12 Best Things to do In London England

12 Best Things to do In London England ( 2024 )

12 Best Things to do in London England ( 2024 )

London tops the travel plan for many travelers and attracts over 20 million visitors throughout the year. Adventurers, foodies, shopaholics, historians, and kids will find the best things to do in London England.

Romans established London and for centuries, it has been thriving. Whether it is Kensington Garden, Buckingham Palace, Hydepark, or the Tower of London, you can freely move around these amazing destinations, and every place has its attractions to boast of. So London England has so many fun things to do.

Listed among those cities with rich culture and history, London has become the center of commerce and tourism. Art Lovers will, undoubtedly, enchant themselves with the National Gallery of London.

London is one of the most expensive cities to explore. At Harrods relax with world-class tea, plan a picnic in the expansive parks, or watch the whole of the city through the London eye.

Also, don’t miss out on the overwhelming Alberta Museum and Victoria. The West, South, North, and East London have their recognizable neighborhoods with vibrant areas being split over. So photographers will take good pictures of the beauty spread around.

Use this list of the best things to do in London England to look into this spectacular city and visit it time and again.

1. Explore Oxford Street

2. Visit the most Iconic building Buckingham Palace

3. Walk Across and See the Beauty of Tower Bridge

4. Explore London Museums

5. Plan a trip to Hyde Park

6. Visit the best London Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament

7. Discover London’s Famous Leicester Square

8. Piccadilly Circus

9. Get Captivated at National Galleries

10. Take a tour of Hampstead Heath

11. Explore Harrods

12. Take a tour of the tallest building Shard

1. Explore Oxford Street

The Busiest shopping spot in Europe is Oxford with 300 shops, which attracts more than 500,000 visitors. Oxford Street is located completely inside the City of Westminister, which runs from Marble Arch via Oxford Circus to Tottenham Court Road, at the end of West London. The traffic here is restricted to taxis and buses regularly. House of Fraser and Debenhams are the world’s renowned department stores over here.

Moreover, window displays that vary with the season are featured beautifully and intricately by Selfridges. At the end of the 19th century, Oxford Street was changed from household to retail. So, Furniture stores, Drapers, and cobblers opened their shops on the street and some penetrated the initial department stores. Therefore, come over here, and shop for the best things in this largest shopping center.

Best Things to do In London England oxford street

2. Visit the most Iconic Building Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is among the most iconic buildings of London, featuring the change of Guard, and also provides scenic views of the surroundings and pomp. Since Queen Victoria’s addition, it remained the residence of the royal family in London, England.

The archetypical Buckingham Palace was constructed in 1837. Visitors can buy tickets to visit the Royal Mews, the staterooms, and the Queen Gallery when the Queen spends their vacation in Scotland at her summer palace.

To glance at Buckingham Place, If you do not stroll through Green Park, your trip will be incomplete. With 775 rooms, it has the largest individual garden in London, England. The Queen and the royal family members can even make an appearance on the central balcony, on particular state occasions. So, the palace gives a great chance to witness the best discipline of the Royal Guard and historic tradition.

buckingham Palace

3. Walk Across and See the Beauty of Tower Bridge

Above the River Thames, the parallel Tower Bridge along with its two large towers rising 200 feet is one of London’s well-known panoramas. In times of busy summer, buy the Tower of London Entrance Ticket with Crown Jewels, and Beefeater Tour in advance, to spend your worthwhile time. Butler’s Wharf is a weird section of town that boasts multiple restaurants, located south of the bridge. The River Thames lies near the Tower of London and the Bridge crosses it.

The Prince and the Princess of Wales inaugurated the bridge in 1984. In a day, you can look into a classic attraction in London, as Tower Bridge compasses the River Thames just beside the Tower of London. Both Pedestrians and Vehicles can freely access the Bridge deck. So, take a tour of the Bridge and enchant with the views from the high walkways.

Best Things to do In London England tower bridge

4. Explore London Museums

If you want to freely visit several museums in the world enriched in culture, come to London. Your concentration will be shifted toward cultural history while strolling the Alberta Museum and Victoria. You can explore various museums put together on your way to Exhibition Road in South Kensington.

The V&A Museum showcases artwork besides living tools and fashion from around the globe. There are so many free pursuits to explore culture and history via modernistic technology for children in the Samsung Discovery Digital Center.

Furthermore, tour the British Museum, so that you can explore archaeology over centuries and watch the Rosetta Stone. With over 13 million artifacts from the primitive world, the British Museum displays one of the collections of antiques from the world.

With the invaluable items from Europe, Assyria, Babylonia, China, etc, there is difficulty in deciding where to start in this expansive range.

Finally, pay a visit to the Science Museum to look into the scientific phenomena throughout the ages and hands-on activities as well. Different types of workshops, lectures, a cafe, and a restaurant are also available in the Museum if you want to stay for a long.

Best Things to do In London England museum

5. Plan a trip to Hyde Park

Since 1935, Hyde Park has been a place for travelers, the largest space covers 350 acres. Serpentine is an 18th-century man-made lake that is famous for swimming and boating and depicts one of the specialties of the park.

Another panorama of Hyde Park is Apsley House, which was the previous home of the first Duke after his popular success at Waterloo. Regent Park is a 410-acre attractive delight in London, a graceful green area at a short distance from Westminister. Hyde Park also provides a folklore forum for heckling and free speech at the speakers’ jackpot.

Also, make sure to tour the London Zoo, which lies inside the park and has the most fun things to do with families. The park has its significance on account of being located in central London and has been listed since 1987 on the Register of Historic Gardens and Parks. Hyde Park is amalgamated with Kensington Gardens to the west which covers an area of 275 acres.

Best Things to do In London England hyde park

Best Things to do In London England hyde park

6. Visit the best London Big Ben and the Houses Of Parliament

Another iconic panorama of Tower Bridge is Big Ben which strikes out to be known throughout the world. The 318-foot tower and its resounding bell are known as “Big Ben” which is magical for tourists. The Houses of Parliament are stretching along the Thames under it, is the seat of the British Government for a long time. Big Ben is also among the Instagrammed landmarks on Earth.

For up-to-date information on tour hours and dates for Parliament, consult its website. Jump on the Westminister Tube station from the District to reach the Houses of Parliament. So, you will get the best views while crossing Westminster Bridge and at the same time can take a walk towards the “SEA LIFE London Aquarium“.

Best Things to do In London England big ben houses of parliament

7. Discover London’s Famous Leicester Square

Since the 19th Century, Leicester Square has become an entertainment center In London, England. In the middle of the square, the garden is the best resting place during summer after a long hectic day of discovering London. There are also a variety of restaurants offering different cuisines for tourists. In the “West End of London”, Leicester square is a”pedestrianized square”.

The square was a refurbished residential area, with tenants including the artists Joshua Reynolds and William Hogarth, the Prince of Wales, and Frederick. For the 2012 Olympics, the square was remodeled and took 17 months to complete. Moreover, it attracts Chinese people as it hosts events like “Chinese New Year”.

Best Things to do In London England leicester square
image credits: https://www.istockphoto.com/search/2/image?phrase=leicester+square

8. Piccadilly Circus

Since the 17th century, the Piccadilly Circus was a center of commerce that made it a busy spot in London. You can easily recognize it with the bright lights it encompasses. A popular meeting point and sightseer place in the middle of the square is the statue of Eros.

If you pay a visit to Ripley, will learn new facts and watch the surreal things of the world. The organized tasty cafes, boutiques, and ice cream shops are truly delightsome while walking from one side to the other. In the city of Westminister, Piccadilly Square is a public space and road junction in the west of London.

The Circus is also famous for the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain which fascinates the tourists in its own right. The place is among London’s biggest theaters like Criterion Theatre and presents video displays. A 183-foot granite memorial overlooks the bronze reliefs and the square fountains. Furthermore, the National Gallery surrounding the square is a must-visit.

Best Things to do In London England

Trafalgar Square has the National Gallery which is one of those galleries in London, England, that is free to visit. So, admirers of art will find contemporary and classic art. On the Southbank, take a tour of the modernistic and prolific piece of art in the Modern Tate building. On the Southbank, move to the modern and classic piece of art, in the Tate Modern building, sky-scraping above the waterfront.

Current visitors claim that they love the wide variety of paintings out there. Therefore, travelers require more days to explore all the masterpieces of art that beautify the perpetual halls of the National Gallery. Moreover, they also enjoy themselves at the gallery’s cafe. With 2300 collections of paintings, you are encouraged to book your online ticket in advance to visit the gallery.

Best Things to do In London England national gallery

10. Take a tour of Hampstead Heath

A huge area covering 790 acres provides one of the largest parks in London, England, namely Hampstead Heath. So, you will have excellent sights from Parliament Hills one of the giant points in the city. Hampstead Heath is the best destination to experience a variety of wildlife, wooden areas, large ponds, grassy fields, and wooden areas. Therefore, connect with nature and get lost in it.

Plus, there are swimming lidos for those who dare to swim in the wonderful weather in London outdoors. Tour Kenwood House, which offers well-known curated art and a home to dignified history. The river fleet here is a source of water for three outdoor swimming pools which is a chain of ponds that runs along the eastern perimeter of the Heath.

Best Things to do In London England hampstead heath
Image Credits: https://www.istockphoto.com/search/2/image?phrase=hampstead+heath

Best Things to do In London England hampstead heath

11. Explore Harrods

Since 1924, Harrods put in Laurence Olivier, the Royal Family, and Oscar Wilde. One of the most well-known department stores in London, Harrods specifically serves the elite class. Harrods’ well-themed halls are the ultimate name of luxury. From high-end pates and marmalades and fresh meat, the food hall sells out all these permissive delicacies.

In 1928, the International Association of Department stores established Harrods. Shop for children’s toys and a world-class perfume range in the outstanding department store in London, England. Moreover, you will feel like a king while passing through the Egyptian Hall which sells trendy items in opulent style.

Best Things to do In London England harrods

12. Take a tour of the tallest building Shard

The Shard has been recognized as the most-toured panorama since its opening in 2012, in London. The tallest building Shard comprises 95 stories, dominates the visible horizon, and is a remarkable texture that stands at 1016 feet. So, it is likely that we can not see it while seeing it from the neighboring Tower Bridge.

The Shard is designated as the “Shard of Glass” in London, England. Moreover, the Shard home has three high-end restaurants and an awesome Shangri-La Hotel that boasts some of the best views of London. So, you can watch the 360-degree sights of the city from the glass-made observatory deck of Shard. Both outdoor and indoor viewing platforms are available here for those who prefer not to stay here.

Best Things to do In London England shard

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  1. London is a gateway city to Europe if we travel from home in Toronto. So we often try to spend a day or two when we pass through. It is an expensive city so short visits help to manage that cost. I must admit that we have not yet spent any time in the museums or at the National Gallery. Good rainy day things to do.

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