11 Best Tourist Attractions of Indonesia

With Diverse landscapes, cities, and cultures, the Indonesian Peninsula enfolds lots of untold treasures to show. From diving in intact waters to exploring active volcanoes, there must be an adventurous activity for everyone in Indonesia.

Whether you take a tour of Tana Toraja’s remote villages or rove in the engaged streets of Jakarta, you will be amazed. Thanks to the awe aspiring natural beauty and history of Indonesia like grand masjid gives the best experiences to visitors. Indonesia has 13,500 islands within its jurisdiction, so, these untouched landmarks are a must-visit.

Bali Island is among the best islands in the world walking on air. Also, do not forget the see the Volatile Anak Krakatau in front of you. Foreign tourists are more familiar with Bali, yet they need to explore other best tourist attractions of Indonesia.

Indonesia is a land gifted with lively tribes, Pacific homes, foreign water holiday homes, and beautiful beaches, therefore, make the visit of these memorable fairytale attractions.

From the list given below, find the best tourist attractions of Indonesia you must visit.

1. Ubad Indonesia

2. Lake Toba

3. Komodo National Park

4. Mount Bromo

5. Raja Ampat Island

6. Borobudar Temple

7. Baliem Valley

8. Gili Island

9. Torajaland

10. Jakarta Indonesia

11. Maluk Beach

1. Ubud Indonesia

Ubud is thought to be the heart of Bali enriched in culture, perched among the gorgeous terraced rice fields. You will get the chance to explore craft shops and art galleries here.

However, over the last decades, Ubud has experienced a boom period, where you can greatly learn about the culture of Bali, Indonesia. Ubud has become a tourist attraction in Indonesia and every year many people visit its mesmerizing surroundings.

To escape from the commercialism and crowds, you are in luck to take just a bicycle ride ar a short walk. Moreover, calm river tropical forests and different wellness homes are located around Ubud, so, must pay a visit to this place. Its lovely nature and architecture also fascinate the visitors.

 Ubud indonesia
Ubud Indonesia

2. Lake Toba

Lake Toba is the most beautiful and the only biggest lake in Indonesia. In the mid of the lake, there is an enchanting island, Samosir which is a must-visit. Also, get an opportunity to look into the amazing Batak culture in the nearby villages. The lush green fields, and hills surrounding this volcanic lake offer a huge number of viewpoints for tourists.

It is believed that the lake is the repercussion of a disastrous eruption. Regular volcanic activity here has knocked some islands over the surface of the water. You can definitely go canoeing, swimming, fishing, or water skiing. A popular tourist destination in Indonesia and around the globe. Furthermore, keep woolen clothes with you, as the climate gets cold in Lake Toba.

 Lake Toba Indonesia

3. Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park lies inside the Lesser Sunda Islands which encompasses 26 smaller islands and three larger islands such as Rinca island, Padar island, and komodo island. A national forest in Indonesia, Komodo National Park was named after the largest living reptile called Komodo Dragon.

Komodo Dragon weighted 70 kg that can reach three meters. Padar Island consists of an iconic hill where you can see three stunning bays, while Komodo Island has a popular pink sand beach.

The three islands have a magnificent shoreline, flourishing underwater wildlife, and lush tropical hills. From April to December the season is dry here, so this is the best time to visit the park. Moreover, you can go trekking, diving, kayaking, or take guided island visits.

Komodo National Park Indonesia
Komodo National Park

4. Mount Boromo

Mount Bromo is among the most well-known active volcanoes in Indonesia, which when sighted while standing above the caldera at sunrise, offers incredible views. Indonesia is an area that also has some most active volcanoes around the globe.

Mount Bromo was broken off in an eruption, yet we can see white smoke trickling from the mountain. So, it is a must-tour place in Indonesia.

Mount Semeru is also the highest summit in Java, which lies in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, where Mount Bromo volcano is situated. Account of having famous volcanoes, Indonesia sits on the Ring of Fire. You can go trekking and hiking and enjoy cuisines at the Teras Bromo, Lava View Lodge Hotel, and Jiwa Jawa Bromo. Try to visit this tourist attraction from April to October.

 Mount Boromo Indonesia

5. Raja Ampat Island

With turquoise waters, the Raja Ampat island is a land of cone-shaped, lush islands in Indonesia, thanks to its amazing views. Hundreds of coral reefs and islands form this tropical paradise as its elegance even reaches the underneath surface. You will find a wide variety of marine life and different colored fish in its clear, warm waters. This area is popular for snorkeling, indeed, its cays have biodiversity on earth.

Moreover, you can kayak and dive underwater and adore nature. The best time to take a tour of this tourist attraction in Indonesia is from October to April. Furthermore, Dampier Strait, Gam, and Misool are the best places to visit here. You can enjoy food at Rumah Makan Pondok Lesehen and Warung Cahaya Waisai Raja Ampat restaurants. To visit this destination, take cash with you because it is difficult to find an ATM on this island.

Raja Ampat Island Indonesia
Raja Ampat Island

6. Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur Temple is among the most popular Buddhist temples around the globe, lying 25 miles northwest of Yogyakarta on Java. Now it has become the most famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. This UNESCO World Heritage temple is assumed to be among the major Buddhist sites around the world. For centuries it lays hidden beneath layers of volcanic ash in the forest. This important landmark in Indonesia is rich in culture.

Visit the temple at sunrise for the amazing experience and at the same time enjoy in sunbath. Tourists also admire the architectural beauty of the temple. You can stay at Plataran Heritage Hotel, Plataran Borobudur, and The Amrta Amanjiwo here. Moreover, you can check out for food at Patio Restaurant and Stupa Restaurant. Plus, the best time to visit this tourist attraction of Indonesia is from April to October.

 Borobudar Temple Indonesia

7. Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley is home to the Dani people and lies in the highlands of Indonesia, in western New Guinea. Its Baliem Valley Festival is the best cultural festival on the list of Indonesian Festivals. So, Baliem Valley is among the best tourist attractions in Indonesia.

The main starting point for visitors is Wamena Valley where tourists stun by the roaring rivers, marvelous mountains, good-natured Dani people, and tribal towns. Thanks to the glance of the recent stone-age world in the highlands of western New Guinea. The Wamena valley is located on the Baliem River.

Baliem Valley Indonesia
Image Source

8. Gili Island

The Gili Islands are becoming a well-known tourist attraction among visitors and backpackers for many years. You can have the best chances for scuba diving at a turtle harbor on these photographed islands, thanks to their amazing beaches.

You can go for the yoga classes option to relax your mind and body. Furthermore, kayaking is also famous in the Gili islands, Indonesia. So, the Gili Islands can be considered as a substitute for the well-known Bali for ultimate relaxation.

The Gili Islands peninsula in Lombok encompasses three islands such as Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Gili Trawangan. Plan a trip to Gili Islands from June to September for the best water pursuits. Little Bali Restaurant, Ya Ya Warung, and Kayu Cafe offer different cuisines for tourists on the islands.

 Gili Island Indonesia
Gili Island

9. Torajaland

Torajaland homes Toraja people is a plateau region that lies in South Sulawesi. Torajans are popular for their huge peaked-roof houses called tongkonan and astonishing but horrifying funeral rites. Torarajan people are famous for their traditions, culture, and rituals in Indonesia. Therefore, their unique ideals make it a distinctive place. The only fun thing to do here is hiking and you can also discover the model Toraja deal at Kete Kesu.

Plenty of food is offered in the dead people’s funeral ceremonies, so do not freak out on this. Hotel Indra, Luta Resort, and Riana Guest House are the best places to stay here. Visit the Torajaland, Indonesia between June and August. Moreover, you try the food at Rimiko, Tropical Cafe, and Cafe Aras restaurants. Tourists can also connect with the friendly and welcoming locals in Toraja land.


10. Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is included in the list of the most popular places in Indonesia. It has leverages from China, Europe, Malaysia, and Arabs, so, it is a melting pot of traditions and cultures. You can notice the merge of these considerable cultures in their language, food, and architecture.

Moreover, the city is the hub of the economy and politics in Indonesia. Kuta Tua homes elegant Dutch colonial buildings are the old township of Indonesia and a big tourist attraction in Jakarta.

Plus, you can visit nearby islands, Monas Tower, Istana Merdeka, and shop at Menteng. Jakarta History Museum, National Museum, and Taman Mini Indonesia Indah are also the best tourist attractions in Jakarta. Enjoy food at OKU, Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Jakarta, and La Brasserie Restaurant. The favorable time to go to Jakarta is in June and September.

Jakarta Indonesia

11. Maluk Beach

Maluk Beach is among the most spectacular beaches in Indonesia that lies alongside the western shore of south Sumbawa Island. The waves definitely look animated and spellbound to the tourists with the different colors of the sun’s rays.

In fact one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia. For discoverers and adventurous people, thanks to the authenticity of experiences in local villages and mainly rural destinations.

Moreover, you can go surfing and sunbathing. Try out the food of your choice at Dreamtime Sumbava Homestay, Happy Restaurant, and Myamo Beach Lodge. Tanjung Ringgit, Pink Beach, and Mantan Hills are the best tourist attractions around the beach. Relax on the white sand beach in this stunning landscape. Additionally, the best time to visit Maluk Beach is between May and December.

Maluk Beach Indonesia
Image Source

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