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15 Top Tourist Attractions in Denmark (updated)

15 Top Tourist Attractions in Denmark (updated)

In recent years, Denmark standouts its magnificence to the world’s people. Rewarded with historical towns, lush forests, castles from antique sites to modernistic attractions, waterparks, and deep fjords.

The beauty here is not confined to beautiful buildings, but guests also enjoy other tourist attractions in Denmark, such as churches, graceful medieval cities, and museums.

Moreover, Eco-credentials in Denmark are obvious throughout the whole of the planet. The best mode of discovering the picture-perfect, compact city of Copenhagen is via bicycle. You will also experience friendly locals, beautiful beaches, and a temperate climate that Scandinavia’s ‘European’ wing boasts of.

Literature admirers must visit the hometown of storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, Odense. Plus, the North Sea and the Baltic border Denmark, therefore, it is regarded as a maritime nation after the seat of Viking raiders.

Art devotees love art and design in Denmark. Foodies love different cuisines in Copenhagen. So, travelers enjoy plenty of Denmark tourist attractions.

If Denmark is your next favorite tourist attraction, grant a visit to the top attractions in Denmark listed here.

Table of Content
1. The Round Tower Copenhagen
2. Tivoli Gardens
3. Kronborg Castle
4. National Gallery of Museum
5. Bornholm
6. Oresund Bridge
7. Legoland Billund
8. Frederiksborg Palace
9. Nyhavn Copenhagen
10. Amalienborg

11. Funen Village
12. Skagen Beaches
13. Wadden National Park
14. Christianborg Palace Copenhagen
15. Den Gemle By Aarhus

1. The Round Tower Copenhagen

The Round Tower was constructed as a beacon in 1642. At 36 meters in height, its breathtaking landscape views are worth it. You can reach Grabrodretorv which is among the most photographed squares, within a short span of time via the old town around it. The tower is located in Kobmagergade 52A, 1150 Copenhagen.

Moreover, you can scrutinize not only the rooftops of Copenhagen but also look down into the core of the castle, on the glass floor that hovers 25 meters over the ground. Numerous kings, princes, and even notable personalities like Albert Einstein have visited the tower. These days, it is open to the masses who have the desire to climb its 365 steps.

Therefore, there is a high recommendation for this tourist attraction in Denmark to visit.

2. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens lie in Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen. A large number of guests make a straight line to visit this iconic excursion space while visiting Copenhagen. Tivoli Gardens are listed among the best tourist spots in Denmark.

The gardens are lined up with a massive range of Denmark attractions like puppet theaters, Cafes, restaurants, gardens, roundabouts, food pavilions, and roller coasters.

So, the tour of the Tivoli Gardens is a must. For all ages, Tivoli Gardens has plenty of fun things to offer. Thanks to the Family-oriented destination. The moment you take an entry into the park, you will see beautiful trees and flowers beside the sublime Singing Fountain. Plus the Ferris wheel presents spectacular views of the City.

3. Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle is added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage as well as the backdrop of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It is popular among people with the name of Elsinore. After serving as a garrison for over a century, the castle went through a refurbishment in 1924. Deemed to be a significant illustration of a Renaissance castle.

You can not afford to miss this imposing texture which is visible when reached. Hamlet’s Footsteps is among the most famous guided tours to visit the castle. At present, you can count it among the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark.

Excellent tapestries are showcased in the West Wing, whereas the North Wing encompasses the Knights’ Hall or Ballroom. Do you want to visit this mesmerizing castle?

Kronborg Castle denmark

4. National Museum of Denmark

National Museum excavates into Danish culture and history. It is located at Prince’s Mansion, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471, Copenhagen. The museum resembles a foreign culture. From South America to Greenland, expos from around the world are featured in it. Other highlights of the museum include the collections of old furniture as well as clothing from the 19th century.

You can reach the National Museum by taking a 10-minute walk from Tivoli Gardens. Moreover, the museum contains ethnographic expo items from areas like Asia, Africa, and Greenland. So many fun things to do for kids in this Denmark tourist attraction, like climbing aboard a Viking ship and a classroom having the style of 1920.

 National Museum of Denmark
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5. Bornholm

Bornholm is a beautiful island that is located in the Baltic Sea visited by domestic and foreign guests alike. This island is home to a large number of museums, including the Museum of Art in Gudhjem. A fortress, Hammershus Castle Ruins is among the top tourist attraction here. Vast Cycling and walking trails, mild weather, and excellent beaches are featured on Bornholm Island.

Moreover, the differentiated collection of Bornholm Museum is a manifestation of both natural and cultural history. Plus, the photographed island is popular for the crafts, arts, and fishing industries.

It facilitates an escape from busy city life and permits you to have relaxation sessions over here. Joboland entertainment park lies close to the island, so, your little ones can go wild. Therefore, people also love to visit this tourist spot in Denmark.

Bornholm denmark

6. Oresund Bridge

The Oresund Bridge which was inaugurated in 2000, compensates approximately 17000 vehicles daily. It is a splendid feat of engineering that intersects the Oresund Strait, usually known as the Sound, between Malmo, Sweden, and Copenhagen. Most of the visitors come just to experience the crossing of the bridge.

Those travelers who land in Copenhagen do not want to miss the chance to have a bird’s eye view of the bridge from the air. Travelers travel to Denmark to use the bridge as a comfortable accession to Sweden, which is part tunnel and part bridge.

More often, the Oresund Bridge has become a Scandinavian icon. Additionally, the 8 km long bridge hauls cars and railway passengers. So, this reckons among the charming Denmark tourist spots.

Oresund Bridge denmark

7. Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund is situated in Ole Kirks Plads 1, 7190 Billund. The most picture-perfect tourist attraction in Central Copenhagen, Denmark. Guests can have the opportunity to seek knowledge about its founders and lego. Do not confuse it with the Legoland theme park, as Legoland Billund is made up of Bricks.

Tickets are sold out abruptly, so, it is highly recommended to buy tickets in advance. If you are on a budget trip, you will absolutely appreciate the idea of going for admission-free regions in the LEGO House in Billund with a 15-meter detailed LEGO tree, outdoor squares, and the nine-themed playgrounds.

Furthermore, Legoland Billund is particularly a tourist attraction for children. Spend an hour or two to discover all the things the place presents.

Having said that, this tourist spot will make you capture some fantastic pictures of its uniqueness. Also, thrilled travelers can opt for a reservation at a local hotel.

Legoland Billund denmark

9. Nyhavn Copenhagen

Nyhavn lies to the breed of Amalienborg Palace, is now a specific enchanting quarter, and resultantly a major tourist spot for both tourists and locals. A huge number of travelers visit it, lined up with graceful colorful houses from a breathtaking harbor filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

You will be lucky if you travel on a warm day because you will find many visitors immersing themselves in the dock. Moreover, if you are an adventure lover, can go on a harbor cruise to enjoy the amazing views.

Freetown is among the popular tourist attractions here, where artists will charge a small amount to paint your face nicely. Plus, travelers who are searching for a memento for their tour, can visit lots of souvenir shops here in Copenhagen, Denmark.

 Nyhavn Copenhagen denmark

10. Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace is situated in Amalienborg Slotsplads 5, 1257, Copenhagen, Denmark. The buildings are a mixture of French and German format elements, which were constructed in a light Rococo style. After a fire at Christianborg in 1974, the Danish Family took the possession of palace that stays their winter home.

You will also explore the quaint gardens of Amalienborg Palace, by the water, in the Frederiksstaden quarter of Copenhagen, Denmark. A special pull for guests is the blue uniforms and bearskins of the soldiers of the Royal Guard. So, these identical palaces from an octagon are a must-visit on your trip to Denmark.

Amalienborg Palace denmark

11. Funen Village

Funen Village takes us to the world surrounding the life of writer Hans Christian Andersen when he enclosed his legendary fairy tales. So, it is an outdoorsy 19th-century living history museum. Travelers will find workshops, homes, and farms inside the village. They will also get across with the history interpreters to determine all the aspects of life.

On top of that, guests can take a look at household activities such as converting wool into clothing as well as cooking manifestations.

Completely working farms use methods such as hore-down plows to harvest the land to grow the crops that would have been cultivated in the past. Moreover, there is a wide range of livestock like dairy cows, chickens, goats, and working horses.

 Funen Village denmark

 Funen Village denmark

12. Skagen Beaches

The northmost town of Denmark, Skagen is located on the east shore of the Skagen Odde archipelago. The country that offers 5000 miles of shore has the reason to captivate visitors to spend their relaxation days on the beaches surrounding Skagen. So, the major fishing port of Denmark is the Port of Skagen, and a big tourist attraction in Denmark.

Furthermore, the coastline at Skagen is specifically beautiful, desolate, and windswept. Indeed, 19th-century artists were as popular as the Skagen Painters after focusing on all of their endeavors here. You can witness their work at the Aboriginal Museum.

13. Wadden National Park

Wadden National Park is the largest national park in Denmark. History admirers will love visiting the Ribe Viking Museum to explore the rehabilitated settlements and collections of reliable artifacts meanwhile strolling in the area. It stands at the middle point of the Eastern Atlantic translocating routes.

So, it is an idyllic tourist attraction in Denmark for watching birds. Guests can visit the Living History Museum to take part in the hands-on activities. In this way, they will also assess the daily lives of people in the past.

Moreover, nature-buffs will love the idea of exploring the largest population of seals in the water just off Esbjerg Harbour. The park is also a perpetual system of intertidal sand and mud flats, that encompasses wetlands, beaches as well as both freshwater and salt environments.

14. Christianborg Palace Copenhagen

Christianborg Palace is located in Prins Jorgens Gard 1, 1218, Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, you will see the Danish seat of government on the small island of Slotsholmen. The Palace is home to the Prime Minister’s Office, the Parliament, and the Supreme Court. So, it is the power hub of the Denmark Kingdom.

In 1617, Bishop Absalon constructed the ramparts of Copenhagen here. Guests can explore the remains of Bishop’s Castle, which in the 14th century was destroyed, and the medieval fortress too. Moreover, the castle displays over 800 years of history, and many parts are available for the public to visit.

15. Den Gamle By Aarhus

Den Gamle by Aarhus lies in Viborgvej 2, 8000 Aarhus C. It is a living history museum that offers guests an original delight of not only one age in Danish history but three diverse decades. Aarhus homes different individual museums including the Toy Museum, the Gallery of Decorative Arts, the Museum 1927, and the Danish Poster Museum.

History devotees won’t miss the chance to visit this outdoor museum in Aarhus. A major part of the museum is built to give an idea of the life of Hans Christian Andersen in a village. Almost 100 documentary structures from each corner of Denmark are collected in the museum, which was established in 1909.

Kids and adults feel pleasure in the toy museum alike and are enticed by the dressing re-enactors that elaborate on the lifestyle of a bygone age.

Den Gamle By Aarhus denmark

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  3. I’ve only been to Copenhagen in Denmark. This makes me want to visit more places around the country. The Skagen Beaches sound wonderful! The kid in me wants to visit Legoland haha

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