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12 Top Tourist Attractions in Sweden

12 Top Tourist Attractions in Sweden

If you are a fancier of being in the outskirts, Sweden should be your travel place. From primitive towns, carved landscapes, and luxurious palaces to popular Ice Hotel, the top tourist attractions in Sweden put forward everything for tourists alike.

The Nordic country of Sweden has fantastic views, which make it a literal cultural destination. There is a lot of ground for mighty lakes and unending acres of unexplored forests here, so it is rewarded with tidy waters and air.

Sweden will let you devote plenty of time to exploring its historic gems. Also, has a huge number of museums, architecture, and fantabulous landmarks to select from. No doubt, Stockholm presents high-end tourist attractions in Sweden, still, other wonderful destinations in the country are not to be forgotten.

The cuisines in Sweden have also been revolutionary in the latest era. Ready to meet with the friendly and supportive locals here. Its startling history like imperial intrigue, Royal dynasties, and Viken age raiders are must-do things in Sweden.

To go ahead with your travel plan for Sweden, we have summarized the list of Sweden’s top tourist attractions.

Table of Contents
1. Drottningholm Palace
2. Stockholm Archipelago
3. Oresund Bridge
4. Vasa Museum Stockholm
5. Visby Gotland
6. Abisko National Park Lapland
7. Gamla Stan Stockholm
8. Sigtuna
9. Domkyrka Uppsala

10. Kiruna and the Ice Hotel, Lapland
11. Kalmar Castle
12. Gota Canal

1. Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace these days is the Swedish Royal Family dwelling, which was built once during the 16th Century. This fairy tale palace is situated on Love Island and counts among the renowned palaces in the Lake Malaren hub. You will explore numerous palaces and castles in Sweden.

To have an exceptional day trip from the capital city of Stockholm, get ahead to the Drottningholm Palace. It is located 11 km west of the Stockholm hub. A lot more workshops and fun things for adults, as well as your little ones, are offered here. Moreover, guided tours in English are also given to tourists here.

Although most parts of the palace and its grounds remain open to the public, specifically the fancy gardens are extremely famous. Dating back to the 17th Century, the Chinese Pavilion is worth watching and is deemed to be among the most architectural spots in Sweden. You will surely absorb its gracefulness.

 Drottningholm Palace

 Drottningholm Palace

2. Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm on account of having 30000 islands in its amazing peninsula and water all around it, is normally regarded as the “Venice to the North”. You can get to the Stockholm Peninsula from Stockholm’s capital city in a matter of minutes.

Unbelievable views and outstanding sailing are the features of this archipelago. So, it offers the major draws for artists and writers in Scandinavia. Visit it, to walk across the sand beach or go canoeing in its clean water.

Also, consider the dinner and lunch options on your bucket list while strolling around the distinctive points in the city. The vantage Stromma boats are not to be missed while downtown. Some islands are completely untouched whereas unique yellow and red summerhouses possess others.

Stockholm Archipelago

3. Oresund Bridge

The Oresund Bridge or Oresundsborn lies among the significant bridges in Europe. The bridge expands from Malmo, a Swedish city to the Danish city of Copenhagen. Therefore, it is an elongated hub of rail and road bridges in Europe.

If you love to visit the magnificent tourist spots in Copenhagen, plan a trip around the bridge, and via the tunnel in nearby Denmark. Since 1999, it has gained fame all around the globe, as its programming took numerous decades.

Here, guests can go for a day trip to Denmark by catching either a train or bus to make their way to the border.

Oresund Bridge

4. Vasa Museum Stockholm

The Vasa Museum in Stockholm is a major draw for a huge number of tourists every year and is among the most famous museums in Sweden. Here, you can get audioguides as well as English language tours, as it deals with all sorts of nationalities.

The museum is home to additional four museums and 10 distinct expos for an excursion day. For a full day out, visit an eatery and shop here. After its inauguration in 1990, over 20 million visitors have visited the museum.

Also, the Vasa Museum is best known for its restaurant organic produce and entertainment sector. Fotografiska is another museum in Stockholm that features an innovative exhibit art gallery with glorified photographs.

Vasa Museum Stockholm

5. Visby Gotland

Hemmed municipality of Visby, packed with destroyed churches and has medieval times history, on the Island of Gotland is among the top tourist attractions in Sweden. Because of much more medieval architecture, Visby has become a normal holiday destination for residents in Sweden.

Visbay’s recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage and “pearl of the Baltic is equally significant. Featuring a huge number of choices of folklore Swedish delicacies as well as museums and galleries.

Daring back to 700 years, a guided tour of the breathtaking walls is a must-do. Visitors can get exceptional ferry links or direct flights from multiple Swedish cities and Stockholm. Tranquil Cobblestone streets in the town of Visby will also mesmerize you.

 Visby Gotland

6. Abisko National Park Lapland

The Abisko National Park is popular for its Scandavinian wildlife and amazing natural beauty. Its size is almost 77 km. So, a gorgeous place to have long hiking in summer and winter ventures. You will also have the best chances of snowboarding and skiing during winter here. Keep an eye out for the reindeer, bears, and moose while visiting wildlife.

The park lies in the Lapland area of Northern Sweden. It houses the Abisko Scientific Research Station and counts among the northernmost park in Sweden. On account of being situated inside the Artic Circle of the Aurora Borealis, therefore tourists will be rewarded with stunning Nothern Lights views and the midnight sun too in this isolated tourist attraction in Sweden.

Moreover, the Abisko National Park is located 100 km west of the Kiruna municipality, so, people can take regular flights from Stockholm to Krups. Also, taxis, trains, or buses are available to get to the park.

Abisko National Park Lapland

7. Gamla Stan Stockholm

Gamla Stan, an old municipality is a small focused area that shows the start of the city in the 13th-century mid. If can manage to spend at least two days in the capital city of Stockholm, be sure to visit the Gamla Stan.

You will love visiting the Royal Palace of the 17th Century, a place for the King of Sweden, here. There are Sweden’s best tourist attractions in its neighborhood like the Post Museum, the Noble Museum, cafes, restaurants, and several shops.

Moreover, the old town features landmarks of historical importance and elegant waterfront sights. If you want to have suitable resorts here, you will choose guesthouses, luxurious sophisticated hotels as well as hostels and Inns within budget.

Visitors explore its cobblestone streets and flagstone lanes beside its breathtaking architecture.

Gamla Stan Stockholm

8. Sigtuna

The iconic village of Sigtuna cuddles in the superabundant landscape of Uppland beside Lake Malaren, in northern Stockholm. You can observe the astounding history of Sigtuna in the buildings, rune stones, as well as age-old churches here.

Plus, you can reach Sigtuna in 30 minutes from the university town of Uppsala of medieval times, and only at a 20-minute distance from Arland Airport, If you choose a car to get there. Sigtuna was established in 980 CE and had been popular by that time.

Besides the above top tourist attractions, there is a congregation of boutique shops that sell designer pieces, handicrafts, and fashion goods near Storgatan.


9. Domkyrka Uppsala

You will find a bundle of architecture in the university city of Uppsala, but one tourist spot, Domyyrka makes sense. From Viken’s age jewelry and weapons to Egyptian artifacts, having numerous mummies, there is much more to explore in the Museum of Gustavianum and the medieval university in Uppsala.

After gaining massive augmentation, the Uppsala Cathedral has left influence over some time. The Nordic church of considerable size, Domkyrka surpasses the horizon. The church was constructed in almost 1270, being the shining boast of the city.

Take in the details of the leaded windows, and the sensational 19th-century external gothic spires will stun you.

Domkyrka Uppsala

10. Kiruna and the Ice Hotel, Lapland

Kiruna is the northernmost district in Lapland, Sweden, and has a similar latitude to central Greenland. From the middle of May to the middle of July, visitors can get sun-soaked here. The Ice Hotel goes through refurbishment every year using ice in the Trone and boasts drop-dead gorgeous furnishing and rooms.

After the mining of iron ore began in almost 1900, the municipality started developing. However, the unbelievable collapse in the mining sector resulted in the whole of the city moving to the northwest at the Loussavaara Mountain.

Alaska National Park lies 95 km northwest and Kebneskaise at 90 km west of Kiruna. This is why the Lapland Railroad operates in the west of Narvik on the Norwegian shoreline. Furthermore, go fishing, kayaking, and rafting in the summer here.

Kiruna and the Ice Hotel, Lapland

11. Kalmar Castle

Kalmar is among the oldest cities altogether in Sweden in medieval times dating to the 11th Century. The city boasts a vivid disparity between modernism and factual architecture. Kalmar Castle has unforgettably unspoiled land, which was built in 1160.

The Castle has its historical importance, irrespective of its beautiful magnetism. It is located in the Baltic Sea of Southeast Sweden. You will explore an extraordinary mixture of the present as well as the past in the historical buildings of the city contingent on the colossal multinational enterprises.

Also, the streets are mustered with bars and restaurants. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway’s forces integrated during the 14th Century in the Kalmar Castle. So, this is where the big battle of the 17th century took place. Visitors enjoy the waterfront sightseer views that look fantastic since the castle spells on the Kalmar Strait.

Kalmar Castle

12. Gota Canal ,Stockholm

Dating back to the 19th Century, the Gota Canal is frequently referred to as “Sweden’s greatest feat of engineering”. Despite obscuring by the Stockholm glam, this second-largest city in the country possesses hexes in its own right.

By its nearness to the islands and the tranquil full of alleys, the city is considered to be counted among the top tourist attractions in Sweden. So, a not-to-be-missed place. Furthermore, it is the source of water for all of Stockholm northeast to the Gothenburg southeast, as it connects the Trollhatte Canal and the lakes Vattern and Vanern.

Gota Canal has a length of 190 km. The city also houses rusted warehouses that now serve as Art Galleries and its streets feature Michelin-star restaurants as a result of reinvention. Plus, guests have the choice to either opt for a boat to take a tour of the canal or go for passenger cruise vessels.

Gota Canal ,Stockholm

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  1. I love visiting Sweden. I lived with a Swedish girl when I lived in London and she took me home a number of times to her hometown of Upsalla. Lots of interesting places to visit. I look forward to my next trip!

  2. I stayed in Copenhagen last month and went to Malmo and Lund on a day trip. Would’ve loved to stay in Stockholm too if I had more time!

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