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15 Top Tourist Attractions of Los Angeles ( Updated)

15 Top Tourist Attractions of Los Angeles ( Updated )

Los Angeles is a city that is diverse and has the best things to do for travelers and families alike. The tone set for the tourist attractions of Los Angeles can let you get the most out of your trips, like impressive museums, and enthralling culinary and family-oriented spots.

With its year-round top attractions, you will also have fabulous shopping experiences. This place is destined for all sorts of fun including outdoor activities. Sun lovers will immersed in the warm climate along with beaches and nearby destinations.

Nevertheless, much more to look around. Nowadays, Los Angeles is regarded as the creative center of America by boasting different cultures. Themes parks are also its big tourist attractions.

Every time something is amazing in sunny South California from sailing on the blue Pacific, camping gateways on the mountains in the neighborhood to the beach volleyball games and whale witnessing.

You will closely look at nature here. The high-end museums in Los Angeles will surely impress Art lovers. Moreover, It is easy to get around in the city because of the introduction of the Metro Bike Share in downtown Los Angeles.

Add these top tourist attractions in Los Angeles to your list while planning a trip to Los Angeles, California.

Table of content
1. Griffith Park Observatory
2. Getty Centre
3. Los Angeles Country Museum Of Art
4. Disneyland Resort
5. Santa Monica
6. Natural History Museum
7. Venice Beach
8. Beverly Hills
9. Malibu
10. California Science Centre
11. Universal Studios Hollywood
12. Peterson Automotive Museum
13. Runyon Canyon Park

14. The Broad
15. Battleship Iowa Museum

1. Griffith Park Observatory

At an elevation of 4,210 acres, Griffith Park is located on the Santa Monica Mountains to the east. The Griffith Observatory was named for Griffith J. Griffith since, in 1896, he donated handsome amounts for the design of the observatory and parkland.

It features hiking trails, golf courses, a riding center, and tennis courts. Available to the public for free. It features hiking trails, a riding center, golf courses, and tennis courts organized for the 1984 Olympic Games.

The sightseer drives via the summits, and walking trails convey magnificent views beyond the city. Reckoned among the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory. Zeiss telescope offers its major highlight, which is used for seeing planets and the moon.

You will also watch the twinkling lights of the city. As an iconic landmark, it consists of the bang-up planetarium, a lovely art-deco complex having must-see expos as well as multi-purpose telescopes. Furthermore, the park houses a huge number of fun attractions like the Los Angeles Zoo.

Griffith Park Observatory

2. Getty Centre

Getty Centre lies at 1200 Getty Centre Drive, Los Angeles, California. Richard Meier set up the Getty Centre which is a massive complex at 110 acres and stands atop the Santa Monica Mountains. In 1953, the late Oil magnate Jean Paul Getty settled the Getty trust and he was thought to be a well-off man at that time.

Here, you will explore the graceful grounds that offer the awesome museum. So, the views emitted from the museum over Los Angeles are mesmerizing. Get ready to take in the views that await you.

If you book your table at the eatery for a contingent lunch. Plus, the museum’s collection contains decorative arts, illustrations, 19th, and 20th-century photography, and European paintings too.

Getty Centre

3. Los Angeles Country Museum Of Art

The Los Angeles Country Museum of Art is located at 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. This colossal Complex has undergone the acquisition of several separate buildings which were renovated over time.

Since the Museum of Art displays wonderful pieces of art, therefore, art enthusiasts love visiting it. With more than 150000 items, some parts here concentrate on contemporary Latin American artworks, Renaissance paintings, Islamic art, and some on Egyptian and Greek artifacts.

Therefore, you will witness numerous masterpieces ranging from antiques to the modernistic era. Established in 1961, the museum is the largest in western America. It lies ahead of the La Brea Tar Pits on Museum Row.

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4. Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort is the best place for families while holidaying in California, and since the 1950s, tourists have been drawn to it. It is located on the outskirts of Los Angeles downtown. The resort provides a complete range of amenities for guests.

The Disneyland California Adventure Park is lined up with more adventuresome fun, having seven lands that are designed with movie themes. You will find entertainment, shopping opportunities, restaurants, and hotels in the Disneyland Resort.

If you are on a weekend tour, also visit Anaheim which houses Disneyland Resort. So, it is worthy of exploration over and above the Disney characters and rides. Downtown Anaheim offers lots of shopping and outside dining areas all around the city.

Moreover, children will also find their Disney characters, performed by artists strolling through the park. Visitors are given access to the two parks by getting tickets.

Disneyland Resort

5. Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a straddled and fashionable attraction, and tourists will have several experiences in this city that lie on the borderline of Los Angeles. Its downtown district is full of life all day and night. Shopping fanciers will enjoy numerous choices ranging from top-notch boutiques to far-out vintage stores.

The population here ranges from yoga admirers, skateboarders, business people as well as surfers. Kick in Third Street to grab the different street performers and shopping.

The renowned Santa Monica connects the two piers in one and features a wooden carousel and an old-world amusement park having a roller coaster.

Also, the inauguration of the Expo Metro line links Los Angeles downtown and it is cozy to get to Santa Monica now.

Counts among the most identifiable landmarks in Southern California. In addition, the most celebrated Ferris wheel and the expansion of golden sand beaches mesmerize tourists. A trapeze school and different restaurants are also at the peer.

Santa Monica

6. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is located at 900 Exposition Boulevard, Los Angeles. It portrays California’s natural history and regions all around the world. Since the museum showcases a stretched-out permanent collection of several on several topics and a large number of galleries, yet, it is popular for hoarding dinosaurs.

Also, the Insect Zoo and the Discovery Center are specific to the small tourists as they are offered firsthand experiences over here.

Dinosaur skeletons encompassing the sequence of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, including baby to adult three full skeletons are on display in the 14000 square ft Dinosaur Hall.

Natural History Museum

7. Venice Beach

Venice Beach transforms an exotic vibe that makes people drawn to it. Visitors enjoy jogging, cycling, walking, and rollerblading on the expanded Broadwalk and golden sand.

The fitness muscle beach, skating plaza, and volleyball courts on the beach are also thronged with people. You will find street performers and broad-ranging shops lined up in the walkway.

In 1904, Kinney built a cloister on the beach and exchanged the sequence of sewage channels into sightseer canals. Therefore, credit goes to the Tabacco magnate Abbot Kinney for that Venetian inspiration.

There are also food options here that grab the tourists’ attention. Although, this beach in Los Angeles, is not particularly destined for family, still, it is worth visiting it. Furthermore, tourists will have several explorations for artwork in the neighborhood, and the best skateboarders in the region frequently visit the Skatepark that lies away from Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

8. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills contains a region of 5.7 square miles, surrounding Los Angeles to the west insert, under the Santa Monica Hills. So much fun to do here along with dining and shopping. For first-rate dining and retail, just head to the Wilshire Boulevard converge and Rodeo Drive, well-known as the “Golden Triangle” in the City.

This walkable city is filled with public art, numerous gardens, as well as old buildings, and Beverly Gardens Park, is one of them If you want to have high-end public space.

Celebrities like Tom Cruise and Dicaprio have their deary houses nestled among these hills. So, bus tours will allow you to tour these glittering destinations.

Also, for budget travel, catch the wonderful views of Beverly Hills by discovering Mulholland Drive. Soak up the luxury over here and get the best out of it while walking in the palm-lined alleys in Los Angeles, America. You will be in your dream-come-true situation.

Beverly Hills

9. Malibu

Malibu is full of the best things to do and fantastic attractions including beaches, seafood restaurants, and beachside mansions. On the Los Angeles far-off shoreline, the Pacific Ocean mingles the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu.

You will enjoy a different sort of beachscape, lying an hour from Los Angeles, depending on your traffic. The shoreline looks appealing for adventure and relaxation, ranging from EI Matadat State Beach surrounded by wild landscape to Zuma Beach.

Therefore, discovering the best beaches in Malibu is reckoned among the fun things in the city. The dramatic backgrounds in Malibu give the core tone of its culture.


10. California Science Centre

The cutting-edge California Science Center lies at Exposition Park, which boasts educational and impressive expos. It also houses the Space Shuttle Endeavour and remains open to the public for free. So, learn about the people working and artifacts here from the space mission.

By the time of 1951, this colossal museum has grown hugely in its size. Ecosystems, the living world, and technology are the other topics displayed at the expos.

The Ecosystem exhibit includes in the list of Los Angeles’s main attractions that are lined up with live animals, plants, fish, and an influential 188000-gallon kelp tank to see.

Outer space, transportation, and energy are also covered in some sections. Likewise, the center’s Creative World Galleries and World of Life impress the visitors too.

California Science Centre

11. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Theme Park is renowned as a community theme park and horizontal complex in the San Fernando Valley. From roller coasters to simulators, there is a transitional selection of rides here.

It is a movie studio as well as contains attractions focused on the supernova movies. If you want to save time, buy the tickets first to long-standing lines This user-oriented ticket will let you enter the attractions, rides, and shows hurriedly.

Also, to enjoy the behind-the-scenes of famous movie sets, opt for the guided visit to the studios. The films running here are from Waterworld and Jurrasic Park to King Kong. After being exhausted from the rides, go outdoor shopping and dining, and look up for the Citywalk.

12. Peterson Automotive Museum

Peterson Automotive Museum is among the largest museums around the globe and houses more than 300 cars and motorcycles. So, Car fanatics will love the fabulous mishmash of vehicles over here.

There have been renovations to the museum and it shaped into a modernistic institution. Old, new, futuristic, and extraordinary cars from the past are featured in the frequent series of particular expos of the museum. For updated information, you can check out their website.

The museum is situated in Los Angeles’s Miracle Mile neighborhood. Plus, its numberless classic cars and showrooms will bring a twister in the evolution and the history of the automobile industry for you.

Its architectural masterpiece has made it the top tourist attraction in Los Angeles. Moreover, If you want to get further discernment into unusual and scarce cars, sign up for a guided vault tour for approximately 120 minutes.

Peterson Automotive Museum

13. Runyon Canyon Park

Runyon Canyon Park is located near the busy Hollywood High Road, So, because of lies in the middle of the Hollywood Hills, you can expect to see celebrities including chronicle old mansions.

The dry, hot weather here can have the repercussions of the tough hiking, still, its wild feel and appearance make it worthy of delving into. You can spot deer, lizards, coyotes, and snakes here as well.

The park’s magnificent views present a recess from the Los Angeles murmur. Hiking apart, guests can get to the Rock Mandala which is a sprawling public artwork.

Runyon Canyon Park

14. The Broad

The Broad Museum became hugely popular and had immense success after opening in 2015. To avoid being on the waiting list, book your tickets in advance free of cost for widespread admissions. That will make your task easy. Since on weekends, standby tickets are offered for the firstcomers on the admission day.

Though, If you want to have a special expo admission, it will involve a fee. The concentration of the museum is on postwar and contemporary art, and there is dramatic insertion over here.

Over 2000 pieces of artwork are found in this exotic tourist attraction in Los Angeles, which has a mausoleum. Moreover, you will catch sight of works by Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, and others intis paintings and incredible photos.

 The Broad

15. Battleship Iowa Museum

Battleship Lova Museum is also a family-friendly tourist attraction in Los Angeles, that lies on the Waterfront in the nearby port of Los Angeles. Docked in San Pedro Bay, therefore, tourists will examine the colossal captivating past of the ship as well as be acknowledged about life at sea.

A self-guided tour beside the admission depicts the ship’s history. To fully learn about its workings like the Combat Engagement Center, the engine room, and the boiler room, go for the Full Steam Ahead Guided Tour.

That way, you will get behind-the-scenes access, and you will have to pay an additional fee.

Lova Museum was to be the service Korean War, Cold War, and Second World War and was constructed in 1943. In addition, on account of the limited time and numbers, it would be better to book its tour in advance.

Battleship Iowa Museum

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