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tourist attractions and best things to do in new mexico

15 Tourist Attractions and Things to do in New Mexico

New Mexico, the hub of Southwest America, is blessed with divergent and sightseer landscapes. You will witness plenty of tourist attractions, and things to do in New Mexico such as the artistic colony of Taos, the large cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe as well as go shopping for turquoise jewelry, varying sky colors at sunset, and discover ancient ruins.

It is also well-known as “The Land Of Enchantment”. Therefore, guests can not deny its charm. New Mexico attracts millions of tourists every year in the US. You can enjoy a bit of all the things like marketplaces in full-of-life tourist towns, adventure, and sweeping desert panoramas.

Nevertheless, travelers will get a lifetime trip to New Mexico. From the snow-capped mountains to red rock mesa, New Mexico is a complete epitome of geology. That is why tourists flocked to the American Southwest. Moreover, it provides vintage cuisines, influential fine arts, and fabulous nature experiences.

Get ready with this list of tourist attractions and the best things to do in New Mexico.

Table of Content
1. White Sand National Monument
2. Pecos National Park
3. Chaco Canyon
4. New Mexico State Capitol
5. Cumbres-Toltec Railway
6. Carlsbad Caverns National Park
7. Ghost Ranch
8. Wheeler Peak
9. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
10. Bandelier National Monument

11. Petroglyph National Monument
12. Taos Pueblo
13. Blue Hole
14. International UFO Museum and Research Centre
15. Very Huge Array

1. White Sand National Monument

White Sand Monument counts among the gorgeous and unusual panoramas in New Mexico, enfolding a massive region of sand dunes in the state to the southeast. The sand dunes may be mistaken as giant snowdrifts, If unknown to tourists.

After car parking, begin discovering a colossal sand dune and take an adventure-some walk out into the dune panorama. Sledding is among the most famous things to do at White Sands. The 16-mile Dune Drive helps to explore the vast area of the park.

Plus, guests can have an evening walk and ranger-guided day too. You will also discover eight billion tons of gypsum in the monument provided by the mineral-rich ephemeral lake to the west. Therefore, you will get to see a 60 ft high dazzling gypsum landscape continuously superseded by the wind.

In the meantime, make sure to stop for expos, picnic tables, and hiking trails.

White Sand National Monument Mexico

2. Pecos National Park

Pecos National Park was stretched to 6600 acres, in 1990. It is located at 1 Peach Drive, Pecos, New Mexico. A guided hike for 1.25 miles may help to look into the local region. The park houses the Civil War battlefield of Glorieta Pass, you can get its tour whether with or without a guide, through a 2.25 -mile trail.

Moreover, the visitor center gives an Ancestral Sites Strolling tour, and information about the park, as well as consists of exhibits. It also provides visitors a visit to the Civil War Site, and Forked Lightning Ranch in the neighborhood.

Pecos National Park mexico

3. Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon is situated in New Mexico o the Northwest, which holds a huge collection of age-old pueblo smashes in the US. Camping permits, maps, and tours are offered at the visiting center in the park.

Chaco Canyon is among the splendid archeological locations in North America, and ancestral Puebloan masses hopped approximately 800 to 1200 AD. Fajada Butte near the south lodges is among the stamped features of Chaco.

Electronic directions and GPS might be not reliable in the region. Therefore, make sure to note the directions on the park website. Back-country hiking and telescopic services are also offered in the canyon. Furthermore, tourists have to drive on dusty roads to access this spot.

Chaco Canyon mexico

4. New Mexico State Capitol

The State Capitol in New Mexico is definitely a great tourist attraction in New Mexico while on your trip here. It showcases a totally exotic architecture that differentiates it from any other Government Premises and homes with all sorts of tribal artifacts and illustrations.

Although it is not a big, ostentatiously attractive place, still, visitors will find it worthy of a visit. It is round which is why name it “the Roundhouse”. So, If you are ready to visit interesting destinations, then do not miss State Capitol in New Mexico.

Also, this tourist spot will transmit the actual cultural and historical knowledge and offers a glance at the aboriginal Government’s inner work. By virtue of that, it will add to the appeal of the other tourist places, you will visit later on.

 New Mexico State Capitol

5. Cumbres-Toltec Railway

Operating between Antonio, Colorado, and Chama, New Mexico, the Cumbres-Toltec Scenic Railway is a stingy gauge heritage railroad. If you want to comfortably visit the magnificent landscapes in New Mexico, pay a visit to this sightseeing railway.

Also, the train is comfy and cute. It absolutely imparts breathtaking views of stream-laced mountains, hillside meadows full of deer on the grass, and the land around it.

For prodigals who want to take a luxury ride, VIP coaches are offered but for those who are on a budget and backpacking, discount coaches are available. The canny train ride nobs via the astounding Tolrec Gorge and navigates the 10,015 Cumbres Pass.

It operates a lot more distinctive enchanting railroad and is among the former steam locomotives around the globe. Passengers are able to have the open-air gondola as well. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to stay at the rustic Osier in the middle of the tour to have some exploration and a lunch break.

Nevertheless, while on your way, tourists can watch the original Railroad structures.

Cumbres-Toltec Railway mexico

6. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is mostly veiled underground and counts the New Mexico fun things. Ranger-led and self-guided audio tours are provided by the park service. You can drive, bike, and hike via the graceful scenery of New Mexico over the ground.

Big Cave, popular as the Big Room encompasses large underground chambers, and is a major tourist attraction in Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. Tourists will also have particular cave trips, strolls through the unorthodox geological emergence, and bat tours.

You will find dark funnels in the caves that extend for miles. While on your visit to New Mexico at the right point in time, you will also witness a multitude of critters and migrating bats in the sky at night. The Carlsbad Caverns is located near Carlsbad town in New Mexico to the southeast.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park mexico

7. Ghost Ranch

Ghost Ranch is reckoned among the most graceful sites in New Mexico. After getting exhausted from the busyness and crowds of the big cities, making time and visiting Ghost Ranch is sensational.

Seems like your dream will come true. Elevated rocky red canyons above the land. If you do not put your foot in New Mexico, you can not see this incredible tourist attraction.

It imparts a pretty cowboy feeling. So, whilst planning a New Mexico tour, devote some to Ghost Ranch. Desert plants, bushes, succulents, and ferns are found here in the flat-topped plateaus. Plus, horizons are going for miles and miles when sizeable sunset is striped over craggy cliffs.

Ghost Ranch mexico
image source

8. Wheeler Peak

Wheeler Peak is an elevated summit in New Mexico at a bewildering height of 13,167 feet. If you are desired to watch a windy, tall mountain peak then Wheeler Peak would be worth exploring. It encompasses forests, rivers, and cliff sights below it.

Hiking is among the most famous things to do, having numerous trails to almost eight miles. Plus, you will find excursion opportunities here, like fishing, picnic, and camping. Skilled trekkers will make their way on different paths of the mountains.

Warm and a bit wet weather seems to be the canniest weather for tourists. If you are visiting Wheeler Peak during July and August, make sure to have a rain jacket when there are rain showers. During winter, temperatures fall below freezing point.

Wildlife fanciers would love to see all sorts of interesting animals as Wheeler Peak houses pikas, mule deer, marmots, bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and elk. This mountain lies in Moreno Valley in the Carson National Forest, where the Sangre De Cristo mountain range is situated.

Wheeler Peak mexico

9. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque lies at 5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy NE, New Mexico. It hosts the largest air balloon festival in the world every autumn, therefore, over 80000 are flocked over here. On account of its history and elegance, Albuquerque absolutely offers everything interesting and counts among the best spots for holidays.

These days, the park holds 365 acres of area and can manage over 500 balloons fiesta. Besides balloons in the bright skies, the festivities lot of the best things to do in New Mexico, like crafts, food, drink, and games for children.

Schedule your trip plan in October, If you really want to get unique ideas for travel, colorful balloons, and atmospheric festivities.

It also features the Albuquerque Museum where guests will witness expos and historical artifacts. Here, tourists will immerse themselves in the views of the old town of the city.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta mexico

10. Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument is located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. This national park contains hiking trails, an educational museum, and camping options. It occupies a preserve of 33,677 acres that includes substantial volcanic panoramas.

Take a converge, If you want to visit the famous area of this iconic tourist spot over a time period between 9 am to 3 pm. Also, the bus operates every 20 minutes during the weekend as well as every 30 minutes during the week.

You will also discover archeological remains in the state and the ruins of the locals’ habitats including structures such as Pueblo culture petroglyphs, volcanic rock dwellings, and masonry walls. So, you can learn about the daily life of the Pueblo people.

Bandelier National Monument

11. Petroglyph National Monument

Do you wish to study the history of New Mexico along with artwork? Here, you will really explore more and more etchings, carvings, and drawings. Occupying the region of 7,244 acres, the Monument includes five dormant volcanoes, a far-reaching mesa, and a granite steep slope.

To go hiking and trekking, you should bring enough water to cover longer distances and be mindful of local wildlife like rattlesnakes. In the meantime, you will find, almost 20,000 petroglyphs inside the park.

The National Park Service and Albuquerque city currently administer the Petroglyph National Monument. However, they endeavor to preserve this tourist attraction which is important in terms of its culture. So, add the monument to the list of the best things to do in New Mexico.

Its images and petroglyphs show the granite carving of Spanish and local peoples long ago. Moreover, those who are ready for a long hike can get either 1.5 miles of Marcadas Canyon Loop or the 2.2-mile Rinconada Canyon trail, featuring approximately 300 petroglyphs each.

 Petroglyph National Monument mexico

12. Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo is situated at 120 Veterans Highway, Taos, New Mexico. Lying in the visually attractive Rocky Mountains valley in the neighborhood of the Rio Grande. So, visitors are attracted to this mesmerizing place.

The Taos Pueblo community has historical residences in America, on the outskirts of Taos city. Built with timber roofs and mud bricks, these apartments encompass five stories, accommodating almost 150 people in the historical town full time.

The New Mexico best things to do here include the Gorge Bridge, the iconic olf Taos Plaza, and the St. Francis de Assisi Roman Catholic Church. Because of lying the nearby Rio Grande, it is popular for its magnificent whitewater rafting.

Taos Pueblo mexico

13. Blue Hole

Blue Hole is a circular large lake with deep blue water which lies just a few miles in the outskirts of Santa Rosa. Counts among the most beautiful places in New Mexico. By virtue of moderate, continuous temperature, it is best for all sorts of outdoor pursuits.

Swimming is a famous activity here, therefore, Blue Hole is among the feather destinations for diving in America. Most visitors prefer to have waterproof cameras to grasp the beautiful natural views. The blue, delineated, and cool water will definitely surprise you.

Are you headstrong to wear your swimming locker and dive into the blue water? As the water becomes 80 ft deep, so, scuba diving and diving are offered for free here.

 Blue Hole mexico

14. International UFO Museum and Research Centre

International IFO Museum and Research Center display huge material like UFO research artifacts, documents, and onlooker accounts. Opened in 1992, a top tourist place in Roswell is an information center.

It arranges exhibits that include several other events around the globe and local events, and guests are drawn to witness its significance. Although, the museum is not intended to induce tourists to its beauty due to the conspiracy theories of the government.

Additionally, guests will also get excited with so many indigenous ‘UFO Tours’

 International UFO Museum and Research Centre mexico

15. Very Huge Array

The Karl G Jansky Huge Array lies on the Plains of San Augustin. Approximately a two-hour distance from Albuquerque in the remote area to the west of Socorro, New Mexico. Since it is a radio astronomy observatory, so, it observes astronomical processes, terrestrials, comic gases, quasars, and black holes.

Guided tours on the first Saturday of every month are available. If visitors want to have a nearer view of the cup-like antennas, a self-guided walking route is offered via the website. The theatre, museum, and gift shop remain open to the public throughout the year.

This huge Array is elevated at 7000 ft over the sea. Moreover, the commencement of the tours is through the VLA visitor Center.

Very Huge Array mexico

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