Tourist Attractions and Best Things to Do in Egypt

15 Tourist Attractions and Best Things to Do in Egypt

15 Tourist Attractions and Best Things to Do in Egypt

Egypt is suffused with tombs and temples and is popular for some of its monuments like the Great Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids. It boasts different tourist attractions including the southern district of Aswan, Cairo, and Siwa Oasis, as well as the best things to do in Egypt, like the Nile River cruise, High-end coral reefs on the Red Sea, and 4WD adventures on the desert.

House of Ancient Pharaohs. By the much to explore in Egypt, you will have the best chance to plan an adventure and culture-oriented itinerary on your trip. Travelers also fancy traveling to Egypt for diving and snorkeling through the Red Sea Coast.

There is also a likelihood of visiting this tourist place for having Pyramids that attract plenty of visitors. Still, there are plenty of pretty amazing things to do in Egypt for all kinds of guests. Also, to have relished the mountains of Sinai along with camel trips is a must-try adventure.

You will have a not-to-forget experience If you are cooking food under the sky while camping in the desert. So, you will expect it differently in Egypt.

Visit our list of magnificent tourist attractions and the best things to do in Egypt.

Table of Content
1. River Nile Steam
2. The White Desert
3. Siwa Oasis
4. Abu Simbel
5. Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)
6. Explore Cairo
7. Egyptian Museum
8. Karnak
9. Alexandria
10. Valleys of the King
11. Saqqara
12. Abydos Temple
13. Wadi- Al-Hitan
14. Diving Red Sea
15 Monastery of St. Anthony

1. River Nile Steam

The Nile has properly elaborated Egypt. Edfu’s Temple of Horus and Temple of Kom Ombo are the popular sightseer spots on a Nile voyage, therefore, every cruise boat stops here. Felucca is an adventurous opportunity used on the Nile.

To travel between Luxor and Aswan, cruise boats appear to be a safe option, so, you will watch the significant towns that way. For multiple-day trips from Aswan, you will get a worthy and safe trip. The pharaonic era is a real highlight while in Egypt.

When the sunrise and sunset reflect upon the dotted date-palm river banks having sand dunes backing, offer peaceful perspectives. No doubt, Egyptian history is well-presented by the Nile.

River Nile Steam

2. The White Desert

White Desert Park is a natural gift that is visible in the Western Desert. A favorite place suiting nighttime camping and 4WD desert trips, both of which are easily curated in Bahariya Oasis.

Looks like the sightseer surroundings depict epic and shipwrecked icebergs lying in the middle of a sand panorama. Therefore, this surreal playground is an enjoyable land for adventure seekers and desert fanciers.

 The White Desert

3. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is a peaceful escape from the hustling and bustling of Egyptian cities and sets apart in the Western Desert. So, you can have adventurous fun in the desert. These days, Siwa Oasis has become a huge tourist attraction in Egypt.

Also, travelers can take a break from the desert through shaded palm trees and natural springs. Hotels have also been created in the area in local styles. Here provides the outstanding base to plan for adventurous trips into the desert.

Siwa declined after the fall of the Roman Empire. The Fortress of Shali remains is located around the Siwa town which adds to the appeal of the view. Ready to wind down in this visually amazing place?

. Siwa Oasis

4. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel is counted among the famous places in Egypt. It includes two huge rock-cut temples on the western edge of Lake Nasser in southern Egypt. This archeological attraction is well-known for its ornate wall paintings. These twin temples were thrashed out of the versant on account of the Aswan Dam construction.

In 1960, UNESCO carried out an unbelievable engineering triumph of Abu Simbel, so, it showcases megalithic sections. It is among the top tourist places in Egypt. Abu Simbel gives inspiration for admiring the conquest of the global endeavors as a way of saving the temple complex.

Pharaoh Ramses II’s astonishing building task is all about surprise, ornated with deluxe wall paintings. Reckoned among the top tourist attractions in Egypt.

Abu Simbel

5. Pyramids of Giza (Egypt)

The Pyramids of Giza are among the most identifiable landmarks in Egypt. While flying into the plane you will enjoy a glance at these popular pyramids from Cairo. Visit the Giza complex along with an Egyptologist and take a half-guided tour.

Three generations including Khufu, his son Khafre, and Menkaure constructed the pyramids in Egypt. The largest pyramid in Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Khufu, with an amazing height of 139 meters. Interesting enough to learn about their construction 4500 years ago of ancient times.

Stretched out into the city are these gargantuan structures from a spacing. Finally, the trip terminates at this top attraction through a camel ride to soak up the vintage desert tour. Here, the dead pharaohs’ tombs are an undisputable feature of Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza

6. Explore Islamic Cairo

You will explore the narrow lanes of madrassas, monuments, and mosques, in the Islamic capital of the Cairo district. So, it has much more history to present. Counts among the notable tourist attractions in Egypt.

Cairo houses some of the historical Islamic empires with the most elegant untainted architecture. Also, you will explore the artisan families’ work for thousands and thousands of years and workshops.

Making it among the best places to visit while planning a trip to Egypt. It houses the historical Islamic Empires’ most elegant unspoiled architecture bewildered on the roads around the market.

If you excavate deeply into this walled city, you will get a perceivable reminder of this city’s remarkable Islamic heritage. And its splendid Sultan Hassan Mosque and Al-Azhar Mosque set an influential example.

Explore Islamic Cairo

7. Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum features a huge collection of coins and papyrus of ancient Egyptians on its ground floor. Houses approximately 120000 objects of primitive Egyptian classical times. Pharaonic era 27 mummies and the Tomb of Tutankhamun items.

Several artifacts from the Kings’ Valley and the artifacts from the ultimate two lineages of Ancient Egypt inside the first floor. There is a massive collection of the treasures miscellanea of pharaonic times.

Therefore, seeing the art and dramatic expos in downtown Cairo in the museums is among the top things to do in Egypt. The Collection is interestingly kept here for years and years.

Egyptian Museum

8. Karnak

Karnak is a representation of the mixed achievement of Egyptian constructors for several generations. Although, it has been destroyed, so, less impressive than other places in Egypt. The biggest primitive religious place was built at any point in Egypt.

Hatshepsut, a remarkable temple is a must-do tourist attraction to visit here. The Valley of the Kings is among the most popular places in Egypt besides affiliates. Hypostyle Hall with a hall region of 50,0000 square ft is also among the well-known structures here.

A huge number of artifacts and buildings stretched out in the middle of the luxurious farmlands. So, known as the largest open-air museum around the globe. Moreover, Luxor is completely understandable for playing an integral role in the ancient Egyptians’ lives and lies in Upper Egypt. New Pharaohs were also housed in this place where the ancient Thebes was located.


9. Alexandria

Alexandria is located 200 km from Cairo. It encompasses a matchless history. The great stomping ground here is the Pompey Pillar and you will discover a lane of fashionable cafes in the alleys here to have scrumptious foods in Egypt.

It enables foreign tourists and Egyptians to grasp chilly sea winds and, therefore, a preferred summer place. The city is home to the Greco-Roman empire’s jeweled settlement and the biggest library around the globe.

You will find inoculated museums in Alexandria’s underwater archeological projects having interesting expos. The seafront Corniche is a long one in Alexandria and visitors will get to see some of the remaining drawings.

This city remains among the best destinations in Egypt far from the other kinds of dust from the residual Egyptian cities.


10. Valleys of the King

The Valley of Kings includes 63 tombs and chambers with sizes from a small trench to a complex that has more than 120 chambers. Ornated with paintings from Egyptian folklore, the royal tombs offer clues about the entombments and beliefs of the period.

For a time covering 500 years, the Valley of the Kings is located in the neighborhood of Luxor and encompasses an important burial place for pharaohs.

The tomb of Tutankhamun is the most popular. Visitors can visit only a few tombs and guided tours are also offered from the city. Moreover, for a half-day tour, informed Egyptologists will collect you from the hotel.

 Valleys of the King

11. Saqqara

Saqqara is a broad cemetery of pyramids and tombs that were assigned for every Pharaonic rule. Lying at a Day-galloping distance from Cairo. Step Pyramid is popular for ancient Egyptian artifacts that depict the engineering knowledge in creating a real pyramid shape.

The pyramid location of Dahshur features the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid in the neighborhood of the Saqqara.

Different tombs like Mastaba of Ti are situated here, and boast a few of the finest tomb paintings, are situated on the other side of the Step Pyramid. Therefore, so many things to do in the country.


12. Abydos Temple

The Abydos Temple, Osiris lies north of Luxor and is among the most captivating artistic gems of Egypt. You will find several other temple leavings, which is the major cause for visiting it.

The stylishness of papyrus-headed columns shows different clips of Pharaoh, in the hypostyle halls. That includes a few first-rate works in Egypt.

Moreover, the temple attracts just a small number of tourists as compared to the temples in Luxor, because of not located on the main Nile cruise ship boulevard. However, you can easily stroll in the halls of the temples and would be in luck.

13. Wadi- Al-Hitan

Wadi-Al-Hitan is a tourist attraction that grabs the attention and is a UNESCO World Heritage location, that lies in the nearby desert. A desert and ancient canals lie around the fertile and rich land of Wadi-Al-Hitan, which is located in the Fayoum region.

Early animal fossils like sawfish, rays, crocodiles, and sharks at Wadi-Al-Hitan enable the rehabilitation of the ecological and environmental conditions. That is why it is something cited as a Heritage site.

Also, the sprinkled pharaonic ruins and the pottery villages of Tunis and the Fayoum an interesting area to explore. Visitors will discover some of the remains in Situ, where the skeleton is located in the middle of the sand discharging out from the visitor center.

Additionally, there is also a museum well elaborates on the significance of Wadi-Al-Hitan and includes various other findings such as 18 meters 18-meter-long skeleton of a basilosaurus whale.

A huge hoard of prehistoric whales surrounds the craggy rocks and orange dunes also add to the knowledge of the tourists.

Wadi- Al-Hitan

14 Diving Red Sea

For diving, you can count on the Red Sea to be among the most graceful destinations in the world. It lies off the Egyptian shoreline. Scuba divers will have the best things to do here such as the colossal sea life and the soft coral reefs to look into.

Sea life includes dolphins, rays, dugongs, nudibranchs, turtles, and colorful reef fish. Surprisingly, the Red Sea displays plenty of various sea creatures besides its far-reaching coral settings. Also, its waters boast unique seascapes and fantastic visibility.

Moreover, tourists will find beach resorts on both sides of the sea of which the most popular is Sharm-el-Sheikh lying on the Sinai archipelago on the east shore. A bundle of new resort towns and the most-frequented Hurghada is situated on the west coast.

Diving Red Sea

15. Monastery of St. Anthony

The Monastery of St.Anthony houses almost 120 monks these days. It has been running since the 4th century and is hidden inside the rugged northern peaks of the Red Sea shoreline.

If you want to easily visit the Monastery take a drive from Cairo in case there is no transport. It is located in a remote location. The monastery’s gardens and church include the monk’s run visits to the monastery.

Moreover, inside the fortress, the St Anthony’s church encompasses skinny wall paintings, dating back to the 11th and 12th centuries. Therefore, deemed among the most important Egyptian Coptic art collections around the globe.

Monastery St. Anthony

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