15 Top Tourist Attractions for Spain

15 Top Tourist Attractions for Spain

Spain is a gateway for those travelers who wish to visit Islam quarters, a forest of columns filling the skyline, and old-century fortresses. You will see the perfect blend of tourist attractions for Spain, from the medieval castles covering the interior to primitive monuments left by the Moors and Romans and the vibrant cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

Therefore, these attractions represent the turbulent culture, charming natural beauty, and history of Spain. The white villages of Andalucia are also mesmerizing. So, Spain incorporates a divergent panorama.

Spain yet ascends as among the most desirable places in Europe, thanks to the not-to-be-missed tourist attractions in Spain. Think of blissful Mediterranean beaches, dainty national parks, and definitely high-end museums where you will explore masterpieces by Salvador and Dali.

Moreover, collaborating with high-spirited local people and discovering the augustness caliph’s palace is also the desire of the people. So, the well-tucked domestic scenery in Spain magnetizes millions of tourists every year.

To make a place in wanderers’ hearts, we have curated a list of the top attractions in Spain.

Table Of Content
1. La Sagrada Familia
2. The Canary Island
3. La Concha Island
4. Alhambra
5. Ibiza
6. The great Mosque of Cordoba
7. La Rambla Barcelona
8. The White towns of Andalucia
9. Plaza Mayor, Madrid
10. Park Guell Barcelona
11. San Lorenzo de El Escorial
12. Guggenheim Museum
13. Seville Cathedral Alcazar
14. El Retiro Park

15. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia

1. La Sagrada Familia

The La Sagrada Familia church is officially known as the Holy Family Church of the Absolution. It is among the most iconoclastic churches in Europe, If you soar from its tower, you will observe the work in progress. No doubt, this is a tremendous church in Barcelona and among the top tourist attractions in Spain.

While checking out Barcelona, Spain, purchase a ticket for Sagrada Familia early to avoid the queue. La Sagrada Familia now has become a UNESCO World Heritage. The church is really beautifully designed with fantastic details on the inside, specifically its doors and the ceiling.

La Sagrada Familia

2. The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands must also be on your to-do list while looking out for the best destinations in Spain. Natural pools, Thai Paradise, and Loggerhead turtles are the important attractions over here. A tour of the volcanic mountain along with a visit to the major monuments and the beaches will absolutely make your trip worthwhile. The Canary Islands are a Spanish area and peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean, in Macaronesia.

Moreover, the islands are popular for Canarian Wrestling and Mount Teide. The archaeological park and the museums are the best to discover while paying a visit to the Canary Islands. Its Peninsula also incorporates different rocks including those of Fasnia, Bonanza, Anaga, Garachico, and Salmon.

The Canary Islands

3. La Concha Beach

La Concha Beach is a graceful curved-shaped beach in northern Spain. If you are planning to visit Spain, then paying a visit to the city of San Sebastian for this magnificent beach is a must. Enjoy paddling and sunbathing at this beach. La Concha is among the best beaches in Europe, which isolates Spain.

You will absolutely be mesmerized by the amazing sights of the beach while opting for Broadwalk and going surfing. Islands and steep cliffs protect the beach from the strong breeze. Moreover, people can look for the best restaurants over here. So, folks are ready to come over.

La Concha Beach

4. Alhambra

Alhambra lies on a plateau ignoring the city of Granada in southern Spain, which is partially garden, part fortress, and part palace. A huge number of guests come over to Granada to visit the Alhambra and it has become a major tourist attraction in Spain. In the 14th century, the Nasrid Sultans constructed the palace.

It does not matter whether you have read about Alhambra palaces in Granada or seen its various pictures, you still have to visit this Moorish happiness palace and see its jaw-dropping beauty. Marble fountains and Mosaics are important attractions in Alhambra, Spain. Therefore, it is popular for sightseeing. No doubt, Alhambra is a clear demonstration of the beautifully intricated Islamic architecture.


5. Ibiza

Ibiza is among the Balearic Islands off the shore of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea. Incorporated in the list of party destinations exclusively in Europe. The island is congested in summer, as guests assemble in Ibiza to enjoy the restaurants and beach bars. So, sand-and-sun parties, and sunset scooter tours are key attractions here.

Furthermore, the Spanish Tourist Office and the Island’s government have endeavored to promote family-friendly tourism. Therefore, this pine-crowned, sun-kissed island has become a major tourist attraction in Spain for celebrants. Ibiza is a group of the western Baleric peninsula known as the Pityusic Islands, consisting of itself and Formentera.


6. The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba is the finest attainment of Moorish architecture in Spain and among the largest mosques in the world. It ranks with the Alhambra in Granada among the magnificent examples of Islamic art and architecture in Western Europe, despite succeeding changes that developed its center to construct a Catholic cathedral navel.

Still known as the Mezquita of Cordoba is a captivating building popular for the arches within the main hall and the forest of pillars. White marble details, various eye-popping hallmarks, Byzantine-style mosaics, and a Renaissance-style bell tower have made the mosque a beautiful tourist attraction in Spain.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

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7. La Rambla Barcelona

In Central Barcelona, La Rambla is an alley. Think of every single inhabitant of Barcelona whilst moving across La Rambla on a summer evening. Do not miss out on this tourist attraction of Spain, La Rambla on your way to Barcelona. It is popular for breathtaking building structures and design. However, street painting, Miro (a circular mosaic design), and shopping are key fascinations over here.

During the peak tourist season, La Rambla is crowded. Plus, La Rambla has different newspapers and bookstands, as well as cafes and eateries with open-air tables. It is sad to note that the character of the street has been affected on account of pickpockets. The segment to the Placa de Catalunya is bordered by plane trees, its broad pedestrian expanse is fringed by a narrow road.

La Rambla Barcelona

8. The White towns of Andalucia

The White towns of Andalucia are not only beautiful, but their captivating history also speaks for itself. Lie in the northern part of the state of Cadiz and Malaga in southern Spain. Mountains boom directly from the sea, west of Gibraltar, and every single one of these white towns is hidden among these, on the hilltop. The region that surrounds the Grazalema Nature Reserve totals 19 villages of these white houses.

Plus, Jerez de la Frontera presents a good base in the area, which domiciles flamenco and Andulician noblemen. Across de la Frontera offers views across a valley of orange, almond orchards, and olives. Moreover, domestic food, horseback riding, Architecture designs, Sunset Point, potholing, and hiking are the key attractions here. The area is also popular for flowery balconies.

The White towns of Andalucia

9. Plaza Mayor Madrid

Since the 16th century, Plaza Mayor has played a vital role in Madrid’s life, which is a staggering heartbeat of the bustling capital city of Spain. It has yielded a stage of ceremonial circumstances such as the canonization of saints, the proclamation of a new king, bullfights, and chivalric tournaments for public amusement. So, it is among the must-visit attractions in Spain. This area is popular for arched designs and restaurants.

Guests enjoy quality time here by visiting nearby monuments. On account of lying in the hub of the city, one can connect with the friendly local people in the area. No doubt, if you are not visiting the documentary Plaza Mayor, your tour of Madrid will be incomplete.

Plaza Mayor Madrid

10. Park Guell Barcelona

Park Guell is an amazing point for Children in Barcelona, Spain. It has designs and structures formed from natural resources, so a sophisticated paradise for nature lovers. Gaudi House Museum is popular here.

Two grand buildings in the lobby of the park, a colorful mosaic salamander, and the mosaic details on the main entrance are the key attractions in this area. That’s why it has become a significant tourist spot in Spain.

Moreover, the Gaudi House Museum boasts some of Gaudi’s works. Plus, the museum is home to the Hypostyle Room, Laundry Room Portico, Austria Gardens, and the idyllic Dragon Stairway. Park Guell depicts the blend of unconventional infrastructure and lush surroundings.

Park Guell Barcelona

11. San Lorenzo de El Escorial

San Lorenzo de EI Escorial was the summer home of the Spanish kings, around 45 km northwest of Madrid. The work was begun here on an enormous complex, which would incorporate a church, mausoleum, library, museum, royal palace, and museum, everything envisioned as a memento to Philip II and his imperium.

This results in an awesome collection of attractions, constructed of about 16 courtyards, rooms, and textures linked by 16 km of corridors. EI Escorial is cuddled in the elevation of the Sierra de Gaudramma. Undoubtedly, this historic monastery has become a popular tourist attraction in Spain.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial

12. Guggenheim Museum

While strolling in Spain, guests should take a look at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. The link between the design of the Museum besides architecture and the collection that it possesses will mesmerize the audience. This place is famous for its museum structure.

Matter of Time by Richard Serra, Puppy Design, and Tulips by Jeff Koons is the important attractions here. You have to visit these premises, because only photographs can not simply convey the true beauty of the building.

Furthermore, the collection here is shared among sister museums in Bilbao, Spain, and elsewhere. Plus, its exotic ramp gallery stretches up from ground level in a continuous, long spiral along with the outer edges of the building only under the ceiling skylight.

Guggenheim Museum

13. Seville Cathedral Alcazar

Seville Cathedral Alcazar historically called the al-Qasr al-Muriq and normally well-known as the Alcazar of Seville, is a royal palace in Seville, Spain. It was built for the Christian king, Peter of Castile. Depicts an example of Mudejar architecture in Spain.

This fortress is among the oldest royal palaces and is yet in use in Europe. Bulged on the top of the hill, the palace blitzed at night. Regarded as the largest Gothic church in the world.

Furthermore, the tower is a minaret, a masterpiece of Almohad architecture. The salons and rooms here are eye-popping and you can enjoy yourself in the garden while moving here. Fragrant Lemon and orange trees are a source of shade for gardens here. So, it is a must-see tourist attraction in Spain.

Seville Cathedral Alcazar

14. El Retiro Park

EI Retiro Park is among the largest parks in Madrid, Spain, and is included in the list of most toured places in Spain. Strolling around the park offers the ultimate way of relaxing and unwinding here. A lake and monuments augment the beauty of the park. Rose Garden and Crystal Palace are significant attractions here.

The annual book fair is also popular among the tourists coming to this park. With Paseo del Prado, Buen Retiro Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2021. Moreover, the leftover buildings of the palace, including the Salon de Reinos and Cason del Buen Retiro, are now home to museum collections. Plus, the present-day city completely surrounds the park.

 El Retiro Park

15. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia

Valencia is among the largest cities on mainland Spain’s midwestern Eastern shore. This influential city of Arts and Science is an amusement-based architectural and cultural complex that will compel you to occupy it for days. Not just the buildings but also the art venues, aquariums, and museums form a sequence of some of the famous tourist attractions in Spain.

Ciudad de las Arts Ciencies is undeniably among the most identifiable landmarks in Spain. Therefore, it has brought much more tourism to the country. Moreover, the whole year, the complex hosts different local events and festivals such as the Exposicion del Ninots and Festival de las Artes. So, plan a trip to this breathtaking and futuristic attraction.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia

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