therefore, some little effort can make a visit to beautiful places “Easy come, easy go”.

Here are some of the important tips on how to spend time in nature, so that it can literally help with stress and anxiety.

Start Exercise outdoor

If we start going out for a walk or jogging we used to inhale fresh air in our body which helps with reducing stress. Other activities like cycling, or doing yoga in a natural environment make us feel happy. Regular physical activity outside minimizes the risk of mental health problems as well. Positivity prevails in people when they are around nature and they become even more caring. So, nature greatly assists with grieves and sorrows.

Nature impacts the way we treat others and it generates the feeling of self-awareness, self-esteem, and positivity in moods. If you want to improve your sleep and remove the feeling of being upset, you must exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. It makes your day a more productive one.

start exercising

Start Engaging your Senses

To ensure that you are feeling nature deeply, engage your senses to boost your health benefits of being outside. Studies have shown that if we listen to natural sounds like birds and rushing water can minimize stress levels.

So, take a look at these five senses to be engaged with nature.

1. Sight

What pattern do you see in the leaves and plants? Take notice of the details of the leaves and plants and the texture by which they transport nutrients. Close your eyes and absorb the different colors of flowers to refresh yourself. You look at the horizon relaxes your brain. While taking in the colors you see put away the tension from your shoulders and melts your brain.

Look at the details of different patterns in flowers and spend time with them. The sunsets on the green grass look so captivating that you get lost in fantasies. Look out at the horizon to relax your brain. The height of mountains and their colors all the way to the coast definitely relaxes you from worries. So go out for a tour and enjoy the true colors of nature and finally look down at the ground.

2. Sound

Close your eyes and identify the birds in your area. What do you hear? What happens in the sounds between sounds? Listen to the sequence of sounds of the birds to feel their crunchiness or softness. Listen to the sound of water if you are nearby a lake, as it makes the location a special one. Therefore, your senses of hearing also depict your connectivity with nature.

3. Touch

Be careful while picking up a tree or plant to make sure that it is not poisonous to touch. Close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling on your hands. Take in the details with your fingertips. Pick a pine needle and keep rolling it between your palms. So something will speak to you and you be relaxed.

4. Smell

Move to a sunny spot and inhale the scent of plants and earth there. What do you smell? Close your eyes and breath in the scent of plants and repeat the process several times. Identify what is happening around you by smelling alone. Open your eyes and move to a shady place and repeat the phenomena. So focus only on the fragrance at present to relieve the stress.

5. Taste

It is a mindful experience when you taste a flower and find out whether it is bitter or sweet or sour. You will also find out its softness or crunchiness. The pine needles are loaded with vitamin C. They can also be used to make tea if you have a teapot with you. The tea of different flowers, therefore, relaxes your mind from worries.

Plan a trip

The wonders of outdoor traveling provide us with tons of benefits as it is the best way to benefit your health. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. So, plan a trip for at least a weekend and spend your vacation outside and your look at the amazing sceneries will assist your stress levels.

plan a trip

Nature Relaxing sounds help in Stress Management!

Green environments and Natural sounds are linked with relaxation and well-being indeed. The noise created by a water stream or rustle of leaves in the wind sounds like calm washes over you. A walk in the forest affects heart rate and connections in the brain. The monitoring of heart rate affects the nervous system which regulates our breathing, blood pressure, temperature, metabolism, and digestion.

Natural sounds also help in detecting slight differences in heart rate which indicates a shift in the body’s autonomic nervous system. Therefore nature provides such sounds which ultimately lead to the functioning of the body in normal circumstances and take the stress away. The sounds of waves on the ocean divert your attention from anxiety and create calmness in your body.

The amazing views of waterfalls, a Cascade running in front of you, and your standing on a rock gives peace of mind equal to a paradise to see. It also frees up your heart from all sorts of pressures and normalizes blood circulation. So it is a great therapy for helping with Stress and Anxiety.

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Tips for Connecting with Nature to relieve Stress and Anxiety:

Practice Mindfulness outside

Start Gardening

Go for a walk

Try yoga and meditation

Watch a sunset outside

Plan your lunch outdoors

Take a deep breath in Nature

Spend time with friends outdoor

Go Camping

Let Nature In

“Green Nature plus peace of mind equals a Paradise to see”



Your connection with nature not only relieves your stress and anxiety but also regulates the normal functioning of your body. This includes heart rate, endocrine, and nervous system. So go out and spend time in nature by engaging your five senses and practicing different activities to refresh yourself. You will definitely see the results and will free yourself up from being upset. Therefore, the environment has a great bearing on our lives. We must say that Nature is a great way of Mindfulness.

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