best things to do in Melbourne Australia

16 Best things to do in Melbourne Australia

16 Best things to do in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne, the capital of Australia, is a multicultural city that tops the list of most comfortable cities around the globe. It is a wish come true to explore a tangle of concealed laneways and tree-lined promenades. You will have so many best things to do in Melbourne Australia, like cruises beside the Yarra River, shopping, lush gardens, galleries, and Victorian buildings that remind us about the Gold Rush riches of the city, etc.

Melbourne also claimed to have earned fame in sports. Art admirers can not help being impressed by art galleries and museums. Lots of food options for all sorts of budgets. Cricket lovers can catch a match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. So, you will never run short of the best things to do in Melbourne.

Moreover, you will have a European feel in the second-largest metropolis of Australia. Travelers also show up on a heritage tram to explore Melbourne’s magic. To cut a long story short, if you want to truly love nature and do lots of fun things, give it a visit to Melbourne.

Here, we have assembled a list of the best things to do in Melbourne for those guests heading up to Melbourne.

Table of Content
1. Explore Federation Square
2. Visit Queen Victoria Market
3. Strolling a Street art tour
3. Explore Arts Centre Melbourne
4. Check out City Centre
5. Take a tour of the Yarra River
6. Visit Melbourne Museum
7. Explore Fitzroy Garden
8. Visit Flinders Street Station

9. Calming at Royal Botanic Garden
10. Take in the Views from Eureka Skydeck
11. Give a visit to the Melbourne Cricket ground
12. Walk around Melbourne’s Arcades
13. Discover the Immigration Museum

14. Plan a trip to Philip Island
15. Watch the animals at Melbourne Zoo
16. Enjoy a City Circle Tram tour

1. Explore Federation Square

Federation Square is a creative and artistic center of Melbourne. Its architecture is amazing. So, you can not miss out on it. Being a significant part of the city, where tourists show up to start their excursion. Plenty of cafes and restaurants are here, which depict the ambiance of multicultural Melbourne.

Another highlight of Federation Square is the galleries and museums. The Square lies opposite the main public transportation center, Flinders Street Station. Moreover, it is a leading hub in the world, where you will experience a moving image. The best part is that admission to the museums is free.

Federation Square

2. Visit Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market lies on Queen Victoria Street in Melbourne. Since 1878, this has been a documentary icon at the hub of fresh produce shopping and is popular among guests and locals. Different functions and particular events like night markets are held here in summer. From toys, art, and clothing to hard-to-find exotic souvenirs, everything is sold in the market five days a week.

Foodies flock over here to enjoy fresh produce. The market has become a major tourist attraction in Melbourne since its opening. It is an excellent example of Victorian architecture. So do the best things here, like exploring different artisanal crafts made by locals, and checking out yummy produce stalls and delicacies such as olives and cheeses.

 Queen Victoria Market

3. Strolling a Street art tour

Melbourne is popular for its street art and is deemed to be among the street art capitals of the world. So, this artistic city captures plenty of artists from around the world and is highly appreciated. People personally like the idea of touring Melbourne Street Art.

Here you will about the quality of Street art, like how artists have drafted graffiti. Begin your trip from the Street art. But If you are short on finances, the recommendation would be to stroll freely across the city.

Street art tour

4. Explore Arts Centre Melbourne

Arts Center Melbourne is a leading culture and arts venue in the city. It perches on the banks of the Yarra River, near South Bank, which is easily identifiable by its pinnacle. The Arts Center encompasses different state-of-the-art spaces. Throughout the day, Cafe Vic serves snacks as well as seasonal contemporary cuisine.

No doubt, this is a top-notch place. Also, a great place for the seasonal Australian Ballet. Multiple art spaces are here, including galleries, The Playhouse, Hamer Hall, and Fairfax Studio.

Moreover, it incorporates Opera Australia, The Production Company, Victorian Opera, etc. Take a stroll around the Kings Domain Gardens. So, explore Arts Center Melbourne and do fun things here.

 Arts Centre Melbourne

5. Take a tour of the Yarra River

A perennial river, the Yarra River lies in South Central Victoria, Australia. If you take a cruise below the river is literally amazing to experience the significant part of Melbourne. You can pick one from various cruise operations as per your budget and needs. So, the best thing to do here is to take a riverboat cruise and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Moreover, you will be rewarded with insight into the history of the river. Plus, keep an eye out for Biarrung Marr, meaning ‘river of mists and shadows, which is waterfront parkland commemorating ties with the Yarra River.

If you are on a short trip, River Gardens Melbourne Sightseeing Cruise offers you a comfortable tour of the top city views such as Melbourne Cricket Ground, National Tennis Center, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. While kayaking down the river, make sure you have to shower and get changed soon, as the quality of the river is pretty low.

Yarra River

6. Visit Melbourne Museum

The Melbourne Museum is a cultural history museum situated in the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne, Australia. Beautiful gardens and parkland surround the Melbourne Museum, which is a short tram ride from the CBD.

This modernistic refurbished museum is home to a diverse collection portraying society and cultures and science and environment as well. The Phar Lap exhibit, the Children’s Gallery, and the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre are highlights of the museum.

Things to do here include strolling through a vibrant forest and enjoying the world of life-size dinosaurs. Moreover, there are a series of hands-on activities to engage youngsters. Plus, a gift shop and cafe are here.

Melbourne Museum

7. Flinders Street Station

The Flinders Street Station is a gateway to different postcards or sightseer brochures and a picture-perfect cultural icon of Melbourne and added to the list of Victorian heritage registers. It offers many things to do in Melbourne, like easy strolling access to Southbank and checking out the area for shopping, with different food options.

You will also find the bustling railway station of Australia inside it. Moreover, Flinders Street Station has astonishing architecture incorporating the popular domed clock tower. It is a famous meeting place for the locals here. So, it is a must-see tourist spot.

Flinders Street Station

8. Explore Fitzroy Gardens

The Fitzroy Gardens are situated on the southwestern bank of Melbourne Business District in East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. You will find the striking Spanish-mission style conservatory in the graceful Fitzroy Gardens, full of vibrant floral exhibits. Your kids will like Fairy Tree and Tiny Tudor Village.

Albert Street, Wellington Parade, Clarendon Street, and Lansdowne Street edge the gardens. You can do the best things here like visiting street art, doing shopping as well as enjoying chef’s seafaring adventures.

Moreover, a scarred tree, a visitor information center, an ornamental lake, a model Tudor village, a rotunda, a band pavilion, tree-lined avenues, and fountains are also featured in the gardens.

Fitzroy Gardens

9. Calming at Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens presents an oasis of greenery, tranquility, and peace. Lying in the heart of the green parkland stretching south of Yarra River. A famous tourist spot for joggers and local people on account of the breathtaking panorama that offers them a quaint meditation platform. The gardens are fascinating, colorful, and phenomenal, including over 8500 plant species.

It does not matter what time of the year you are visiting botanic gardens as they are always among the best things to do in Melbourne. Moreover, you can have a sketchbook with you and try plotting some beautiful flowers or backgrounds.

Also, the Fern Gully Health and Wellbeing Garden and the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden are the highlights of the gardens.

Royal Botanic Gardens

10. Take in the Views of the Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck provides public views of the Southern Hemisphere on the 88th floor. If you are looking to have great views over the city, visit Eureka Tower. For more spectacular sights, arrive here at sunset, so, you will be rewarded with a view of the lights twinkling when the sun slips below the horizon.

Eureka Tower was constructed in 2006 and is a 300 m skyscraper. Moreover, the gorgeous landscape sights offer you photography opportunities where you can see the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Head over to the Edge which is a glass cube from the premises for vertigo-free guests, for even more exhilaration.

Eureka Skydeck

11. Give a visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground ranks among the top tourist attractions of the City. Australian Open tennis tournament and Melbourne Park lie opposite the cricket ground. So, you can hire a tennis court. Every January tennis is held here. It is the oldest and largest sports venue in Australia.

It is no wonder the sports stadium is the best site to visit. Moreover, the cricket ground has a capacity of 100,000 attendees. You can catch a game of football in winter and a cricket game in summer. Also, it encompasses the National Sports Museum, including the Olympic Museum and the Australian Gallery of Sport.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

12. Walk around Melbourne’s Arcades

Spectacular Block Arcades in Melbourne are among the most famous destinations on Collin Street to visit for top-notch shopping. You will explore everything here, such as gifts, cafes, designer fashion, vintage jewelry, etc. The luxuriant Royal Arcade is the oldest in Melbourne.

With its boutique shops, period details, and patchwork floor, this place promenades 19th-century gentry, minting the phrase, doing the block. Make sure you hop on all of the hot spots. Different companies run itinerary walking tours of the alleyways and lanes.

Moreover, the Arcades lined up with popular afternoon or morning tea at the Hopetoun Tearooms. Do the best things here like paying a visit to shop complexes like Georges on Collins, Australia on Collins, and Collins Place featuring homewares and fashion.

Melbourne's Arcades

13. Discover the Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum is a commemoration of the fusion of Modernistic-day Australia and multiculturism that has made the country today. Lying in the graceful Old Customs House, the museum is a manifestation of the stories of the divergent populations of Melbourne and Victoria at length.

It also encompasses the Custom Gallery, where the Old Customs House works as a focal point for trade, shopping, and immigration during the 19th Century. Special Expo that augments the Museum’s beauty is the best thing to do in Melbourne. Moreover, the parliament collection of the museum is engaging and conjunct.

Immigration Museum

14. Plan a trip to Philip Island

Philip Island is an excursion hot spot for indigenous people to immerse themselves in the beach. Lying 2 hours from the city. The island is popular for the penguin flaunt in the nighttime, the colossal seal colony that lives maritime, and the koala sanctuary. You will love cafes, beaches, and parks here.

Plenty of fun things to do like tons of museums, day trip opportunities, amazing shopping experiences in Cowes, etc. So, this tourist attraction in Melbourne claims to offer much more for guests. Go ahead, and it won’t disappoint you.

Philip Island

15. Watch the animals at Melbourne Zoo

Animals buffs will find a huge number of animals at Melbourne Zoo, from butterflies to big cats. To get an insight into the lives of the inhabitants of Asian elephants, see the award-winning Trail of the Elephants in a traditional village garden context. Orang-utan Sanctuary is another highlight of the zoo, where you will explore the animals living in their treetop home.

Melbourne Zoo affords a fun-packed experience, therefore, you can do the best things in Melbourne, Australia. Stroll down a bush track and see your favorite Aussie animals such as koalas, kangaroos, and emus. Moreover, the Asian -composition safari-style zoo permits us to take a close look at a wide range of unique animals.

Melbourne Zoo

16. Enjoy a City Circle Tram tour

Melbourne, Australia is popular for its trams, so, the City Circle Tram is a free, and easy mode of watching the top views from Docklands and CBD. You can show up on the tram at any fence beside the City Circle boulevard. The City Circle Tram is a free service to see and walk around the city.

Moreover, the heritage tram rolls various historic buildings like the Old Treasury Building, Windsor Hotel, and Parliament House. The trams take almost 50 minutes to complete the full loop and run every 12 minutes.

So, do the best things here in this hop-o, hop-off service. The City Circle Tram will keep the guests entertained. Travelers can not deny its cultural and architectural importance.

City Circle Tram tour

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