Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of every person. Climatic changes and Global warming lead to an increase in the world temperature. These top 10 simple ways are very much important to understand the cause and effects of climate and Global warming on nature. The root cause of global warming is the large increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and an increasing trend toward deforestation activities.

An increasing number of people are moving towards urban areas, where they are more inclined towards modernization. Therefore, modernization in the lifestyle of people poses a heavy burden on the environment. Due to this environment is degrading day by day. The wonders of technology to bring comfort in life, on the other hand, lead to the negative repercussions the environment is facing.

The Environment is being affected in many ways like polluted air, depletion of energy resources, population explosion, unpleasant weather conditions, and so on. These days awareness is being generated among people to protect the environment and are trying to make serious efforts to protect it from degradation.

Here, is the list of the Top 10 simple ways to protect the environment.

1. Use Public Transport

2. Grow more trees

3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

4. Save Water

5. Cut down on plastic usage

6. Spread the awareness

7. Reduce Pollution

8. Do not litter your surroundings

9. Save Natural Resources

10. Use Eco-friendly products

1. Use Public Transport

Nowadays people have become more status-conscious and they own cars than the number of their family members in the house. This thing poses a negative impression on the environment. As economies grow and the usage of cars increases, the combustion of fuels augments air pollution even on a great scale. The increasing number of cars on the roads also leads to traffic jams besides air pollution.

The government, therefore, should encourage the use of public transportation in urban areas. The cities may impose a heavy toll on private cars which use urban motorways and restrict parking to a limited number to make private cars usage more expensive. The high parking expenses or no place to park can also discourage the use of private cars. Thus, it is better to provide better public transport facilities in urban areas to control pollution and protect the environment.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment

2. Grow more trees

To help protect nature is to grow more and more trees. Global warming is the result of the emission of greenhouse gases, which has led to the depletion of the ozone layer. So, the depletion of the ozone layer had in turn led to the temperature rise. Trees plantation not only purifies the air but also assist in climate control. Trees have a great contribution to maintaining air quality by emitting oxygen and reducing the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere.

A single tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 13 pounds. Trees also save us from extreme weather conditions. Therefore, lots of trees can reduce Global warming on a large scale. In the United nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, it was suggested by U.N. that 205 billion forests in the world could provide a limitation on global warming to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Trees also save the air from nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and tiny particles. So, people should be encouraged to plant trees, as it is good for everybody around us.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment grow more trees

3. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

People adopt the habit of recycling and reusing old products to help protect the environment. Developing the habit of keeping only necessary items, can minimize the amount of waste created by an average person on a daily basis. Recycling is a very simple thing to do, but many people don’t even realize it. This can easily solve the problem of disposing of the things which are almost burnt.

Product recycling is also the best way to reuse different items. It involves the process of turning waste materials into new and usable ones. The environment is damaged by the processes of waste disposal like incineration and landfilling as well because it results in air and land pollution.

The waste disposal companies also offer to recycle non-biodegradable items, which may reduce pressure on the environment. So, look up for locating recycling cans and try to avoid mixing recyclables with non-recyclables in the trash cans.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment  recycle

4. Save water

We should conserve water as our topmost priority. It looks so good to turn off the tap while brushing our teeth. Switch to filtered tap water instead of using bottled water. It will help in saving a lot of money and it discourages the use of plastic in the process to save the environment. Energy conservation is equally important to saving water, which in turn saves the natural resources available to the entire population.

Switching on Air conditioners and heaters for a little time, turning off lights and fans, and switching off the Television if not required can also go a long way in the protection of the environment. People can fix all the leakages to save water.

They can limit water usage while washing dishes and taking baths. People owning buildings and houses should be inclined towards Rainwater harvesting. So, switch from the old habits to the new ones to save water as well as money.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment save water

5. Cut down on Plastic Usage

The consumption of plastics pollutes the environment too. When plastic is burning, it produces highly poisonous and toxic gases emitting from it, which are harmful to humans while inhaling. Plastics are non-biodegradable substances that don’t have any ability to decompose. The most common method for the disposition of plastic is to burn them. But its burning also causes a huge amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere.

Plastics are also the reason for land pollution and prove fatal for animals’ health. Plastic chokes the respiratory system of animals when they swallow it due to which they die. Therefore, people prefer to use paper bags, and clay toys instead of plastic in the form of bags, toys, and other items of daily usage. That will definitely discourage the use of plastic and makes the environment clean. Although plastic can not be eliminated from life completely, its usage can be discouraged as much as we can.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment cut down on plastic usage

6. Spread the awareness

We need to educate people that the signs of climate change are obvious and far-reaching. Because ignorance is the biggest reason for climate change. Every single person makes a difference by following the simple steps to clean the environment.

We must put our efforts to spread awareness among the less educated and less exposed people in society. When everyone plays their role in protecting nature, the earth will surely become a healthy place to live in.

We have to get out of our comfort zone and try our level best to make others aware of the practices which lead to the degradation of the environment. The signals given by climate change are so obvious and nothing had been done to make a change in society. So educating those who do not believe in the concept of climate change can definitely make a huge difference. “Knowledge is power”.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment spread the world

7. Reduce Pollution

One of the major reasons for the uncleanliness of the environment is Pollution. We people have to understand that pollution is not only causing harm to the environment but also making the earth an unsuitable place to live in. All sorts of pollution such as air, land, and water pollution are responsible to ruin the earth to live comfortably.

The waste discharged by the factories, throwing trash into the water bodies leads to water pollution. It is humans who are the agents of spreading the widespread pollution. The use of microwaves, air conditioners, refrigerators, and motor vehicles contributes to air pollution. Therefore, we must understand the impacts of pollution on nature at least to our level and avoid practicing such activities causing pollution.

People and the environment are affected by pollution in a number of ways like Global warming which causes air pollution to become the reason for breathing problems, water pollution destroys underwater, soil pollution caused by pesticides makes the soil unfertile, noise pollution causes hearing problems, sleep disturbance and so forth.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment reduce pollution

8. Do not litter your surroundings

Littering can be defined as wrongly disposing of waste and making the place untidy with garbage. Humans are largely responsible for littering, so it is important to make them understand not to litter.

Littering not only makes the place unhygienic but also pollutes the environment adversely. The wrappers, rubbish, and other waste around our surroundings cause the birth of bacteria and germs which are responsible for causing several diseases.

Littering along the roads and on the streets can be blown into forests, lakes, rivers, and oceans and can damage aquatic environments despite polluting the soil and waterways. To solve the problem of littering every individual in the society should take responsibility for properly disposing of waste.

Local authorities should take measures to install garbage bins in various areas like town centers, public places, and near bus stops and the bins must be emptied on a regular basis. Fast food companies can also provide convenience for the disposal of waste and collection of litter.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment  litter your surrounding

9. Save Natural Resources

Natural resources like coal, oil, and petroleum are also becoming rare and endangered. We have to get the concept of sustainability and handle and use these resources with great care.

We can use other renewable sources of energy so that we can put less pressure on the non-renewable ones. Because our carelessness already exhausted these resources which have resulted in only a handful amount of these nonrenewable reserves left.

We must take great care while using nonrenewable resources to ensure the health and longevity of both the humans and planet. Nonrenewable resources like fossil fuels are causing major impacts on climate change and polluting nature. We must take steps to conserve natural resources because food, air, and shelter are all derived from them. The conservation of natural resources reduces greenhouse gas emissions, therefore leaving a good impact on nature.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Save the Environment save natural resources

10. Use Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products do not make use of plastic by-products that release toxic materials into the environment. We must spend time researching the sustainability of the products before making any investment decision. More stars on electric appliances ensure how sustainable the product is. Eco-friendly products and green buildings are free of harmful chemicals and components, so they are safe for health.

Eco-friendly products are produced in such a way that quality is not compromised and the processes involve in their production add little waste to the environment. Green Buildings also save nature which is beneficial to both physical and mental health. They permit fresh air inside and natural lighting provides a bright ambiance.

Green buildings also make sure that an abundance of water is available for future generations by encouraging rainwater harvesting and recycling. Similarly, we must check out the clothing brands for their sustainability before making any purchasing decision.

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